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Googleshng - August 26 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Last night, The Thing was on. For a 20 year old horror movie, it's held up surprisingly well. In fact, considering that monsters made from latex and rubber hold up so well years later, and computer graphics look dated in a few months, you'd think we'd be overdue for some sort of renascence.

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Saturn Game Trivia

Google, the Sega blob. Greetings.

I was wondering if Panzer Dragoon Saga for the Saturn is any good? Could you describe what it's like? I was wondering if it involved gameplay like the first in the 3 game, and what the ground battles were like if there are any. I'm about to bid on it, but the prices are insane and I'd like to know a little bit about the game before I buy it. I have the first game and I love it, but it's not enough gameplay.

Well, I'm told the first two games in the series are rail based shooters, so I doubt the gameplay is much like them. The way most people describe the fights (none of which are on the ground) is like Skies of Arcadia's ship fights, with the FF series' ATB system.

And also, I want to bid on Shining Force 3 for the Saturn, but I would also like to know your consensus on that as well. I saw items for 2nd and 3rd scenarios for the game, but they were only imports, and I never saw them here when SF3 came out. Could you explain that? And what about Shining the Holy Ark? Does that have anything to do with the Shining Series?

Thanks Google,
Eclipsed Lullabi
"When it is time for your world to end, you'll understand that you know absolutely nothing." - Bugenhagen

Shining Force 3 was actually 3 games, each focusing on one of the three main characters who are all doing stuff simultaniously. Various things get exchanged between games (characters for example). The evil little catch is, only the first one was ever brought over to the U.S.

Shining the Holy Ark (which I STILL say needs a : after Shining) is also a "Shining..." game, very similar to Shining in the Darkness.

Taking a Vacation

Hey Google.

Three questions on one game. Dragon Warrior VII

#1. I realize nearly everyone leaves and re-enters the party without notice. Does this mean that all of the abilities they learned while mastering classes are all gone?

#2. Will there ever be an option to 'change party members' or something like that?

#3. Do some characters at the end of the game, remain unplayable?

OK, there are 6 characters in DW7, each with their own set of class levels, and eventually you have a choice of who to leave out from your 5 total members. That answers your questions without any spoilers I think...


You've reported in the Q&A on several occasions that Square's remakes of FFVII-IX have been put on "indefinite hold," but there is no news story that I can find in the RPGamer archives that deals with that announcement. When was this announcememnt made and where can I find the quotes from the official press release (and any other assorted tidbits of info on this scuttled project)?


Well, you could just take my word on this stuff, since I make it a rule not to hallucinate news stories, let alone tell people about them, but anyway, that was announced around... this last winter I believe it was, in a story where Square was announcing their new "all FF" financial plans after their movie tanked.

On a related note...

Hey Goog,

On the harddrive thing, the japanese version has the broadband adapter built in. To dial up you still need the network adapter.

Also, there is no way the game will be released without the hard drive. had an article suggesting it, and the thought is just ridiculous. Square would just not release the game in the U.S. than alter the game so drastically. There would be no way to update the game. Heck, the game wouldn't be able to run. Playonline comes on a different disk as FF XI and must also be installed on the hdd. The lag for 56k players would be horrendous, currently there is almost none. There are too many reasons a hdd-less is at best a grossly unlikely scenerio. I really wish people stop spreading crazy rumors that have absolutely no basis in reality.

- Balbanes Beoulvee.

Yeah, I wish you'd stop doing that too. First of all, most of your concerns can be solved with the advent of this miraculous invention. It's called a "memory card" and it lets you save data for the PS2. The rest of this can be solved by quoting our resident expert on the matter. "Tell [him] that Sony is launching the adaptor without the HDD. Sony has said that at two E3 press conferences in a row.
Square is going to alter the way they are doing PlayOnline in the US for that reason.
(Also yet another reason Square and Sony have clashed recently.)"

Grandular Disorders

I was just wondering about Grandia 2, because a lot if people have said that it sucks. Yet I played it and thought it was pretty cool. If you ask me the first Grandia blew chunks. The character design sucked! For most of the game I thought the two main characters were kids! Anyway, if Grandia 2 is a crappy game please explain why aside from my own insanity.


By my understanding, the majority of your party in Grandia is composed of kids, so I don't quite understand your complaint there. If that's the only problem you have with it, you'd probably love Grandia 2. Most people's complaints fall along the lines of "It's disgustingly easy!" "These graphics suck bigtime!" "GameArts should stick to teenagers seeking adventure plots!" and of course "It just didn't click for me."


Greetings (I sing) Googleshng
Now I just got Hoshigami recently and I have a question on it. I'm not sure what are the effects of the skills that grants the aid of a deity. Also as I noted yesterday, someone I don't know is threatening me with violence for talking to someone. How should I go about this?
Imperial Mog

I seem to recall once asking someone at Atlus what those skills did, and they didn't really know either. I think they either help you with elemental resistance, and/or give your perks with the associated weapon. I was rather traumatized by Hoshigami though and try not to think too much about it.

As for your more personal problem, the question is, does this person you don't know know where you live. If not, nothing to worry about really.

The Last Laugh:

Shipping departments are too slow. What I need is a good personal courier...

Googleshng "You know, like crime lords have!"

I'd also like a cape. You know, like feudal lords have!

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