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Googleshng - July 31 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

OK. Seriously. I hate summer. When you say it gets too freaking hot in the summer, people say "Hey, don't complain. You'll WISH it was this hot when winter rolls around!" This isn't true in my case though. I love winter. I'll walk around outside in a T-shirt in the snow. Anyway though, the bottom line is that my brain was so cooked this week that more or less passed out for a few days and came to thinking it was Thursday. Fortunately though, the heat's dying down today, the DNS whackiness that kept a lot of people from seeing the site yesterday, and it's time for a column!

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Roasted slimes

Goog -

Yesterday, you said it was hot. Too hot to think. And I believe you, for a devil just poked my ass. But tell me, my androgynous ectoplasm columnist of DOOM, what exactly happens to slimes when they get too hot? Please do not be offended by my ignorance. I simply wish to understand my fellow sentient being and Mac addict. Do slimes dry and shrivel up? Do they get all boily and bubbly and evaporate? Or do they simply disappear much like the Goo King of BoF series? Your response is much appreciated.

Secret Asian Man

When a slime gets so hot it dies, it flashes a couple times and disappears, leaving behind 1 GP. The same happens if a slime is drowned, stabbed, stepped on, poked with a stick, tripped over, frozen, left outside in a storm, or sneezed on. For most varieties at least.

Three odd comments

Google...whose name strikes...a mild-and-vague-sense-of-confusion-in-those-who-do-not-know-who-you-are:

So...I'm here and I'm do websites show up on search engines without any permission? a friend's website (winkwinknudgenudge) just came up...and this is confusing. how did they find him? are people stalking him? AAH! No!

Well, you know, web pages are inherently available for public viewing, and thus show up on search engines.

Moving on the RPG related questions:
1. If I told you I found a yummie Star Ocean 2 OST would you be jealous?

No I wouldn't.

2. How do you feel about the lack of characterization in some games? Do you think (aside from other improvments some games could make) the problem has been unintersting characters or just some characters ended up as being vague and not even understood?

Thank you for your time.
Starsickle- DEFUNCT Webmaster.

Most RPGs today focus on the main character and his girlfriend, surrounding them with a bunch of one-dimensional characters, at least one of which is actually more interesting than the characters who get developed. Of course, since the main concept of an RPG is to give you complete control over one character in an emersive world while spending most of your time hacking through dungeons, so underdeveloped characters shouldn't be that big of a concern.


Hey Goog!

I was talking with a friend of mine who's interested in getting into RPGs and wanted my suggestion of the best current system to buy as well as the best 5 RPGs to play, so that he could see a very broad example of how different RPGs can be. I was having a hard time coming up with an answer so I figured you might add something to my thinking.

Zachary 'ASV' Lewis

Hmm, this is a tough little ball of inquiry without any simple answers. So allow me to just babble incoherently for a while.

The system getting the most RPG releases today is, believe it or not, the Game Boy Advance.

The system with the widest variety of RPGs which vary from the norm is the Sega Saturn, of course it comes with the catch that said games are all very hard to find.

Of course, there's also the PSX, which has an impressive number of easy to find, standard issue RPGs, plus it's cheap.

Sam, quit walking into the trees... hey! HEY!

Dear Sir,

You may or may not know, but many years ago there was a game called Lord of the Rings for the SNES. It was, I beleive, the first video game based on the famous Tolkien literature. It was also, I believe, the first RPG (action in this case) to do away with saving games and instead use passwords. Needless to say, that alone made the game terrible, although it was interesting when I once (apparently) entered the wrong password and found Gandalf and Gimli in my party. And I hadn't even left Hobbiton! Yes, the game had it's faults. But it also had some of the nicest music I've heard in a videogame. It gave a nice medievel, celtic feel for the game.

I have tried contacting Interplay, the guilty parties responsible for the game, but they were no help. Please, even if it is only in electronic format, could you help me find music from this game? I realize that the game is old and little-known. I don't want to have to download the ROM and endure any unnecessary pain.

Thank you,

That horrible horrible attrocity was not the first RPG ever released with passwords instead of battery, but it's one of only a few SNES games to lack that most basic of features. Anyway though, I'm pretty sure no soundtrack was ever released, and I've never seen music from it elsewhere, but there's a few sites out there which throw music files from games around willy-nilly, so you might have some luck on search engines.

Save [princess] from [badguy]!

I have a question about Threads Of Fate.  Was it previsously titled "Dew Prism" because that's what the "[Relic]" was called in the japanese verison? If that's the case, why would they choose to rename it "relic"? That seems rather stupid. Also, will there ever be a sequal? The first one was really fun and didn't get nearly enough credit. Thanks for letting me waste your time.


Threads of Fate was called Dew Prism in Japan while it was in development. Evidently, the localization team really couldn't stand that name though, and couldn't think of anything better, so we get [relic]. Oh, and no word on a sequel to my knowledge.


Greetings (Chibi-Chesh sings) GOOGLESHNG
I know you're an expert on odd things so I have a problem. How do you stop a horrible toothache since a wisdom tooth is coming in and the pain is almost constant. Also I want people to know to send me mail since I'm doing a Q&A session on my website.
Imperial Mog

Well, you can go to a dentist, but they tend to yank wisdom teeth out. As for getting questions from people, you'd probably have better luck if you plastered your e0mail address all over, wouldn't you?


What is the subtitle for LUNAR 3

"Lunar 3: Game Which Does Not Exist COMPLETE"

It was put to me that you might be thinking of Lunar Legends, which is not a third Lunar game, but a GBA remake of the original, and has no little subtitle.

Googlething are you asexual?

Uh... yeah, sure, whatever.

That was really disturbed. Keep it up.

I really need some way of differenciating column mail and feedback from rants I post, but thanks.

The Last Laugh:

Tada, column be up!

Now, on a totally unrelated note, I don't suppose anyone out there happens to have a nice copy of Blood Bowl they'd be willing to part with? It's darn hard to find that sucker anywhere.

Googleshng "Two an' anuvver wun!"

Werewolves are funny...

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