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Googleshng - August 29 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

The reward for hitting 50 Shines in SMS: Jack squat. So I'm cutting my losses there and quoting The Princess Bride. A solution to any problem!

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Wild ARMs Talk

You've had that Wild Arms subject up for a while so...i'll talk. is it just me or was the second one just not as good as the first. i just couldn't get into it. while the first was fun, the second seemed to be like the Quiet Riot album Mental Health; just a weak redo...maybe i just didn't play it enough....
anyway..the 3rd looks promising so.....
what do you think of the series and my view of the 2nd one?
do you thing it would be worth my time to track down a copy of the 2nd one?
can you tell i've been watching too many one hit wonders specials? do you know where i can buy import games? i'm looking for DDR 5th mix among others any help?

COME ON HELP ME!!!(please)
"I garland shall knock you all down!!" (just kidding)

Looking at them on paper, WA2 seems to be an improvement over the original. Better graphics, twice the characters, and thus twice the puzzle tools, and a plot which I believe might be better.

Off paper though, it's quite clear why WA1 has so much more appeal. It recieved the only half-decent translation I've ever seen Sony give an RPG. WA2 on the other hand is the absolute worst job they've ever done. The occassional patch of extra-dry dialog or blatant typo doesn't hurt things much, but when whole conversations go by where it sounds like someone through the scripts through the blender, it can really hurt the reception of a game, you know?

Anyway, all the WA3 games theoretically take place in the same world, so there might be some merit to you getting 2 before 3 hits.

At least twice a week, guarrenteed.

Hey Googleshng, I've been wondering about the PS2 remakes of Final Fantasy 7, 8, and 9 I heard about oh so long ago. I haven't been to up on my gaming news lately, due to too much much going on in my life, so I'm hoping I'm just out of the loop. But I've been looking around a little and I can't seem to find any information about the remakes. Has anything happened? Is Square still working on them? Please tell me yes! A hi-res, high-poly version of FF7 is something I've been dreaming about forever!

Very concerned,

You can't find any information on them because Square more or less dropped the notion of remaking them the better part of a year ago.

Now, for those of you wondering why I keep printing the two letters I always get each week asking about this, well, it's sort of become some strange ritual. See, when I snap from hearing it one too many times, I want to make sure I take some regular readers with me.

Speaking of strange habits...

Hey Google,

Why is it that everytime I read one of your columns it has at least 2 or 3 questions about comments that you either never made, or made like 2 months ago? These comments then consist of answers which basically go like "I never said that, what I actually said was..." Is this simply the product of answering so many questions?

I don't think it's really a question of answering so many questions. I mean, that should make people less confused. I think people just occassionally confuse me with someone else, although there's certain letters I'm POSITIVE come from some strange alternate dimension.

Thinking about your comments about SMS's excellent graphics, I came up with a question. Why is it that when a new generation of consoles come out, they focus on vastly improved capabilities, and new opportunities for games and forget about all the successful game strategies? I mean what ever happened to side-scrolling action. The closest I have seen recently is The Bouncer. I miss TMNT, and Contra. Where have the top-scrolling and side-scrolling shooters gone? Once again I harken back to 1942, 1943, 1945, Gradius etc. It seems that the only genre which still occasionally touches on its roots is RPG's. Couldn't other genres be successful in today's world?


I assume in this case, "they" refers to the developers, and not the console manufacturers. Think of it this way. Have you ever gotten a computer or car or stereo or whatever that was 10 times better than what you had in all respects? If so, you probably spent a while just messing with all the new features on it before the novelty ran out and you started treating it like your old one. Developers are the same way.

Meanwhile, side scrollers aren't being made these day for one very simple reason. Towards the end of the 16-bit era, someone came out with a new generic side scrolling action game every freaking day for about a year straight. So, the world at large got sick to death of them and has been taking a nice long break.

Unfortunately, during that break, we've all become soft and week and unable to even try to get through Mega Man 2, or halfway through Contra. Don't believe me? Dust off your NES and give it a shot.


I'm playing Arc the Lad II, and I've run out of space in my inventory. Do I need any of the Diekbeck Power Units for anything, or can I sell them?

Ipslore the Red

You know, considering what a huge inventory you get and how few items you really need to lug around, it's impressive how often you run out of room in Arc 2. Anyway though, I don't believe there's any need to horde all of Diekbeck's old junk, so you can throw away his old garbage without worrying.

All a matter of perspective.

Hey Googleshng,

Quick comment/question. I hope yesterday, when you mentioned that people say Grandia II's graphics "suck", that you meant the Playstation II version. Because the graphics for the PC version were phenomenal. Thanks
P.S. I really enjoyed the game, for the record.


I've never seen the PC port of Grandia 2, nor have I ever really gotten a good grip on PC graphics standards. Honestly though, I was mainly griping about the Dreamcast version's. When your game has PSX graphics with a bit of extra smoothness, you really don't want it being released for the same platform, and in the same time frame, as, say, Shenmue or Skies of Arcadia.

Your Daily Oddity

...hey if you remember that game its an old school super Nintendo 2 player Action adventure RPG made by Culture Brain (whatever happen to them anyways??).... they should re make it for one of these next gen. systems...think about it a 2 player fully re-rendered 3D RPG great music ..make it in depth...have good controls.. it would be ground breaking 2 player RPG...I think it'd be fun older bro is going to be working for Microsoft here in a bit....and I want to go to collage and get a degree and develop some RPG games I have a ton future plans that aren't wack and I am a RPG fan too .. please email me back the names Gary Watson... bye.

You know... I get enough letters like this that I could make a habit of displaying them. I think that might be a new record in topic changes in one sentence. Plus that's enough "..."s to kill God I believe...

The Last Laugh:

Word on the street is, WA3 has been pushed back a month, rendering it no longer a topic of immediate conversation. Now don't I feel silly for all those issues boxes...

Googleshng "No Farscape and no Zim make Google something something..."

"Something something" probably doesn't involve glowing eyes and an aura of flame sadly.

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