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Googleshng - August 1 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

YES!!! The dreaded month of July is over, taking with it the nasty heat and humidity that go with it. We now move on into the nice cool month of Augus- oh FRELL.

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Walking on the Sun

Howdy, almighty Googleshng.
I recently tried to view the Golden Sun 2 movie entitled 'Very, Very Cool Stuff' (something along the lines of that) and when it opened with Movie Player and started to play, I saw a blank screen and there was no sound. Does this movie not work with quicktime or Windows ME for some reason?

Well, it works just fine for me, so unless you have an unbelievably outdated copy of quicktime, that isn't your problem. I wouldn't rule out Win ME though, as the peanut gallery began wailing and moaning at the mention of it when I was looking for a second opinion.

I noticed something about Aratio (Golden Sun 2). He looks oddly like Saturos from the original, and I have a feeling that's his father. Do Issac and Co make an appearance as playable characters in GS2? All screenshots I've seen are around Felix, Jenna, Sheba and Alex(...) Thanks for your time!

This sort of thing comes in a lot. Short answer: Whenever RPGamer comes across any information on an upcoming game, in a news story it goes. So, if you can't find it in a story, it's a safe bet we don't know. I believe GS2 is out in Japan now though, so there's an off chance a happy little importer will be able to answer that question tomorrow.

Obsequence keeps space octopi from killing you.

Forgive me, Master! My foolish computer crashed and I have been away from your column for an unexcusable amount of time. In a pathetic attempt to appease you, I have compiled a list of questions for you.
1) Have you seen the new Austin Powers movie yet, and if so, what is your omniscient opinion of it?

I haven't seen it yet. I'm still debating whether or not I should. The last one, as I recall, was pretty sucky but lifted up by the presence of a very amusing midget. Logic would dictate that this one is worse overall, but contains more of said midget. So whether it's worth seeing depends on the exact suck to midget ratio... that or whether I know someone who's planning to go see it and has an extra ticket.

2) I just finished Lunar 2. Do the outtakes appear when you finish the epilogue, or have I been led astray to think that they even exist?

There are indeed outtakes after the epilogue of Lunar 2, as there are with every Working Designs game I can think of... except the Arc games. Excuse me while I curse the world at large for griping that WD quit redubbing games.

3) What's the better show to call in for tickets to, the Daily Show or late Night With Conan O'Brien? I've been to see Conan before, but I cannot stop going until I recieve the tallest's autograph. However, I have never been to the Daily Show and your minion enjoys that show ever so much. I need your deciding vote!
ARGH! Forgive my absences. *bows* I'm not worthy of even having your eyes gaze upon the pixels of my e-mail, assuming that e-mails have pixels.
Always katana weilding,
Minion Mary

If it were me, I'd go with the Daily Show, but last I checked, such tickets are free, so couldn't you hit both?


Hey goog,

Few small questions.

1) Which of the future PS2 games interests you the most, if any?

Well, there have only ever been 3 PS2 RPGs that really piqued my interest. Shadow Hearts, which is out already, WA3, which is out next month, and Xenosaga, which is out next year. In all three cases, the reason is "I really dug the first one."

2) If you're a slime, how do you type? And where can I get that 1 gp you left on Tuesday when you flashed and disappeared? (wait, that doesn't sound right)

I've never claimed to be a slime. That's just one of those things that randomly gets stuck on you by other people. I've also been unreasonably accused of being "a baby cloud" and "skinny" in recent memory.

3) How come in many RPGs there are planes and boats but people....and whatever....still ride birds and horses and not cars?

Like many people, you seem to be confusing the terms "many RPGs" and "recent FF games". That said, the answer is simple. If they didn't let you ride chocobos, fans would be so enraged that the streets would run red with blood.

4) Will RPGs ever become so relevant to society that they will be referred to as commonly as books and movies?

Books and movies are relevant to society now?

5) Will popular musical artists in the US ever record/compose music for imported RPGs for localization?

Don't fall down the stairs,

If a company ever changed the music in a game while localizing it, there'd be even more blood in the streets than with your third question. There have been quite a few noteworthy RPGs with American composers though... although none of them were popular. In fact, I can say with near certainty that popular music and RPGs will remain quite far apart from eachother unless progressive rock ever makes a comeback.

Fanart a go-go

Dear Google,

Is there any way to hook up my Playstation to my laptop and play games on it? I'm going away to college this summer and I don't want to take a TV but I still want to play games. This is an old PSX that I'm talking about, not a PS2, and I really don't want to use a program like Bleem! because I hear that it's kinda buggy. Any help you can give to point me in the right direction would really be appreciated.

Long question with a short answer. "Get a TV-tuner card." I'd elaborate, but that's the sort of thing that's real easy to find provided you know what it's called.

Also, I'm sure you've been asked this plenty of times already, but do you have any idea when or if the fanart section will ever be updated again? Just wondering if it would be worth the effort to submit something again.

Carolyn Chen

Actually, disturbingly few people have asked about that. Basically, here's the story. The person in charge of updating the fanart section just mysteriously dropped off the face of the earth. Then we hired a replacement, who ALSO mysteriously dropped off the face of the earth. Hopefully there's time to throw a rope to the new one though but this weekend we're going to have to install some guard rails in there.

A bit more seriously though, is currently aimed at the void, making any submissions rather pointless, but the section should spring back to life within a week or so, and then resume a schedule of regular weekly updates.

Questions and Answers

Dear Googleshng,
Lord of the Rings for the SNES was not the first game based on Tolkien's works. A few earlier PC games, and an NES (I believe European only) game were released previously.

I am officially enlightened. Thanks.

A question or two:

1: Why are there so many damn enemy encounters when flying around in Skies of Arcadia? Oh, gee, you have to spend forever in the air flying against a current, but you also have to fight every 30 seconds and get your course thrown off.

Every so often, I hear people complaining about there being too many fights in Skies of Arcadia. I've always found this really odd, since you get in less fights in SoA than just about every other RPG out there. Anyway though, I experimented around a bit I found out some rather interesting facts.

If you fly a direct course from point A to point B, you will get in practically no fights whatsoever. I've gone halfway around the world and only gotten in one fight on numerous occasions.

If you wander around aimlessly on the other hand, you get in tons of fights. It makes sense really, both logically (it's easier to catch someone when they aren't really going anywhere), and in terms of gameplay (if you're wandering around aimlessly, odds are you're character building and WANT to get in fights).

On top of that, once you get the ability to cruise around in extreme altitudes, you can avoid fights altogether, since there aren't any monsters up high or down low.

That said though, at the moment, you aren't really complaining about the frequency of fights in SoA as a whole, just the nasty little gauntlet run that is the South Ocean. Some quick tips:
- Don't space out when coming back from a fight and let yourself drift back a bit.
- Delta Shield is your friend.
- It really isn't that long of an ordeal, and there's nothing as nasty as it to be found past that point (except MAYBE the Dark Rift).
- You aren't too far from where you get your very own super-groovy airship and customizable town.

2. What's your favorite glitch you've come across in a game? Mine's all the secret glitch worlds in Metroid.

-Benny Big Hair

I'd have to go with becoming undead in Megaman 3. You die, the music stops, but you still exist and can go on forever as long as you don't get healed.


Hey there g,

I was just wondering if RPGamer, like some of those *other* sites, has decided only to do a couple of Q&A columns a week now. If that's the case, you all should really let us readers know, so we don't keep checking for updates. Thanks for your time, g.


Hey, I only missed ONE update, cut me a little slack! Besides, I can hardly be held accountable for when a DNS bug keeps people from sending me letters for 24 hours.

The Last Laugh:

My cousin and a friend made plans to come over here tomorrow. This is kinda strange of them seeing as how said cousin just hopped on a plane to Japan yesterday and won't be back for two weeks. Anyway though, the important thing is you don't care. So I'll just be shutting up about how I plan to spend my free time and say

Have a good weekend everybody. Enjoy your substitute Chesh and get all roudy on him.

Googleshng "Wanna by a dodecahedron?"

If anyone caught the reference in that second letter title, have yourself a cookie and recommend the colonization of Arth.

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