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Googleshng - September 4 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

It struck me yesterday that I probably start more sentences with "As for..." than anyone else in the world. This revelation probably won't affect my day to day life one bit though, so I don't know why I felt the need to mention it.

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Random note to kick things off

Do these people obsessing over Edea realize that she's got to be at least 40 years old, probably more if she hangs out with a guy like Cid..

I mean... if you like old people... but.... ehhh *shivers*

- Galvatron

I don't know who "these people" are, but I'm reasonably sure there's at least a few hundred people reading this thinking of killing you for that 40=old bit.


Since eveyone is talking about it I decided to chim in. Do you think they will make another game after Shadow Hearts in the series? I haven't played Koudelka yet but my brother is about to buy it so I can steal it from him. Is Koudelka better than Shadow Hearts? (Is that even possible?) Thanks for the info Goog.

Well, when you're making a series of RPGs inspired by H. P. Lovecraft, it just isn't right not to set one in 1930s New England. So seeing as they set things up nicely to do so, I think you could probably count on a third one down the line.

As for Koudelka vs. Shadow Hearts, that's entirely a matter of taste. Koudelka is set in a decidedly realistic mansion in 1890s Wales, with pseudo-tactical combat, customizable characters, puzzle solving, and full (high quality) voice acting for every single line of dialog in the game. Shadow Hearts is a standard RPG set in a very stylized version of 1910s eurasia, with badly dubbed dialog scenes scattered sporatically through the game, and of course Yuri. Personally, I can never pick a favorite between two things unless there's some common ground to rate them on.

Wow! A question about Kingdom Hearts that isn't "What the %$@#?"

I've been hearing increasingly more about Kingdom Hearts. This has got to be the biggest fanfiction crossover gone horribly wrong from what everyone is saying. I really dont like the idea of Square and Disney, but I am a BIG fan of Cloud, as well as some of the other characters of the FFs. Do you know about how much Cloud will appear in the game, and what his importance is? Will you be able to fight with/as any of the FF characters? Will it be worth my time to buy/rent?
Thanks a lot if you even read this.

Well, Kingdom Hearts is an action/RPG where you only control the generic key-wielding main character, but there are a decent number of characters from recent FF games wandering around.

D&D Ruling Question Ho!

Heya, Google-sama!

In 3e D&D, does Death Ward protect against Disintegrate? On the one hand, the spell description says it protects against all magical death effects. On the other hand, it says that it does not protect against effects that do not directly kill. Is there a correct answer, or is it entirely up to house rules? If the latter is correct, what do you do in your D&D campaigns? Thanks in advance!

BL Alien

What we have here seems to be ambiguously worded rules from Wizards of the Coast. Think that's a sign of the apocolypse. The way I'd personally handle it would probably be to have the death ward work as a bonus or automatic success for the foritude save.


Y'know, I first saw the phrase RABBU ANDO PISSU on RPGamer, and I kept mistranslating it as "Rub and SMURF". Now that I've seen Trigun, I feel kinda stupid. O_o;;
Just FYI.
- Kaze no Tani no Coeur Yggdrasil

You know, in retrospect, it's surprising how infrequently people make that mistake. Come to think of it though, Japan doesn't really have that 'i as in miss' sound.

Will there really be sequals to FFX ? No, really. Will there?

No. There will be sequels however.

Since goog has apparently died, where should we send a card?

-Just Curious

Eh? I'm dead now? Why don't people tell me these things?

on ff8 i can not seem to find the shadow stone for those wierd people who turn into lions can u please tell me where to find them.

If you're talking about what I think you're talking about, just search around that town.

The Last Laugh:

That death thing reminded me about something someone mentioned over the weekend about not being able to see columns of mine. Chim attributed it to the mysterious demon of Server Cache, but if that was the case, it wouldn't show up when I checked links. So, to that person, all I have to say is, try using a browser that reloads properly?

In other news, I just gave into the odd desire to play Final Fantasy. My party consists of:
Kupp - Red Mage
Grim - Black Belt
Slag - Black Belt
Snar - Black Belt

The dinobots of course are there to fight and so forth, while Kupp's primary function is to look cool. I'm serious too. I can't stand looking at the map screen blackbelt sprites.

Now if only I could find the chart showing what equipment does what...

Googleshng "You've got head pidgeons."

Such a healthy boy! So many organs!

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