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Googleshng - August 14 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

There's nothing like waking up with no saliva to make you hate global warming. Anyway though, this IS the coolest room in the house at the moment, so it's column time!

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Is FFX coming out for the PC?


According to an Asian mag, an "easy mode" is added for FFI for PSX

I stand corrected.

Hey Goog, quick question. Do you play Warcraft III? If yes, do you play Warcraft III on bnet? If yes, can I play on bnet with you?


Well, I own WC3, love WC3, and would be playing it constantly if I could, but alas, my computer can't handle it.

Hey, Google

This may sound like more of a rant than a question, but it's something I'm starting to get a little tired of.

Tip: If you find yourself saying this at the beginning of a 2 page letter, change that "To:" field from "" to "" before you hit send.

Arc the lad collection?

Uh... what about it?

Hello. Do you like pie?
Pie is indeed good, IÕm glad you agree.
That is so nice.
DonÕt give me that lip, bucko!

I suppose it depends on the variety of pie.

i just read your ask google today, and i must say that anyone that uses "frelling" in a normal sentence is alright in my book. i love that show
okay no more dren on my mind today

You know, it occurs to me that roughly half the words I use in my day to day speach tend to have an entirely fictional etimology. Oh, and another good chunk aren't in most people's vocabulary.

Etimology: The study of the origin of words.

The Last Laugh:

Sorry to spring a quickie day on you without warning like that, but hey, they made up 90% of my mail today! On a related note, looks like tomorrow we'll have an unprecidented number of links posted in here.

Googleshng "Too bad I'm alergic to eggs."

Wonder if you can make grilled cheesed sandwiches on the sidewalk...

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