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Googleshng - August 5 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

In light of the fact that Wild ARMs 3 will be out in about a month, this weekend I dusted off the second one in hope of finishing it off before then. I forgot just how bad the translation on this was, how funky the mechanics were, and how weird the whole looking for things on the world map bit is. I did NOT however forget what I was doing, because WA2 has a "What was I doing again?" menu option. I still say that all RPGs should be required to have those.

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I've been refered to Gramblebang a few times when people con't type or pronounce my name. "What? How the heck do I pronounce your name?... uh... whatever your name is...Gramblebang, something or rather." but anyway GooeyShizzle,

Have you played Arc the Lad Colection? I just got it, and I'm a LITTLE bit confused on how the 'convert' option works. I KNOW it transfers something, but in the leather 150 page booklet it says " ... which will activate special events.' Which to ME has nothing to do with character in Arc 2 does all of the Arc 1 characters join with the party and fight? And do ALL the characters from Arc 1's and Arc 2's stats get tranfered into Arc 3? What about the lady Lieza that can summon monsters? Do all of her monsters get tranfered into Arc 3? I haven't read anything that has made any of this clear. Please, I need your help! I need to eat your brains! Yess!


OK, when you transfer data from Arc 1 to Arc 2, all your characters from Arc 1 (well, most), along with all your items, are brought along to be found in Arc 2. When you transfer data from Arc 2 to Arc 3 however, not a single character or item carries over. There are a couple times in Arc 3 where you meet characters from Arc 2 sitting around somewhere briefly, and in theory, if you don't transfer data, they don't quite say as much, but I didn't personally notice anything that particularly seemed like a reward for finishing Arc 2.

And the mythical treasure is... 1 GP!?!?!

i don't know where i can sell daccat's coin in skies . It is really bugging me . please can you tell me where you can sell it. I heard you can sell it in nasrad , but where i can't find a shop who will buy it .

Thanking you in advance ,

That's because you don't sell it to a shop. You sell it to a Sailor's Guild.

Jobs like mine.

It's a semi-serious question so answer it with a bit of semi-seriousness and not the usual semi-sarcasm-or-whatever-such-humor-is, as fun as it is to read. n.-

Know of any sites that need a Q&A host? Or know of any way to get to BE one? Or some such ... ?

SirNi, who ... flirts? ... with curious ideas

I don't know of any websites at the moment that are looking for a Q&A person, but if you find one, the best way to get the job would most likely be to apply. There's honestly surprisingly little more I could say on the subject.


Googlething how good will the security be for the Gamecube PSO E1&2? If you can't answer where can we find out about this?

Well, if by "how good will the security be" you mean "how long will it be before people manage to find a way to cheat" then I'd assume it would take the standard 6 months. However, I'm reasonably certain they'll remove that nasty little bug that allowed players to kill eachother in the DC version.

Inconsistant Praise

Oh Frell? So not only do you love Skies of Arcadia, you also like the most entertaining thing created by man, Farscape? If only you were female!

Actually, Farscape is made by Jim Henson, who died several years ago, so wouldn't that make it the most entertaining thing created by lich?

Simple question, simple answer.

how do i buy an action figure

Uh, go to a store that sells action figures, take one off the shelf, bring it to the counter, and give the person some money.

If you meant to ask how to buy an action figure from RPGamer, the answer is even simpler. You can't. RPGamer does not now, nor ever has, sold action figures of any variety. Or for that matter, anything else. A disturbing number of people seem to get that impression, and I've never understood why.

The Last Laugh:

Thar be the column sez I! Oh, and yes, I have still been keeping up the habit of updating my page on a weekly basis.

Googleshng "Boing!"

I'm in an AD&D campaign without any healers. This should be interesting.

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