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Googleshng - September 9 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

You know, at low levels, an FF Red Mage really looks like a god compared to, say, 3 black belts. Need healing? No problem! Need mas damage? No problem! How much damage do you guys do again? HA! I do twice that! AND I have good armor!

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Yaiaia! WA WA WA!

Hiya Google, few questions today:

1. How was your weekend?

Aside from the wake? Pretty good.

2. If an anime premieres on Japanese TV or is playing in theatres in Japan, how long do you think it would be before fansubs start floating around in North America (or the net)? A few weeks ago, the newest Miyazaki film was shown by the local anime society but I did not attend as I was working at the time. But, then again, I'm not sure if I would've enjoyed it very much because the version shown was original Japanese (which I can only understand marginally). I assume that they didn't have the fansub because they were unable to obtain it.

That depends entirely on the series. It can range from the day it premieres to never. Oh, and Spirited Away is pretty spiffy, just don't go in expecting the sort of eye-popping animation Mononoke had... at least most of the time.

3. How do you feel about watching anime that is neither subbed nor dubbed?

It depends on how much dialog there is. A couple years ago, my cousin sent me a big box containing among other things, several raw episodes of Detective Conan. These are quite dusty needless to say. On the other hand, I was once watching BGC2040 fansubbed, and at one point it switched over to raw, but I didn't even notice. Darn formulaic that show...

4. On Gamespot, they say Wild Arms 3's release date is October 10. RPGamer says October 15. EBgames, however, says the pre-order will ship on January 15, 2003. Any idea which info is the most up-to-date? Did you guys change yours or is that based on info from a while ago?

Ja mata ne,

- Mike "Rahlious" White

There are a plethora of WA3 release dates floating around, but none seems any better than another, we're trying to get a solid date out of Sony as we speak, but it's still up in the air right now.

Raabu ando PSO!

Hey I just want to make sure about something. For Phantasy Star Online for the Gamecube, when you play offline, it IS possible to play offline with 3 other friends, right?


That would pretty much be the main selling point, yes.



Just popping in to help out yesterday's FFVIII patron with his Shumi Village conundrum.

You have to ride the elevator back up to the entrance, near where the Ultima draw point is. Search where the shadows from the rafters cross to find the Shadow Stone.

-Tommy Moo

I just tipped my hand that I'm printing letters that should have been in Thursda's column. Doh!

3 3s

What is your opinion on these games. For one and mainly so, Suikoden 3, I love the series...but this one is strange and where did those ducks come from?

Star Ocean 3...well I haven't seen to many details on this one can you help me out...the second was incredibly well done, unfortunately I haven't played the first...why is that America misses out on so many good games?

And lastly will Wild Arms 3 be as puzzle oriented? In the second the was one that took my weeks to figure out...the one in the final dungeon with the stone plates and stories of gods on them...well what did you think of that puzzle?

Well, as a general rule, I don't form an opinion on a game before I play it. Particularly when I haven't really heard much on it. I think you can safely assume WA3 will still be puzzle filled though, seeing how that's the main selling point of the series.

As for that puzzle in WA2, I didn't have any problem with it at all. Heck, I'd probably be just fine even if they forgot to localize it like half the other text in the game. Really, the only part of WA2 that gave me trouble was the Millenium Puzzle. I was too distracted by the resemblence to Crystal Castles to keep my bearings.


My brother does not like the new Zelda graphics. While I, on the other hand, really like them. How exactly should I convert him to the newness in cel-shading? He says, before he even saw the movies, "It looks like crap!!!"
What can I say about it that will change his mind?

Who thinks Vagrant Story is overrated but Wild ARMs is really cool!!!!!

If someone is pig-headed enough to complain about graphics that they haven't even seen, I'm pretty sure you can't change their mind, and I find myself wondering why you'd want to. If you can get him to look at the graphics with an open mind, and form an opinion based on actual data, I suppose there's some chance of his mind being changed.


will there be a final fantasy XI sequal for ps or ps2 and if there is when do you think it will come out thankyou

Yes, Final Fantasy 11 will be followed by Final Fantasy 12 given enough time. Said game will not be on the PSX however, because it's a dead system.

You forget, Kupp must also entertain the dinobots with impressive war stories about dust clogging optics. He plays a vital role to the success of the fighting squadron.


Yeah yeah, "Just like the ogres of Elfland!" and all that.

The Last Laugh:

Threw a rant up over the weekend. I'm pushing what now? 3 months of regular weekly updates? Zoinks!

Googleshng "Your face is dirty. Come now! Wash your face!"

The funny part is, that's from EVERY well.

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