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Googleshng - September 12 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Having home owner's insurance, and a dingy old shack next to a lot of old trees, and being in a hurricane belt is a lot like having a hotel on boardwalk. You're really sittin' pretty if something lands on it, but it just doesn't seem to happen.

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Vagrant Tactics

Greetings Mr. Google

I just had a question regarding something I've read a couple of times in your column, about Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy Tactics taking place in the same "world".

I agree that there are similarities (religious undertones for one) in the two games, and they are both published by Square, but other than that, what tie the two together?

I would appreciate any light you could shine upon this question o' mine. I've had no luck tracking down other claims of the connection other than in your column.

Thanks for your time

Well let's see, there's the facts that they both have that Renaissance Europe setting full of various evil ruins of religeous signifigance, the same person wrote the story for both, and that whole A. J. Durai bit, along with some other things I'm sure I either forgot or never knew since I could never bring myself to finish VS, and then of course I seem to recall reading an official statement to that effect way back when. I realize that's a bit flimsy but you're asking for somewhat obscure trivia on some relatively old games there.


Are ther any RPG's to your knowledge that are mostly if not entirely comical and not aimed towards children? I was just wondering because I've played multiple RPG's that I laughed while playing but few that were wholly funny. Thanks

Well, for starters there's pretty much everything ever translated by Working Designs... except Arc 2. Skies of Arcadia tends to be pretty darn light hearted too. Paper Mario, Earthbound... Brave Fencer Musashi...

Oh, and of course if you get really desperate, there is a general concensus that Beyond the Beyond is a complete joke. *rimshot*

Oddly Off-Topic

Dear Goog,

This is RPG related, just bear with me.

I am a waiter. Before we leave all servers must have our sections checked out by the closers. My section is not supposed to have to shine silverware as this is part of the sidework for sections that leave earlier. However, this has been added as a duty for the later sections if we experience a rush after the earlier sections are cut. Tonight I beleive a male closer let a girl leave without doing her silverware, causing a surplus that was then my responsibility. I complained about this and he began saying every ugly thing he could about me: no one likes me at work, I'm not a good server, and other personal things.

My RPG question: What would Cloud do?

Okay, that's a weak link to RPGs, but you could print an occassional advice letter and not be any more off topic than we are with animes. Certainly most RPGamers have or will have an ass employee who really hurts their feelings at some point.

Crying in my pillow,


What would Cloud do? Well, shrug and/or have a psychotic episode. Come to think of it, I think that's what Cloud would do in any situation.

On an uninteresting sidenote, I was in a similar situation once, but replace washing silverwear with emptying trashcans full of rancid produce, complaining with grim acceptance, and being yelled at with being forced to work overtime every night as a janitor/maid in addition to the regular list of things I was forced to do outside my job description, and eventually being fired for not coming in to handle people's food when I had the flu, on a day I should have had off in the first place.

Anyway, the main point of this is that any job where you're handling food for minimum wage under a jerk of a boss honestly isn't worth it, so my advice would be to march in boldly, quit, and try to find a new job. Odds are there's a restaurant across the street that'd love to hire a disgruntled ex-employee of their competition. Especially if you have horror stories about unwashed silverware and whatnot to spread around. There's also good odds of getting a significantly less sucky job too... all of this assuming you don't live in my home town that is, where after hiring the kids of all the local rich snobs to bring in more business, every place of business is overstaffed.

I'm going to take heat for this one...

Greetings, goog.

I have a problem...mainly, I'm going on a long, boring, trip next month whereupon I'll have large sums of time to use my GBA...the problem? I only have enough money for one GBA/GBC game. I'm horrible at deciding, sooo...what one would you pick from the following list?

Castlevania:Harmony of Dissonance
Yoshi's Isle (Beat it on SNES, years ago...)
Breath of Fire 2 (Never played it)


Well, Castlevania is probably the shortest game on your list, but also the only actual new game, and I'd guess the most fun. YI you've already played and presumably own, so don't even think of that one, and BoF2 quite frankly was a really mediocre game when it first came out, and it isn't old enough to classify as an "old school" RPG with that sort of nostalgic difficulty and need for exploration, so by today's standards it's even worse.

If you call black belts "Blackies" what do you call Black Mages?


You're using my standard ff1 party, that's not fair! But yes, that plummed hatted fop really does outclass your monks for quite some time. Until your Blackies get a little over level 10 to be exact. Then they'll take out the trash. Of course, at about the time they get to that level, you'll have to fight in the Marsh Cave. A cave which contains nothing but undead characters who are resistant to physical attacks. If only you had some fire spells and silver weapons...... damn you red mage!

~James 'Geothermal' Smith

I didn't run across many undead in there this time through, just slimes and bugs mostly, then the Mages at the end. And you know, it really is sadistic to put a huge cave where everything can poison you so early in the game that poison isn't trivialized by spells and abundant items.

Imperial Mog brings peace of mind to con goers!

Greetings (Japanese Schoolgirl Google sings) Googleshng
I do have to note that I WON'T be in a fuku at Anime Central, unless someone gives me $1000 to do so.
Imperial Mog

You know, on one hand I'm relieved to hear that, while on the other hand I'm hoping for someone to make the leap of poor taste required to finally inflict "Bubba Lum" upon the world. Seeing yet another guy dressed like Sailor Moon would just add to a general sickening effect, but hearing the screams of horror from an auditorium full of people always warms my black heart.

Incidentally, my surveys show you couldn't even rake in $200 that way.


How messed up is the thought of combining pokémon with
Eternal Darkness

I don't find that too screwed up at all, and by the way, I chuckled quite a bit at "Subject: Pokemon: Mantorok version"

Bonethief- Location: Inside the servants' skulls!

Yeah right. Your cat isn't that long. Gimme image!

Neo Zeromus

I already did like the first week I ever did Q&A here. There isn't really much for scale there, but he is on the same shelf as that Star Trek chess set, and he is stooping down to keep from hitting his head on the ceiling.

Does that include the length of the cat's tail?

Yes, that's 46 inches with tail, but he still easily tops 3 feet without it.

Hey Goog,
Got a question for you, What do you think is the most powerful robot in all of the Final Fantasy series?
"An Otherworld awaits you"
-Blade Stryfe

Hmm... I think I'll have to go with Alexander on that one. Only one to never lose a fight.

The Last Laugh:

Earlier I put a little too much thought into the concept of thought bubbles and how they should be used in comics to convey psychic powers. The end result was this, which I'm sure will only be amusing to a small percentage of you, but really that's just because I'm a terrible artist.

Oh, and on a more relevant note, Chesh still isn't back from his vacation yet, so it looks like Chim is getting an extra weekend... or at least fraction thereof.

Googleshng "Hmm... protest rally for my favorite show in New York in 2.5 hours eh?"

If I had a car, I might do something with that knowledge...

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