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Googleshng - August 15 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Today's column has the unofficial theme of people plugging various things, and rumors being debunked. Why? Because, well, that's mostly what I have here.

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Who abreviates Hard Drive with 2 Ds?

I hear different things from different people. some say that sony WILL release the HDD, while others say they have no plans to release the HDD.... do you know which is really true?

Short answer, Sony has no reason to release their HD in North America.

Nintendo and Arcadia

That Nintendo not making systems bit is a stupid Internet rumor started by a misinterpretation of Iwata saying that Nintendo will probably keep making games for the Gamecube past the usual five-year lifespan and delay making a next console for a year or two.

Nothing for me to reply to here, so I'll just snuff out an unrelated rumor: People have recently expressed concerns over the U.S. version of Skies of Arcadia being censored. To ease their minds: No moreso than the Dreamcast version was.

One of those plugs I mentioned.


Yesterday, PauL was asking for FMV movies from games he owns. You can rip the movies straight off PSX games by downloading PSmplay from the following site:

Here are the steps:

1) Download PSmplay.
2) Put PSX disc in tray and open PSmplay.
3) Click Analyze CD-ROM then click Start.
4) Wait a while. Save, then name the data.
5) Click Open Analyze CD Data. Select what you saved.
6) Look at the weird list that appears.
7) "STR" = movies, "XA" = sounds
8) Experiment and enjoy.

Note that you can output both .avi and .wav files as well. By outputting .avi files, you can basically save the movies off the disc to watch at any time, with no more need for the CD. Have a good compression codec, such as DivX, handy because the movie files are normally huge; for example Xenogears's intro movie was 1.27 gigs uncompressed! Outputting .wav files essentially lets you either save the soundtrack for some games (Square games store the soundtrack somewhere else) or you can even save just the sounds of the movie if desired. It's a very useful tool and very free.

I hope this has been helpful.

-Red Raven

I think that's been mentioned repeatedly in past columns, but hey, it should help that guy out from yesterday.

Has this not been answered enough?

In early 2001, Square announced a remake of Final Fantasies VII through IX for PlayStation 2. Are they still planning on doing this?

That was put on "indefinite hold".

Normally I don't post stuff like this...

<gypsy girls sing> "Googleshng!" <you roll a fortitude save to prevent your ear drums from splitting<

Mapper NanakiXIII and I are making a Starcraft Brood War turn-based RPG.and want your input! Before you start suggesting ridiculous things like shoe maintenance, know the guidelines.
-Fate & Destiny (FnD) is meant for 4 players.
-This is a medievalish setting.
-No party member permenantly dies during the game.
-There is one set ending but multiple post-ending bonuses. (This map's chapter 1.)
-Its humor is mostly light-hearted and cliche-acknowledging.
-Skills require a certain number of uses and level to improve. (The character level is knowledge and usage is experience.)
-The game's linear and plot probably unchanging.
-There are cutscenes.
-Some characters 'cuss.'
-A Zone Controlish minigame is planned.
-Random fight encounter rate is changeable in-game.

Ryo Wolfever, swordsman (Zeratul)
Slasher, Battle Cry, (forced critical) Persuade (~1/4 chance to make a normal foe ally)

Kato Stromguard, thief (Duran)
Rapid Fire, (multiple weaker-attacking Alexeis) Steal, Throat Slit (1/2 chance to kill a normal foe instantly)

Roxim Teaga, mage (Zergling)
Fire Messenger, (infested terran) Heal, (restores about 250 HP) Quake (lurkers auto-acquire target)

Angela Selestria, summoner (Infested Kerry)
Heal, Giant Spider, (summons multiple broodlings) Focus (restore MP)

There will be 6 skills/spells per character, but those are being worked on. You can suggest them, but they probably won't be used. Names are wanted.

1: What are your feelings on a fairly rarely-encountered enemy who steals cash and items then runs away? (You'd get your stuff back if you killed him in time.)
2: What are your feelings on being ambushed by random foes at least of comparible strength?
3: What do you think of weak foes randomly running from you?
4: What say you to foes running from you after your group kills 3 other fairly strong foes in 1 round?

This is also a maintained thread at Antioch Forever: Visit for a more complete description.

Contact me to get the latest version. I'm, Endarire on Bnet USEast and AIM.
Contact NanakiXIII at

-EE "Cut the characters if you must save space!"

Normally I wouldn't ever print something like this, but when someone is insane enough to try and create a turn based RPG using StarCraft's map editor, I think that deserves some public attention, don't you? I mean, you could almost enter that in an obfuscated coding contest...

Hey, yeah!


All the rpgs for ps2 seen to have gotten rid of the old 3d world map do you know if there will be any games coming out with a world map like ff7 or chonos cross .
Thanks for your time


That's a very good point which I didn't notice until just now. Strange trend. Anyway, it'll end shortly enough, since the Wild ARMs series makes a very big point of preserving the time honored tradition of steadily giving you better vehicles to explore the world with.

The Last Laugh:

Have you ever gone hiking in the woods, and found a baby frog in a dried up lake, so you took pity on on it, carefully picked it up, and brought it to a pond near your house? If so, you and my cat have something in common.

Googleshng "Diurnality is overrated."

Why sleep through the only part of the day you aren't being boiled alive?

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