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Rob Hamilton - August 22 '02 - 5:00 Eastern Standard Time

As late in the day as it is, I expected to have a bit of mail in my Inbox, but it seems unnaturally empty! Oddly enough, there isn't even any spam in there, today. Then I realized it's because nothing is pointing there. For those of you who want to write into tomrorow's column, there's certainly still time.

Since there's relatively little of said time, I may end up with an unusually short column, or I may delay it until Saturday--depends on what comes in.


Googleshng - August 20 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

There. My computer is working properly, my medical crisis is averted, and it's even cool outside. It's a good day.

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This letter covers a lot of stuff you probably don't care about.

Just a few random comments here. I don't like the whole [Q&A person]'s mailbox thing. It's Q&A, not a public message board. RPGamer already has those. Chim doesn't know a single thing about RPGs and that's probably why he starting printing random/miscellaneous mail. Seriously though, the strict adherence to an actual question and answer format is what seperates RPGamer Q&A from all of the others. Well, that's just my two cents. Also, your current story is very interesting. You really have a talent with this stuff. I'd even consider throwing a few dollars your way, except those said dollars sadly don't exist. We're all in the same boat here, and I'm a firm believer that the rich nerds should help the poor nerds. ^_^ I'll get back to you when I make it to rich nerd.


Actually, Chim is quite capable of answering questions. He just didn't have many to print, so he printed other random stuff and felt guilty about having it say "Ask" at the top. I've had a perfectly healthy letter supply for a good while now, and don't need to do this. Also, addressing the concerns of a few people yesterday, I've never HAD a policy against printing letters that aren't about RPGs, aren't questions, or make little sense. I usually print one or two of them again. I'm just a whole lot more likely to print questions about RPGs than, say, 3 page essays on why you hate people who don't worship Xenogears, because A- more people care about the question, B- we have an editorials section which is always low on submissions, and C- Quite frankly, I don't have time to read 3 page essays at 4 AM while I'm trying to finish a column.

Moving on, praise is always good. Also, I would doubt the existance of rich nerds if there weren't so many companies that cater specifically to nerds.

Another Clarification

It's my understanding that in Japan, the online adapter and the hard drive for the PlayStation 2 are part of the same unit. As the online adapter is currently planning to be sold without the hard drive, it's certainly possible that Square would retool FFXI to not require it (Have everything server side, or something similar). If this is an effective model, it's feasible that Sony not go to the trouble and expense of releasing the hard drive outside of Japan, as console add-ons have always been met with apathy and poor comparative sales.

So, to clarify that letter from Saturday, my statement about Sony being unlikely to bring over the hard drive to the US was in fact, based on reality, not weird fictitious biases. Besides, I was quoting our resident expert on that sort of thing.

A good question.

Greetings (chim sings) Googleshng Now how are they going to resolve the naming conflicts for Tales of Destiny 2? Also I got a silly fan participation thing where I'll list everything and everyone you might be so I need people to reply for that. Imperial Mog

Hmm... maybe they'll just call the U.S. version Tales of Destiny 2 Turbo?

TRPG Recommendations

What are some of the best strategy rpgs for Playstation besides Final Fantasy Tactics, Arc the Lad, and Vandal Hearts?

Vanguard Bandits is a pretty darn spiffy game that slipped under most people's radar. Kartia is pretty darn cool since spells have a dramatic effect on the terrain. If I didn't mention Front Mission 3 people would kill me, but fair warning, it gets a bit tiresome halfway through.

Odd comment.

hey goog,
i'm almost afraid to ask, but assuming you've played FF9, there's an enemy in the game that looks like a black cat, and says "GIMME DIAMONDS!" or something like that. whenever he says that, he motions toward his...pelvis. have you seen this? i really just wrote in because one of the letters yesterday mentioned mature themes in games, and if that wasn't a mature theme, i don't know what was. there are some serious pervs in the squaresoft development room.

-illegal allen

If you want to point out sickos at Square, traditionally you should be pointing at Wall Market from FF7.

The Last Laugh:


Googleshng "I'm not a zombie!"

Really! I'm not! Honest!

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