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Googleshng - August 28 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

You know, fighting 1024 monsters created via the light sourcing engine that leave trails of highly detailed paint on the ground behind them which you can wipe away in a huge arena containing the best water effects I've ever seen, in water you can interact with, goes quite far to prove my suspicions that the processor power on this generation of consoles has passed the point of overkill.

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hey goog! you said you were gonna play sm was it? oh yeah something about rpgs what is the deal with the gba - gc connectivity with ff chronicle...why do they want the gba?

Super Mario Sunshine is pretty much exactly what I expected, plus some disturbingly extravagant water effects. FFC will use GBAs as controllers, presumably because they want you to have a little screen between your hands, but honestly, for all I know, they could have something against the control stick and want people to use a more comfortably placed directional pad, or heck, they could just be trying to get their kicks by making people buy hardware, which I still say is the only possible rationalization for making those WSC games.

Have to print ONE..


"Its Renaissance!!!
Just thought I might correct that terrible little grammatical error. It hurt my soul to see!! :)


To clarify for Princess, and to explain why your spell check didn't pick up the "typo," both "renaissance" AND "renascence" are acceptable.

The only real difference is that when used as a proper noun, "Renaissance" refers to the latter stage of the Middle Ages and may also be used to describe a specific cultural rebirth. Though using "Renascence" in the same fashion is very much allowable, it is simply less common.

Simply put: no typo, "renascence" good, Raphael was the all-around best Ninja Turtle.

Sincerely Leo,

PS - What odds do you give to the possibility that the mystery title Square is announcing next week in Dorimaga is a CT sequel?

I'm STILL surprised my spellchecker didn't object though. It has a smaller vocabulary than I do. Anyway, a truly impressive number of people pointed that out, also noting that typos aren't grammatical errors, and that the contraction for "it is" has a comma in it.

As for your odds... I'll say... 50%?

Count the question marks.


Gotta a couple of Qs that need some opinion/answering.

(1) First off I was just wondering your opinion on Mario Sunshine?

Good, like I said above.

(2) Are you excited about TGS this year? Sounds like there are a lot of upcoming games I want forcing me to apply for loans or selling my kidney o_0

I usually wait for E3 to be excited about stuff. I run out of drool too quick if I start that early.

(3) I would also like to ask you why you give the BOX such a bad rap??? I mean you claim the controller is like a huge block...but I can honestly admit I said the same thing about the DC and ended up loving the system. Do you have small hands or just not found a game worth playing the system???

I don't recall the last time I even so much as mentioned the Xbox here, but I DO recall that the last several times I've mentioned it were in response to people like you complaining about all the Xbox bashing I've somehow been doing in your mind. Anyway though, since you're asking about my problems with the controller, first off, when I saw it at least, it wasn't the size of a Dreamcast CONTROLLER, it was the size of a DREAMCAST. Plus while the DC has a large controller so it can fit a little screen in there, the Xbox is extra bulky so it can fit in a large purely decorative green ball. The big gripe I have though are those black and white analog buttons placed so far from where one's thumb lays that if you have larger than average hands you can BARELY reach them, in a manner that pulls your thumb and doesn't really allow for multiple degrees of pressure. I don't really see what effect the lack of noteworthy games on the system has to do with the controller though, that's another point entirely.

Anywho I am off the basic training for the air force!?!? Now I miss all the great games coming out for the next 6 or 7 months :( Do I have bad luck or something???

Thats all my teeny brain can think of for the moment off I go!

Well, since there isn't currently a military draft, I don't think you can blame it on luck. That's all lack of forethought.

Ooh! Norse god reference spotted!

Pepsi Blue! My only weakness! *withers away to nothing*
Anyway... um...
I see no problem with putting a Mario disc in your GameCube, Hel, if I had a GameCube, I'd definitely have Mario Sunshine in it... I want that, Smash Bros, and Metroid Prime... odd...

The point isn't that I have a problem with the game, I just never thought I'd live to see the day there was a Mario game on a disc based system. Of course, that was mainly because I've always felt Mario and load times had no business together, and I've yet to really see a load time on the GameCube.


Googly, since you're always complaining about lack of monitary funds, what game systems do you have?


Hey, I'm not "always complaining" about being broke. Heck, usually if I mention how broke I am I'm bragging. Anyway though, despite having absolutely no income, I own every console worth mentioning, and a good number which aren't. Yeah, it's weird, but I think most people have a parent who likes to buy them something relatively big every Christmas, right?

Why does college have to cut into my video game playing time? That's just rude.

Yeah, well, the theory is, when you finish you can get a nice high paying cushy job and always be able to afford those games.

Hi, googleshng. Those people into witchcraft......dont they lose MP like in Final Fantasy? If so what would they do? Afterall ethers dont really exist. If they sleep, does their MP restore so they can cast fire 3 again?

That depends. The whiny goth kind don't so much cast spells as write bad poetry. The actual nature worshipping religion kind meanwhile do indeed lose MP, which presumably they get back from sleeping like everyone else.

The Last Laugh:

You know, SMS here has some parts where you have to jump between various moving/falling/rotating platforms without the aid of any Conker's Bad Fur Day style hover-jumps. These serve as a very depressing reminder of how much my skill at such things has deteriorated from a decade or so of disuse. I have half a mind to dig out a Mega Man game and keep at it until I regain the ability to play action well games with the TV turned off.

Googleshng "Shine Get!"

Stupid localizers taking out the Get... just because it's awful grammar...

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