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Googleshng - September 2 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

There's a movie on in the background with Robert Stack in it. This always bothers me. Because then I keep thinking if I look over there, I'm going to see a big dorky robot. There's probably other actors out there who have it worse, but I can't think of their names right now.

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He should get Dr. Mario!

Hey goog...

I just landed an awesome job at harvard medical school. The downside is, I have an hour and a half on the subway each way, every day. To ease the pain, I decided to buy a GBA. My questions to you:

1. Is Golden sun worth the purchase?

Most people sure seem to think so.

2. What other GBA games would you recommend? I will be getting the castlevania games, as I am a big fan of the series. (I even liked the n64 game)

That's always a good way to go. Advance Wars is pretty spiffy too. Oh, and then there's the MMBN series. That should tide you over for a while.

3. How many boards would the mongols hoard if the mongol hordes got bored?

Chris the guy in the big red jumpsuit

Now that I really think about it, none. They'd probably just sit around throwing axes at eachother's heads.

Evil Space Monsters

And they said...ask here I am.

*Topics discussed WAY too much last week snipped for brevity's sake*

Now that that is done, on to a few other things. Speaking of Things. I noticed you said it was on a few days ago. I watched it last week, after purchasing the game, and I must say it is an awesome movie? What about you? The game is not bad either btw.

I enjoyed Shadow Hearts you think more games with that kind of atmosphere would be a good thing? I think so...

Guess that is all...for now.

~The Infamous Canuck

The Thing is one of only two horror movies I can actually take seriously, which is a pretty good compliment I think. Anyway, Shadow Hearts is also spiffy. I'm finally getting around to finishing it now actually. The whole stylish horror concept works pretty well, and it would be nice to see more of it, but what I'd really like to see is more games with the sort of atmosphere Koudelka has. In any case, I don't see anyone else planning to head down that road, but I'm sure Sacnoth will stick to the trend next time they cough up a game.

Evil Space Monsters

Let me tell you a story... Once upon a time there was a game called Chrono Trigger released by a company we shall call [] and man was the game good. Years later [] decided it needed a new version of said game and decided (at least for a while) that the game would not come to the nation of NA. The residents of NA became mad because of the extra movies that led into the new Chono game and was afraid that they would never see said videos. Along came a savior RPGamer who bought the videos to the nation of NA and they were at least partially satisifed. Now we fast forward many a year later and version X of the famous final fantasy series has come out and once again [] has released a version of the game with an extra not available to the nation of NA... the extra part to the ending of the game, now my question is where is the savior google and RPGamer when they are needed......

Sorry for the epic story google but I needed to release some stress after finishing the game the second time around, my real question is... is RPGamer going to be able to bring this video clip to the people who may never be able to see it?

David Hackman

I really wouldn't hold ny breath on that idea. Of course, if FF10 International has a little epilogue tacked on the end to tie into those sequel games, then there's a good chance of it serving as the intro to them.


In your column on 8/29/02 some guy asked you about an old action rpg by Culture Brain. I think he was probably talking about Little Ninja Brothers, which is probably the first rpg I ever played. Great game.

That letter would have made a lot more sense if he was trying to remember the name of the game, but it was mentioned in the subject line, making it just plain strange.

The Last Laugh:

To that person who pointed out the Sea Mother quote over the weekend: ~

Oh yeah! I got a new rant up by the way.

Googleshng "Shloooooooooooooooop!"

I REALLY miss Koudelka's dub.

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