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Googleshng - August 6 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Strange morning this was. Not in any way that concerns you though, so on with the column!

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This is why you shouldn't read rumors.

I Just want to know why RPGamer doesn't have even the tiniest tid-bit (well, maybe one tid-bit, but it's very small.) of information about the sequel to Chrono Cross, Chrono Break. C'mon post something up or I'll probably go insane, and start scribbling "cHrOno BReak" in crude lettering all over the walls of my house and start saying things like this to myself: "I'm tha Chrono twigger...I'm the chwono twigger..." Well, try to post something.

Why doesn't RPGamer have any information on Chrono Break, the sequel to Chrono Trigger? Simple. Because there is no such game in development. Squaresoft took out a patent on that name, sparking wild rumors all over, and if they ever get around to making another Chrono game, chances are that IS what the title will be, but right now, they aren't. So please, quit holding your breath.

4 Quatro (Dear gods that was an awful rental...)

Hi googleshng.

A AD&D campaign with no bandaids? well, with the help of some munchkin-esque MIN/MAXing you could not only heal thyself, but decimate and entire countryside then flip over the table when your DM tells you you can't ride a dragon into battle.


Yeah, the whole party's more or less doomed. It should be quite entertaining!

Anyways, Questions..becasue otherwise this would be just a nice hello letter.

1: Can you explain Everquest's way of hooking people into it's clutches?

It combines all the appeal of a mindless dungeon crawl with an AOL chatroom!

2: I remember an old column you did describing anime hair color and are pretty much right on with it. of course.. there are some discrepancies..umm...question...IS pocky overatted like some say?

Pocky is an addictive narcotic. It should be illegal. It's not overrated though.

3: I'm trying to find .mod .it etc Archives. It is an art and I, trying to continue it, would like ti find a good website. SStrax is.. well..lazy. And TRAXinspace is..gone. know any?

thank you for graceing us with your knowledge
DEFUNCT Webmaster

When it comes to archiving digital music, I just spend all my time by that hospital bed praying that someday RPGamer's archives will get better... or something.

Even more picking on my PCs

Heyo ^_^

I'd just like to point out that I GM AD&D games and you wouldn't believe how hard it gets for the players when you have no healers ^_^ Even goblins can challenge level 3/4 characters.

To be fair though, the pantheon in this campaign IS pretty darn sickly.

Anyways, to make this somewhat RPG related, I'd like to ask why isn't there more multiplayer stuff in games like FFTactics and other rpg's so you could pit your characters against another party of your friend's (like in Golden Sun). I've been doing some programming myself and can tell you throwing the controls to the second controller is like a billion times easier than programming AI...

I believe the logic is something like this. Most people who play RPGs aren't really having friends over to party much. Therefore, emphasis can be placed on solo stuff. When you're going solo, you don't have to balance characters. When you don't balance characters, multiplayer sucks.

Anywho, have you played Aidyn Chronicles for N64? I heard the battle system was pretty good, but wanted to get a second opinion before I wasted my precious little weekend money (stupd University and costing various body parts).


AC was one of those games that looked really promising in development, but turned out to, well, suck.

Magical Vacation

Yeah uh a little while back there was this game that was going to be comming over to the US made by the people who made secret of mana and if memory serves correctly there was even a thing in the nintendo power about it now everybody seems to have forgotten about it. Is it no longer comming out over here?

Tetra"the foosball must flow"Mage

It's still coming last I checked. It's just that low profile games tend not to generate much news.

People are ODDLY off-topic today.

Dear Google: 1. If the staff were much smaller and everyone on the staff all the work needed to keep the site running, would the people doing the work get paid? It must be possible to make a website profitable. But, perhaps it isn't unless the site has a pay service or has an absolutely incredable hit/day ratio.

Less people on staff would mean more money for everyone if there was any money for anyone to begin with, and the majority of server costs come from bandwidth consumption, which of course more or less translates to hits, so no on both. If you want a website to make money, you really need to either charge money, or get some lucrative ad deals. The latter was a LOT easier a couple years back too.

2. Does all the money that RPGamer takes in get spent on server costs? What happens when there's a defecit or a surplus?

Yes, all money RPGamer makes goes right back into the server, supplimented out of da boss' pocket when need be, and if for some odd reason there was ever a lot of cash sitting around after paying server costs, I suppose we'd all get paid. By the way, am I the only one who finds it creepy you're so interested in this?

3. There's 30 people on staff now. 28 guys, 1 girl, and 1 unspecified. Didn't it used to be closer to equal?

30 people? That doesn't sound right... anyway though, way back when I was first hired there was a girl running fan art, fan fiction, and Q&A, making for 3 out of a staff of like... 12 back then. So yeah, that's a 1:3 ratio, but that's still pretty darn far from equal.

4. Which of these would rather see in real life: a book entitled "Hamster Huey and Gooey Kablooie" or a breakfast cereal called "Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs"?

I actually DID once encounter the cereal. Sorta. Hey, Play-Doh IS edible!

5. What's the last GBA game you bought? What do you think will be the next one?

- Rahlious aka Mike White

MMBN2 happened to come out almost right on my birthday, and the next Castlevania is right down the road.

The Last Laugh:

Wow that was a lot of multiparters. Anyway, I'm off to frolic with some of nature's creatures (seriously, as odd as that may sound), and I'll see you all tomorrow.

Oh, as frighteningly many of you seem so concerned, this here AD&D party is at least picking up a couple people with Cure Light Wounds, just no real clerics.

Googleshng "If you have 3 times the HP of everyone else, you'll take 4 times the damage."

Hard getting fully healed too.

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