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   My cat is 46 inches long.  

Googleshng - September 10 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

The above fact comes courtesy of someone looking at the cat in question, commenting on his unusual length, and then taking a tape measure to him. Just thought I'd share the fact that I have a cat larger than some adult humans.

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If you are talking about the original FF for the NES, the Red Mage has nothing over the Black Belt at the advanced levels. Fully buffed, the Master (I think that's what the class becomes) can kill Chaos in one round (been there, done that). If you are talking about FFV, no clue... never played the game past the part where you find out the pirate is a girl.

That would be why I said "at low levels" and why I'm using a party of 1 red mage and 3 black belts. The red mage is really just there so I don't have to look at ugly black belt sprites. Still, at this point, he's really running the show!

For the record, red mages in FF5 totally rock, because when you master them, you get the ability to cast two spells on one turn, which for the record also allows you to make a mime who can cast every flavor of magic twice as I recall.

I still wish FFT had'em. It'd be nice and efficient as far as equiping secondary abilities, and you'd get to have people running around in those froovy red hats!

Comparison on level terms.

Because Shadow Hearts and Koudelka can not be compared on any level aside from them being sequels, maybe I'll clarify. Which game do you think has a more intriguing or cool story?
"Rollo Tomasi is the nameless face..." -Bitchin movie!

Koudelka all the way. Not only does it break with the tradition of having a ragtag group of adventurers travelling the world to stop an evil empire and/or god from destroying the world, instead having 3 people exploring an old monastary/prison/house of the occult in order to stop someone from doing something which is pretty unsettling, but does NOT involve destroying the world in any way, but it just has so much amusing dialog.

This just in from Tokyo...

Hey Goog,

Wooow, I remember this Q&A column. It's been waaay too long since I actually last read it so god only knows what trends in Q&A and what subjects have been up since I last read. But I write to you from what most would probably call the holy land, Japan. It's nice hear, pretty decent weather when the summer heat dies down, friendly people. But on to the meat of this letter:

1: It IS true that there are surprisingly few arcades, videogame shops, and manga/anime shops here.

2: It is not so bad once you find one though, as long as you don't mind the language barrier you can ALWAYS find a copy, of every Final Fantasy, Seiken Densetsu, or Zelda game with no problem for dirt cheap. I keep falling over all of the used Chrono Triggers in this country, people build houses with them for god sakes. :) Ok so that's a lot of hyperbole but still...

Anyways, Japan is still really great to visit so I encourage you all to head this way if you get the chance. Just remember you should ask Japanese people where the 'geimuseinta' is. Don't ask for the 'Akeido' because while a street of stores is very very nice to go shopping at, it tends to be lacking in DDR machines.


Other random fun facts: In Japan, anime isn't all that popular, Popeye counts as anime, and people are turning away from console gaming in favor of cellular phones.


Greetings (Chimerasame sings) Googleshng
Now I have the honor of telling you and everyone that I plan on attending Anime Central next spring, as long as I get the cash for it. Why is it that most game series have very little in common with the ones before them? Also I have to note my monks are hiding in an undisclosed location.
Imperial Mog

We can only pray that you do not cosplay as one of your favorite topics of conversation I suppose.

Anyway though, whenever I hear someone ask why most sequels are unrelated to their predecessors, I really find myself commenting on how they aren't. Most sequels to RPGs ARE set in the same world, with connections to the earlier characters, and plot, and locations. There's the occassional exception, like Final Fantasy or Grandia of course, but with those you can generally chalk it up to a combination of two things. 1- the akwardness of having characters you probably got up to level 99 joining your party on a much lower level, and 2- not really wanting to make a sequel so much as make a new game and get more people to buy it with an old name.

And now for something completely different!

Wow, I would of expected a huge profanity leaden rant on Farscapes cancelation in your latest Letters. Maybe if you didn't know, SCIFI canceled it on Friday. Theres has been a HUGE (and i really do mean huge, i've seen nothing like it) campaign to try and save it. #Farscape on is a good place to go. Then there are these sites,

I'm just trying to get the word out to try and help, i've alredy sent email and snail mail (I've never hand written a letter in my life up until yesterday). I'll be sending more too, this needs to keep on for a couple of weeks.


Well, over the weekend I threw a rant up saying I wouldn't react to any of the rumors I've heard flying around that Farscape was being cancelled. So today several people sent me this:

So now I suppose it's time for me to react. Now then, I believe I have about... 6 months to rig up something for this Big Red Button to activate. Like openning the door to a warehouse full of grenade wielding marmosets or something...

The Last Laugh:

Interesting side note: When I was compiling that list of things which would leave me in a mental state unfit to write a column, I almost put "hearing Farscape was cancelled" on there, but replaced it with "losing a limb" so as not to mislead people into thinking Skiffy pulled the plug.

Googleshng "Next time I won't procrastinate so much on that appocolypse button."

Hey wait, that's the sort of thing you only get to make once isn't it.

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