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Googleshng - July 22 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Here's some quick news 90% of you shouldn't give a flying smurf about: Ambrosia has finally released Pop-pop. I threw yet another short story up instead of a rant this weekend. One out of every 10 people reading this has one of a hideous disease they don't know about.

Now for something you all care about: Column time.

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Why don't we ever go after Muhammad or buddah? Anyways, this is my main question.

What did Buddah ever do to you? He's too laid back to be the source of all evil!

Why don't they make a true god damned Final Fantasy Tactics 2!?!

All I want is 30 more jobs, 200 more skills and spells, and 1000 new weapons. Is that too much to ask?

Why won't they make an FFT2? Because they don't like you. On the bright side, there's most likely a good 50 great TRPGs you've never even heard of. Hear of them and then go play'em.


I have to agree with your ideas about Chrono Cross losing it's appeal over time (I must admit that I did like the game a lot, when first I played it). There are many games that fall into this catagory. None of which I'll name.

My question is, is there any games that, to you, almost got better over time? Let me rephrase, Is there any games that you played and absolutly hated but as time went by you began to realize they actually were pretty good games.

One game for me in this catagory is, Legend of Legaia, I hated that game so much when I first played through it, but something about it makes me like it now, I even tried playing through it again, but then I got Arc the lad.


Hmm... nope. I can name plenty of games that lost their appeal after a while, seem 10 times harder if you don't play'em for a few years, and seem 10 times easier if you don't play'em for a few years, but I've never said "Ew! This SUCKS!" and then changed my mind down the road.

Running from fights is a bad idea.

Ne, googleshng-sama, do you know of any RPGamer staffers going to Otakon? It may be interested to meet some o'em -- I met Lorelei there two years ago, anyway.

Of course, it may be interested to note that I'm cosplaying, and in a show of complete devotion to the craft, I shall be Solid Snake from Metal Gear. The costume shall consist of the follows --

a box.
with eyeholes.

can anyone top that amount of laziness? eh? EH?!?!

Seen it done before. Of course, I saw it done by someone who had the actual costume on underneath and eventually removed the box...

And on another note -- I'm terribly bored and in need of an RPG to play. Is Yu-gi-Oh Forbidden Memories any good? Anything else come out since May that would be worth buying?

My money is on DEAR GODS NO on the Yu-gi-Oh there, as for other games since May though, Neverwinter Nights and Mega Man Battle Network 2 go over nicely with most people.

Finally, I still haven't beaten Skies of Arcadia. I'm right up to the end, but I don't feel like going to the final level because I'm horrible underleveled -- in the late 30s, while I'm told I should be in my 50s. Know where I can get any moonberries to get my fourth members any more moves? Know how I can get my Courage level up high enough to get sword guy to join me? ^^;; hideous file, but I haven't played it for a year.

Actually, if you're really right at the end, you should be more like level 60. You must have been running from fights the whole game or something, which by the way really murders your title. Anyway though, you occassionally get moonberries after fights, particularly against loopers, so just putter around character building I'd say.

Vanguard Bandits spoiler, oddly enough
And Vanguard Bandits -- I'm at the last level, but I keep getting the bad ending. Any emergency way of making the ending good? Dammit, I don't wanna kill everyone!

On the Kingdom path, if your party likes you by the time the last fight starts, you get the good ending. Otherwise, you get the bad ending. Making them like you isn't all that hard, you just have to let everyone fight plenty, try to keep them from dying, and talk to them when the chance comes up. Still, if you're at the killing spree ending now, well, you'll just have to live with that.

and umm... can I clone your babies?


I don't have any, so no.

It's snowing!

Oi Google,
Is Diablo 2 that fun of a game to play, or are people driving me insane to play it just for the sheer hell of it?
Btw, how's Warcraft 3?
Thanks, appreciate it.

Diablo 2 is one of those games where if you have it, every so often, you'll play it to death, then stick it on a shelf for a few months, then repeat. WC3 meanwhile is the latest Blizzard RTS, and thus goodness incarnate.


Hi, Google. Whats up?

1)Why are we cute creatures in Lunar 2:eternal blue called nipple yankers? Who do we have to blame and yank for this? Working designs or Game arts? Was this the original japanese translation?

Well, Working Designs did the original translation of Lunar 2 from Japanese, so yeah, that was always in there. If you meant to ask "were they called that in Japan?" I'd guess no, since very few names of monsters translate literally in games.

2) Is there really a skill/ability in Tactics ogre:knight of lodis for a priest called "fondle"?

Sorry about the stupid questions but im real curious and who would know better than you of course.


Enviable problem

Hey Google!

My question is how does one get out of that unbeaten RPG slump? I have Rhapsody, Dragon Warrior VII, both Zelda Oracles and a few others as games in progress. How do you get motivated to play them through? I played through FFX without getting the slumps, but it was a no brainer really. Save me! I want to have full drive for Xenosaga!


P.S. The column rocks! Keep up the great work! And get those ninjas of chesh!

If you have a stack of RPGs you have no desire to play, then I'd suggest you don't play them. Put them in a nice neat stack, on a shelf somewhere, stop buying new RPGs, and do something else with your free time. Eventually, you'll probably get the urge to play'em some more.

The Last Laugh:

There's your column. Enjoy. Now I'm going to go play me some Pop-pop.

Oh, and by the way, over the weekend someone sent Chesh a letter about how "yesterday Google said there weren't any exclusive Xbox titles worth mentioning." Seeing as this person proceeded to list a couple games which have been/will be released on like 3 or 4 platforms, and I hadn't said anything Xbox related for some time, I think the person in question could use a new dictionary, no?

Googleshng "I like cute exploding things."

Doesn't everyone?

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