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Googleshng - August 27 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

There is a disc with Mario written on it sitting by my Gamecube. That somehow seems fundamentally wrong doesn't it? Anyway, I'll actually be putting that disc IN the Gamecube after this column, so let'sa go!

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Something Old, Something New

1.) The 2 Zelda Games for the GBC...Which one is based on the 2 Zelda games released for N64 and which one is based on past Zelda games on the NES and SNES? You mentioned it before, but I forgot about it..

I wouldn't say "based on" but Seasons has a vibe like the original Zelda, and Ages like Ocarina of Time.

2.) Wild ARMs 3 and Kindom Hearts are must-buys in my opinion, but I would like to know which third one to get is better: Grandia Xtreme or Legaia: Dual Saga? Could really use an opinion here...

Thanx! :)

Huge Dreamer

Given the options, I'd go back and find an older game you missed along the way. GX and Legaia 2 are both sequels to games most people didn't take to. Of course, if you liked them, well, base your decision off that.

Weeeee got debunk!

Hey Goog (who is not really a slime and has never said he was).

Okay, now that the hard drive dilemma has been solved (maybe), I have another question about FFXI. I heard a rumour that sony had promised that all online games released in the US for PS2 would not have monthly fees. Is this true? If so does this apply to FFXI? To me it sounds like a rumor, but I thought I would check with you guys.

By the way, if you have never said that you were a slime, how did that rumour get started?


I think you misinterpretted something somewhere. SONY isn't taking a chunk of your money when you play other people's online games, and MOST games THEY'RE releasing will have no additional fees, but Sony isn't even in a position to make statements about Square's policies with FF11, and it most certainly will have a monthly fee involved.


Hey goog,
A couple quick questions: First I was just wondering if you knew of any good mp3 files of The Veldt from FFVI, i've searched a bunch of web sites and KaZaA and haven't be able to find it. All I got was the subpar Gau theme (sorry i never really liked Gau).

Second have you played through FFVII and FFVIII? and if so did you enjoy them? i guess i was just really angry when i read columns like "Where's the Fantasy" and such because i thought they were both awesome games and that they deserved a little more praise from the people, not that i didn't enjoy FFIX that was also a great game, (adorable little Vivi) later.


Well, you can poke around our music sections for Veldt tracks, but I'm not sure how much luck you'll have. As for what I think of FF7 and 8, yes I enjoyed them, otherwise they'd be in the stack of Games I Have No Intention Of Ever Finishing, like Parasite Eve 2, Vandal Hearts 2, and so forth. Additionally, I have a problem with people griping about all the non-generic fantasy elements in those games, because the FF series has ALWAYS had a good dosage of giant robots and tanks and so forth, and that dosage was climbing steadily for the first 8 games. FF7 and 8 are far from perfect though, and 6 wipes the floor with both in my book... and most people's for the matter. That's not just nostalgia talking either by the way. Better character development, variety of characters, translation, and basic game mechanics that give me the impression they were tested by objective people to determine if they really worked in practice. You know?


Its Renaissance!!!
Just thought I might correct that terrible little grammatical error. It hurt my soul to see!! :)


Fun fact: My spell checker didn't catch that.

The Last Laugh:

Looked like a lot more mail in my inbox before I cleaned out all the spam and staff memos. By the way, I through a little rant up over the weekend I think I forgot to mention yesterday, and for those who didn't notice, we have a functioning fanart section again. Huzzah!

Googleshng "Off I go now!"

Into the wild blue... uh... Pepsi.

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