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Googleshng - September 16 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Many people start feeling very tired and lethargic towards the end of the night, then they sleep, and then they wake up all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I'm assuming these people are some sort of weird sleep-activated were-squirrels though, because all that works the other way around for me, except the bushy-tailed bit seeing how I don't have one and all.

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Strange multiparter.

I have some rather unrelated questions that you may or may not be able to answer, but I would appreciate tries.

1) do you think, with GBA out now, that there will be many remakes of older games for psx or ps2?

You mean old PSX games being ported to the GBA? Last I checked it's already getting a decent number.

2) What does the x in psx stand for, anyway? I've seen it used everywhere and I've just gotten used to using it myself... but what does it stand for?

Instead of calling the PSX something funky while it was in development, like Katana or Dolphin, Sony was going with PlayStation X. At some point, they realized that randomly sticking X in the name of their system was pretty darn stupid, but everyone had gotten used to writing PSX everywhere, and besides, 3 letter acronyms are catchier. Which is why Nintendo likes to say GCN instead of just GC.

3) Why is "trigonometric" even a word?

Because your math teacher hates you.

4) How does a 4" vampyric dwarf even work? She *was* drow, but nooo! Stupid talking scythe had to turn her into a dwarf... *grumble* I mean, how could it even reach a neck now, being 4"? She'd have to drain dwarves.. and would a drow stoop so low? I know, vampires aren't who the used to be, and she has the body of a dwarf, but still! There's still that sense of Drow pride! And with the wings, too, its just... its just so wrong!

I'm clearly missing some context here, but my guess is you have an insane D&D DM who ran a session shortly after watching that episode of The Tick where he was turned into a 6 inch tall two headed talking bluebird who can only speak highschool French. Anyway though, if you have wings, wouldn't you be able to fly up and bite pretty much anything's neck?

5) do female dwarves really have beards? cause if they do...... eww... just... just eww...

~The Almighty Anetra Pendragon, Knower of All, Seeker of Knowledge, Despite the Fact that She Knows All.

Depends who you ask. Most people tend to say no. Me for example.

Some more connections between VS and FFT...

Greetings from the desert, Googleshng.

Some other connections between VS and FFT:

Akihiko Yoshida did character designs for both games. VS's 3D characters even retain his odd 'slender torso, wide hip' style.

Hitoshi Sakimoto worked on the music for both. The two games even share a track called Bloody Excrement. Ew.

VS has a necklace that belonged to Agrias, the lady knight from FFT.

-Matt W.

I still say that drawing style reminds me of Fraggle Rock. It also reminds me of the artwork for Planscape. You wouldn't think something could look like both of those at once.

Fey Holiday

could you tell me if magical vacation for GBA will any good? i thought it was going to really cool since it was for GBA ,had 4player link capability and was made by ex secret of mana guys and looks just like it but then i reasently saw in a magazine that it got rated really really poorly.

At this point, I can't even tell you if Magical Vacation will be, let alone be good. For some reason, it seems to have fallen off everyone's radar. Oh, and why the "ex" there? Unless someone altered the course of history, Brownie Brown still made Secret of Mana.

Bear traps

What up, G?

Yea, I have a legitimate RPG question for you. I'm on my umpteenth playthrough of FFT, and I'm being a little anal about getting all of the rare items. I'm trying to get the Chantage accessory for the females in my party, which means I need to try and recruit one of those Uribo class monsters, breed it to get the more advanced monsters, poach said advanced monster, and pray to the goddess that I get the Chantage instead of something completely worthless.

Here's where the problem lies. I'm trying to get the Chantage before I get to the battle in Limberry Castle with Elmdor, which I think will make trying to relieve him of his Genji crap a little less painful. But every time I encounter one of those Uribo buggers in the Finath River battle, they completely resist my "Invitation" skill. Like, it says I have a 0% chance of succeeding. Now I *know* I've recruited Chocobos and whatnot in previous playthroughs before without a problem, so I'm not sure what the problem is. Is there something I'm forgetting, or do some monsters have an innate resistance to my Talk Skill?

-heart of ice

Well, the job level of your mediator factors in, zodiological compatability is a huge factor, and you might also get an edge if your target is low on HP. Alternatively, you could just get your thief up to level 99 with Scream, particularly if your thief is your main character.


Hi, this is Kak, and I'd like to know when Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy XI comes out in Australia.

It's hard enough to get solid dates for games in this country, a month before they're do out. Australian dates on games you shouldn't really expect for a couple more months are nigh impossible to pin down.

Zeeky Boogy Doog!


That's one of the most random quickies ever.

The Last Laugh:

Good deal of lightning for the middle of a clear day. Strange.

Googleshng "Je ne suis pas un animal! Je suis un homme!"

Hello. My name is Arthur, and this is my diversion. Ahem. The eensy weensy spider...

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