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Googleshng - August 7 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

In case A, I receive incredible blissful joy. In case B, I plunge into misery, so which is it? "Yeah, one of those!" That's where a conversation I'm having with someone currently stands. Said person checks his e-mail like twice a month. Rar.

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10 is often written in roman numerals...

Think North America will ever see FF X international?

AND THEN if it came do you think the saves would be compatible between the versions?

AND THEN if it came would you play it?

AND THEN if it crossed the road... oh wait that's for comics tomorrow.

David Hackman

The answer to all of those questions is no. Especially the last one, seeing as it's really just FF10 with an english dub, and I already have THAT.

Finance and Fiancées money!!! Say, I hear that whole dot com thing is really successful. Nobody ever invested in a dot com and lost money. That would just be crazy. Everytime I hear internet startup I think "whoo hoo...CASH!!!"

And so I return from Bizarro World.

Unless your name is Google you ain't makin' money on a website that is not subscription based.

Wait a minute, your name is Google...hmmm!!! You're not THE Google are you?

Okay, question. I am trying to convince my Fiancee to try some RPGs. She is not really in to it but she likes Disney. Do you think Kingdom Hearts might be good enough to convert her?


You know, I was seriously pondering registering the domain "" about a month before someone swooped in and stole it. In retrospect, maybe it WAS worth it to pay 10 bucks to save myself years of confusing when people instruct each other to "ask Google" about various things.

Anyway though, if the girl in question is indeed a big fan of Disney games, and does not abhor the RPG format, Kingdom Hearts should suit her better than it does the average person reading this page.

Of course, I must now ask a question in return. Are you really willing to marry a confessed Disney fan? I mean, those people bought the U.S. publishing rights to everything by Hayao Miyazaki just to sit on them forever!

We interupt this column for an educational message.

Hi, Googleshng!

You referred to Square as having a patent on the name 'Chrono Break.' You cannot patent a name. Patents are time limited guarantees on the monopoly of use of an invention or idea. (Invention/idea being a strict description of a physical system that can be implemented and used.) The holder of a patent can demand royalties from anyone who uses the same design, whether independently engineered or not.

For example, there is a patent on the MP3 encoding algorithm, held by Fraunhofer Institute in Europe. Patents only used to apply to mechanical inventions. Now they also apply to software and business methods.

Another common misconception is that you can copyright a name. In fact, you cannot. A copyright is granted only for a specific work of art or science, and provides the copyrighter with a time limited monopoly on the redistribution of that work. A copyright only applies to a specific work, not the idea contained in that work.

Sorry to write so much, but the word you were looking for is 'trademark.' Unlike patents and copyrights, trademarks are not time-limited. A trademark exists as long as the holding company or person renews and enforces their trademark. A trademark is a symbol of a company, person or brand that has come to be associated with that company in the public eye.

I normally wouldn't bother to write so much, but the set of people who are gamers intersects heavily with the set of people who either have a computer or generally will suffer as intellectual property constraints increase over the next 10 years. It is best to use the right terms so that confusion is minimized.

I just thought you might be interested in knowing the distinction between these terms.

As for that .mod/.it person.. did they ever try

Ashley George

PS: If you already know the difference, please forgive this long letter, which is meant in good faith.

Now I know, and knowing is half the battle.


Heya, Goog,

Ok, I want to first say I haven't played the DC version of Skies( and will probably never locate a copy), but anyway, according to GameSpy Daily, Sega is dumbing down Skies of Arcadia for GC, to make it more suitable for a younger audience... Removing some scenes of someone smoking and drinking alcohol, and also removing some "inappropriate expressions" from the dialogue....

Like I said, I haven't played it, but this just strikes me as odd...and it probably won't help the GC's image, either. Why do you think Sega/Overwerks is doing this? Do you think they will also make it "easier", too?

On another note, know of any good places to get the DC version, other than Ebay?

Thanks a lot. Love you hear your opinion on this.

I've never heard anything about that, but then I haven't really been following much news on the GC port. Anyway though, I really can't think of anything anyone would WANT to cut out of SoA. The only character in the game I can think of who smokes is a big scary freak with enough other weird accessories you'd never notice, drinking isn't an issue when you have your own word for liquor, and I can't think of any "inappropriate expressions" that could be removed from the game without two of the most amusing characters becoming mute.

Anyway though, if such plans are indeed in the works, I wouldn't blame it on Nintendo. I mean, they're currently bending over backwards to toughen up their image. Just look at their logo in Eternal Darkness. It could be Sega trying to soften their image, but I can't really see that either. I'd blame the fact that the development on the port is being handled in the U.S. I mean, I hate to say things like this, but U.S.-based console dev teams invariably suck to high heaven. In any case though, NO! ... MUST... RESIST...

It just- NO! MUST... BE... STRONG!

MUST... BE...


OK, seriously. Do we need any more proof that puns are the most evil thing in the universe than that?

Anyway though, I can't be of much help on finding a copy of Arcadia for the dreamcast. Or rather, I can find them no problem, but getting them away from their owners, that's nigh impossible.

Speaking of ports from the GC...

Hiya G!

I'm planning on getting Grandia 2 fairly soon. However, i've seen a DC version and a PS2 version of it, is there a difference or can i go for the cheaper DC version and be just as happy?

The only difference between the DC and PS2 versions of Grandia 2 is that DCs cost much much less.

En Taro A- no wait...

Dearest Googleshng.

Would you recommend I watch Dune? Does it have your seal of approval?


Dune is spiffy, as a book, movie OR Sci-Fi channel mini-series. Sequels to Dune however should be avoided like the plague. I mean, Dune Messiah is litterally nothing but 400 pages of Paul whining.

The Last Laugh:

Puns are very very very very evil. See you tomorrow.

Googleshng "Let the madness end!"

Other things are maddening too...

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