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Googleshng - July 23 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

What kind of sick sick weirdo came up with chocolate chip cookie dough icecream? I mean, cookies are a dessert type thing as is. Then you take the raw, much denser dough, add more sugar, and dump it into icecream. Too bad fried icecream tends to be kind of nasty or you could take that final step.

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What bears do in the woods.

Greetings (Ilpalazzo sings) Googleshng
I just noticed this which is just odd while playing Lunar 2. Ruby berates a guy for going to the bathroom outside, but the odd thing is there's nowhere else to go since there are no toilets or bathrooms of any sorts in the game. (like most other RPG's) Also isn't it odd on that aspect that there are sewer dungeons in many games. Especilly since there's no purpose of having sewers if there's no toilets so what's in the water anyway? Also have you gotten Excel Saga since that's just odd? Am I the only one who thinks Menchi looks like a dog/cat hybrid? Also so people know I'm updating my site every couple of days so check what's new there and I love feedback and especilly if I get fangirls.
Imperial Mog

That's actually a pretty good point. It isn't particularly odd in itself that there aren't bathrooms in most RPGs. There aren't bathrooms in most games, or movies, or TV shows... or versions of Clue. Still, the number of RPGs containing sewers is at least 5 times the number with toilets. They don't even overlap very often! As for Excel Saga, I haven't seen any yet. I'd like to though.

"Recent"? Not by my math...

After the recent dissapointment of Square not remaking Final Fantasy 7-9, and then the surprise of FF1 and 2 remakes, i was wondering, would they ever think of making the japanese versions of 2 and 3, the ones that never came to america? cuz i've never heard anything about it, except by downloading them say through nester. Do you know anything about this?

Well, you just said yourself that FF2 is getting a remake, although I believe FF3 is still in limbo. If you meant "Is there any chance of seeing those 2 in the U.S.?" then the answer is, probably not. See, the thing with FF2 and 3 is that, quite frankly, they suck. FF3 is like FF5, but with less of a plot, and instead of the fun job system where mastering jobs let abilities stack and carry over, you can switch to any job at any time, and don't really get anything for sticking with it for a while at all. FF2 meanwhile has a SaGa Frontier style experience system, with what? 6 years less polish? Plus both games predate the time when plot became a reason to buy an RPG. So, while you'll probably never have a shot at playing them without importing, you really aren't missing anything.

Not many anime conventions get characters named after them...


So how many of RPGamer's staff members can I hope to run into at Otakon this weekend? It'd be cool to meet you guys. Maybe we could have like an RPGamer lunch on Saturday if there's interest.

I'll be wearing a ghetto Auron costume I made with my bare hands. The whole thing cost $50, $30 of which was spent on the sunglasses alone. It'll be GREAT!

-Tommy Moo

Oh, did I forget to answer that yesterday? The only person I know of from RPGamer planning to hit Otakon is Tony Green.

The Last Laugh:

Eternal Darkness deserves some sort of recognition for raising awareness of H.P. Lovecraft. Does anyone give out a little bust of Cthulu every year or anything like that?

Googleshng "You could call it the Cthuie or something."

Although that sounds like spitting...

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