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Googleshng - September 5 '02- 7:00 Eastern Standard Time

There is a certain mood one must be in to write an entertaining and informative Q&A column. This is a mood I normally have no trouble attaining. There are however a few things which can take me out of the swing of things for a day or so. For example:

  • Being diagnosed with a terminal illness.
  • Losing a limb in a freak gardening accident.
  • The unexpected death of someone I know.
  • Having all my neighbors become hideous monsters bent on wiping out humanity.

Anyway, as one of the things mentioned on that list happened today (and no, not the first one), so feel free to send Chim some letters while I regain a little composure. This here should be replaced with an actual column in about... oh... 12 hours.

Also, on a decidedly lighter note, former RPGamer Q&A host is the recent recipient of stable internet access, dramatically increasing the odds of him fulfilling many reader's very vocal hopes of him guest hosting a column here and there in the future.

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