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Googleshng - August 13 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

So last night I'm eating dinner, and notice that the moon is turning blood red over the span of five minutes. No big deal, happens all the time. Later though, a bowl full of Utz white corn tortilla chips WENT STALE. That probably doesn't seem like a big deal to you, but that company, as far as I can tell, made a deal with the devil several years back to ensure their chips would be forever fresh. Seriously. I've had an open back for a month in a muggy summer stay crispy. Clearly this is a chilling portent of things to come.

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This is close to being a legitimate question!

Howdy good, I just got a couple of questions...

#1 On your page of rants, you have Nadesico listed as 70$ available now. I'd like to know where you can buy it that has it in stock and sells it for 70$ (for me, not for you, sorry). I mean, unless you live in a different time zone or something, and the date is already September 24th, I didn't think it was out in the US yet. Also, with the MSRP at $90.....$70 seems like a good deal (but lets face it, Ruri is worth $90)
baka baka

Amazon is a surprisingly good place to buy anime sometimes.

#2 To make this RPG related, how are you doing?

I'm an RPG now?

#3 Number 2 fooled you, didn't it?

Not really.

#4 I have Grandia and Grandia II. I've played Grandia, but I haven't touched Grandia II. Here's the question: is Grandia II related to Grandia more in the way that the FF's are related, or more like how the Lunar games are related? In otherwords, am I safe to play Grandia II without having completed Grandia?

That about wraps it up, i suppose. Until next time


-If you build a man a fire, you keep him warm for a night. If you set a man on fire, you keep him warm for the rest of his life

Grandia 2 is an FF style sequel. Different world, different characters, just the same mind-numbingly easy mechanics.

Ef Ef Six

Dear google,

My friends and I are looking for some stuff and I hoped you could help me. Namely, FMV ripped off FF games. Especially FF VIII and FF VI Anthology (we own them, it's okay).

Last I checked there were a couple such movies from FFA posted on RPGamer, but not all of them. FF8 has a wider selection.

Also, what could you say about Fire Emblem?

Uh, it's a Japan-only TRPG series noted for being very hard.

And did you ever beat FF VI with Celes, Setzer, and Edgar only? Was it worth it?


The answer to both is no.

So many SoA questions lately...

Hey there Google.

1. When you get bored like that, don't you usually go to your pile of un-played games? You still have some right? Otherwise, if you have nothing to play, you should go rent Suikoden II. Now is a better time than ever, with Suikoden III due out by the end of the year.

2. Then again, did you find that you were bored but still didn't want to pick up some new game? That happens.

It's something of a requirement for this job that I spend my every free moment playing games. It's nice to have some nice work to come back to after a day of that though.

3. In Skies of Arcadia, does getting to the end of the first disc mean that you're halfway through the game? I'm not even there yet, but I just like to know. The last thing I remember doing was beating that big green gigas and that little brat-general general guy. It's been a long while since I played it, as you can clearly read by my lack of remembering details.

-Rahlious aka Mike White

I'd say the disc change comes at about the... 60% mark. Which by the way you're still a good deal away from.

What can be said?

Greetings (Chim sing) Googleshng
Now what bothers me is how is it you can afford your stuff since you have no job? Unless you have a secret job you can't talk about. Am I the only one who thinks adding Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts is really weird, though the whole game concept is odd in and of itself? Now what two things would you like to see mixed together. Speaking of mixing things I posted the first fanfic of what happens when you mix Bill Clinton and Shoujo.
Imperial Mog

How do I afford stuff? Why that's simple! I don't. Anyway though, what more can really be said about Kingdom Hearts at this point?


Hey Google,

It's been a while since I've seen a console RPG that's caught my eye. I am not sure why, but for some reason, I look at the console games and just go "blah." I'm fully sucked into Dark Age of Camelot, which could have something to do with it. Then there's NWN, which I've yet to get, and Warcraft 3, which rocks.

In any case, I'm intrigued by the prospect of the Final Fantasy I & II remakes. Sure, I've already beat Final Fantasy I several times over, but that was about 10 years ago, and the nostalgia is pretty strong. The graphics remind me of Final Fantasy 4, probably my favorite console rpg of all time. My dread though, I'll have to spend hours building up gold and levels by killing Ogres near Alfheim like I did as a kid (Lord knows I do enough of that in MMORPGs, so now i know where i picked up the original bad habit.) Do you think they'll increase the exp gain rate? Will there be many new features added? I'd love to go through again, just at a much quicker pace. It was always fun to see how you can beat the game with varying classes, such as 4 black mages!

Hope your email doesn't disappear today!

Square isn't the sort of company that tends to rebalance their ports, or add new features. So I doubt FF1 and 2 will be getting anything more than a facelift... although they might take the time to fix that little issue in FF2 where you can max out all your stats before you even kill one imp.

Remember this guy?

This just in! Not only is Nintendo making games solely for the Xbox, Sega is selling more sysyems than Sony and Microsoft together. Well, i'm back from my little trip to bizarro world now. Maybe I shouldn't write anymore at quarter to four in the morning. What I meant to ask was whether the little rumor that i heard about Nintendo just making games and discontinuing their systems AFTER they finish with the gamecube are true. But anyway, on to new material. What, in your mind, is the worst RPG you have played? Do you consider Clocktower to be an RPG? If you do, i think that is the worst one i have ever played. Heck, even if you don't see it as an RPG, that is just the worst game I have ever played!! Sorry i had to rant about that, but i found my old copy of it today and, for some reason, dusted it off and played it. I discovered my hatred for that game all over again. Have you ever had the misfortune to play that game?

a.k.a. SoulReaver1208

I've heard no such rumor about Nintendo, and quite frankly this isn't a year for anyone to be making any hardware plans. Young systems abound.

Anyway though, yes I HAVE played Clocktower. In fact, I've gotten every ending in that piece of garbage. Can't explain why, but I did. Anyway though, wanna here something REALLY scary? I heard there's a third one in the works. Oh, and for the record, that isn't an RPG.

The Last Laugh:

Off I go now. Perhaps to watch Dark City again since I manipulated my family into renting it and all.

Googleshng "I often wonder if one of the Strangers is named Mr. Tea..."

For Big Fire!

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