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Googleshng - September 3 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

What bearing does that column title have on your life? Probably none.

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We're whalers on the moon!

I was wondering if Lunar 2 is any good. I saw it at for pretty cheap and I loved Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete on Playstation. Is the plot as good as Lunar or does it suck in your opinion?


I've never heard of anyone who liked Lunar 1 but not Lunar 2, so go pick it up.

Sequels to Square games

Google, quick question for you:

The upcoming sequels to FFX made me think of how Square has never made any direct sequels to any FF game. And it reminded me that in the past, there was a project to a sequel of Final Fantasy 6, which would include some character called "Brett", if I remember correctly. Well... considering that the FFX sequels will probably be successful, and that the GBA is out there, with Square releasing tons of titles to it, including a sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics... could there be any chance of that infamous "FF6 II" project be revived? I don't even have a GBA now, but I know I'd be willing to buy one just to play that game (I was actually thinking of buying one for FFT2, but after I saw a screenshot with a CAR on it, I decided to wait and read the reviews).


- Moriya

Squaresoft was never even considering a storyline sequel to FF6. You're thinking of someone's April Fool's joke from a few years ago. That new FFT game does not seem to be set in the same world (although Vagrant Story is for what it's worth), but that's an odd reason to suddenly lose interest. More importantly, it's a REALLY bad reason not to get a GBA. It has a bigger library of games than any other system in the history of the videogame industry, and has RPGs being released for it left and right.

More on that note...

Hiya Goog,

Speaking of the FFX spin-offs, what exactly is the deal with them. I've seen them mention a few times speaking of focusing on Yuna and Rikku. Is there anything else to be known of them? It's odd how the fans wanted sequels from previous FF's such as FFVI(Celes namely) but it is only now that Square chose to do so. Any foresight you can give?

Thank ya! =)


My guess is that they're doing that sort of thing NOW because they don't want to have people whining about FF11 for a year or so. Nothing new to be said about them now by the way. Of course, the last time Square did a direct story sequel we got Parasite Eve 2, which is the most wretched piece of filth I ever had the displeasure to play. Maybe Square avoids it because they're under some sort of terrible curse?

Here's a long one.

Hey Googie!

First of all. How are ya? I know that's the stupidiest thing to say, considering that you'll tell everyone at the start of your column, but ... I didn't really have anything else to start off with.

Anyways, what's the deal with Dual Hearts? I don't know anything about this game besides the fact that everyone keeps on telling me that it looks cutesy. I don't really know anything else about the game. Can you care to enlighten me, or do I just have to rent the game and find out for myself?

I wouldn't trust "everyone" on that note, because if you mention _____ Hearts to the average person lately, they'll think you're talking about Kingdom Hearts. As far as Dual Hearts goes, I don't know that much about it either. It looks decidedly generic, has a rather hard name to remember, and there hasn't been that much news on it. I'm sure I'll hear plenty about it once someone on staff has a review copy.

I just can't believe how many sites and magazines I've read that say Kingdom Hearts isn't a sell-out by either Square or Disney. From everything that everyone is saying about the game, I actually have just gone out and pre-ordered a copy for myself. Is that strange on both accounts of it not being a sell-out, and me actually pre-ordering it?

As I understand it, to "sell out" is to compromise one's morals to make a quick buck. Neither one seems to be doing so from where I sit. Especially when you consider that Disney doesn't have any. Also, plenty of people have preordered Kingdom Hearts, it has novelty value out the wazoo.

What's your thoughts on Grandia Xtreme's change of pace from being a story driven game, to being a dungeon trolling game? I mean, I love the battle system and all, but don't you think that it's kinda risque for Game Arts? I think it won't be bad, but I didn't really like dungeon trolling games, hence why I still haven't beaten Diablo & all the Baldur's Gate games. Do you think that Grandia Xtreme might be able to change my opinion of this particular part of the RPG genre? Or am I just hopeless?

Hmm... take the one thing about the Grandia series that kills my desire to play'em, and put more emphasis on it. Well I for one will be avoiding GX like the plague.

Am I considered desperate for buying the Gamecube for the sole purpose of getting myself a copy of Skies of Arcadia? Yes, I will end up buying other games for it, because I will find other games. I've already got about 3 in mind already. Didn't get any because I didn't have enough money to buy games. Yet, when I found out that SoA wasn't going to be on PS2, I had this sudden urge to buy me a Gamecube. What I need to know is, was it really worth it for grabbing a Gamecube for just SoA? Or am I just kidding myself, and really wanted to purchase a Gamecube, but needed a final, single excuse to go out of the way and grab me one?

Speaking of SoA, just what's it like? I've never been graced to even have a glimpse of it in play, but most of my online friends who play RPGs (all my IRL friends care more for the sports and action games) think that it's a travisty that I haven't played it.

Well, that's enough from me. You probably have more letters to read, another rant to make, and even tomorrow's column to make; so I shall leave you be. Since that means I'll shut up now, I'll just say take care, Mr. Slime. And don't let the adventure kill ya in the night!


Side note: found out Seph is going to be in Kingdom Hearts! Koo!

I know a good number of people who bought Dreamcasts solely for Skies of Arcadia and had absolutely no regrets, and there's plenty else on the GC worth having, so hey go for it. As for what the appeal is, it's not that there's some gimmicky hook that yanks you into the game, it's that every single aspect of the game down to the tiniest detail is extremely well crafted.

By the way, you managed to cram a whole column's worth of printable letters into a single e-mail. That's impressive.


I have come to proclaim the words of the humanoid typhoon: RABBU ANDO PESSU!

"You're not human. You're a plant."

That's PISSU. Otherwise you'd be saying Love and Peso, and that'd just be weird.

I have been working on a storyline for street fighter as an rpg. I was wondering if you had an e-mail address I could have? The other thing is has Capcom ever attempted to try to consider make the street fighter series into RPG? Just Curious.

Brendar's Palace

Of course I have an e-mail address... you just sent this letter to it. There's absolutely no chance whatsoever of you getting Capcom to use your idea for a Street Fighter RPG, so if you were asking if I had an addy to send such a thing to, then no. For the record though, Whitewolf has a paper RPG based on Street Fighter 2 out there.

The Thing is one of only two horror movies I can actually take seriously So what's the other one? n.^

SirNi, who still hasn't seen The Thing o_o

Aliens. The first would qualify too, but there's a few too many shots of cheap rupper props being flung across the screen by stagehands.

No question, just writing to say thanks for leading me toward Shadow Hearts. You mentioned it so much i finally went ahead and got it and not once since buying it have I been disappointed.

So thanks.


Hey, clueing people into obscure RPGs they'd like is what I'm here for... or something.

The Last Laugh:

See? I told you the title had nothing to do with anything!

Googleshng "and colon semi-colon too!"

What are you @#$%ing doing? Swearing in longhand!

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