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Googleshng - July 16 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

You know that famous book about the pig and the spider? You know, the one everyone had to read in grade school with the sad ending? Remember how after that ending, the hundred or so baby spiders hatch out of their egg sack, and float off on the breeze to seek their fortune in the world?

Something like that happened in my room around last night. Except without the breeze, so the hundred or so baby spiders are instead just spinning one great big communal web in my room. It's honestly pretty neat, but they keep using my head as an anchorage point, so it gets wrecked every time I move.

Oh yeah. There's also no pig or mother spider that writes stuff in my room, but that goes without saying, right?

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A Rare Opinion

Hey Google. Long time reader, first time sender. Yadda yadda.

Anywho, I felt compelled to write in response to your column on the 15th about the PS2 and wether or not it's worth buying. Leaving aside the issue of wehter or not FF10 was worth the hype, I have to ask if you've played Grandia 2. It blew me away, at least compared to Grandia 1. Easily one of the best RPGs released in the past year or two. Worth buying. If you have played it, can't you at least give the system some credit for the game?

Well, as a general rule, when I'm counting up games that make a system worthy of purchase, ports don't factor into things, on the grounds that you can play them on some other system. In this case, a system I know for a fact the person has. Plus, uh, there's a general concensus around everyone I know that Grandia 2 kinda sucks.

You could raise some emus!

Hey Google,

I was just wondering what you thought about the emulation of older games. I know you and RPGamer probably look down on emulation, and I do to an extent. I mean, I won't play an emulated game that I can go out and buy or even order over the Net; however, I do support emulation of classic games for NES/Famicom, and even some SNES/Super Famicom titles that are practically impossible to buy. So, what are your thoughts?


Black Waltz IX

Legally speaking, emulation is wrong, period. Morally speaking, it's wrong, except in that rare case you mentioned where it's the only way you can play a given game. Personally though, I often doubt whether that situation ever really exists. I pride myself on owning every game worth owning on every system worth mentioning, and I didn't buy them all when they first came out. I mean, heck, I bought Phantasy Star 6 or 7 years after it was released, new at that. Took a while to find it, but I did, so I get to play it with an actual controller, and there's something really satisfying about that, you know?

Pretty calm for Mog...

Greetings (puppets sing) Googleshng
I just have to tell you that I now have a website. Maybe the plot in the next Chrono game involves reviving the cast of Chrono Trigger that they brutally killed off in Chrono Cross?
Imperial Mog

You know... I'd bet over half the people reading this right now would actually like to see that page. As for your Chrono plot ponderings though, that would be a popular theory amoungst... uh, everyone. Replace the word brutally with unceremoniously though. I mean, it doesn't even make a big deal of it, it's just like "So... where's everyone from CT?" "Uh... I dunno. Dead I guess."

Non-FF Square Games

i agree with you on FFX. I never had any motivation to turn the game on. All the voices made my ears bleed, and I was embarrassed everytime someone would walk by while someone was talking, and was very sickened during the tidus and whatever the female lead's name was love scene. After seeing it I dove at my PS2 and took the disc out, and threw it.
I have noticed that while the Final fantasy games have gotten worse, Square's other games have gotten better. And I know that you dislike the Final Fantasy series, and Square for... whatever, but you can't deny that there are as many Square games for PSX that you like as there are good games for PSX by any other developer. Oh, and. what's the release date for wild arms 3? you can give me a "look in the games section" answer if you want.

OK. First off, I don't dislike the FF series. If I did I wouldn't own them all, and I REALLY wouldn't have two or three of them on my list of the greatest games of all time. I'm just of the opinion that while when the SNES FFs were released, they were undoubtably the best RPGs on the block, due to a combination of the series declining in quality and originality a bit over the years, and a lot of other very talented RPG developers cropping up (and hey, a good number of those are made up of disgruntled ex-Square people which is WHY that quality's been dropping), in this day and age, it's possible to find a good number of RPGs I like quite a bit more than the Final Fantasy that came out around the same time.

That said, on to your next statement. "you can't deny that there are as many Square games for PSX that you like as there are good games for PSX by any other developer." Excuse me for a moment while I count. PSX RPGs developed by Square that I dig: About 3. It would be more, but the developers of the others are now independant. Game Arts: 2. G-Craft: 2. Whoever makes Wild ARMs: 2. Various other developers: 1 each. So yeah, they're responsable for more good PSX games than any one other developer. I wouldn't say that Square's non-FF games are getting better though at all. Compare Chrono Cross to Chrono Trigger. Most agree that CT was better. Front Mission 3 is pretty spiffy, but in the original, you could use ten characters at a time in a fight. I can't really tell whether the SaGa series has gotten better or worse though. Then of course there's the various other series, where the people who made them have left to form their own companies, and that's only an improvement in quality if you couldn't stand those games. So, the bottom line of this is that I still like games by Square, it's just that they used to make better ones than they do now. It's pretty creepy by the way how often I have people insisting otherwise...

Finally, your actual question on Wild ARMs 3. On the main page of RPGamer, just to the right of the link to this column, is a list of the next 10 RPGs due out the gate. Just a little bit down this list is WA3, with a date of September 16th.

Back to Ports

I doubt this is the first or only mail you'll get like this but Star Wars Galaxies is gonna be released on both x-box and ps2 according to old news that i think was even postted on rpgamer, and if not it was on both ign and gamespot. And i have also heard(rumor) that galactic battlegrounds willbe realeased for the ps2.


I stand corrected. Plus Jedi Knight 2 is evidently GameCube bound.

Stepped on by Mega Mega Mega

I just got to this news page, so forgive me if others have asked you this... In the news page:
It says, and I quote:
"The two previous games featured Lan and his "Navi" Mega Man.EXE fighting together to keep the 'net safe from viruses, cyber criminals, and other 'net-based menaces."

I'm sorry.. but that's just... NO! Do you NOT see the SE:L reference in there? It's wrong! So Very Wrong! Bad Capcom, No Cookie!

Personally, I've always been too preoccupied with the fact that the MMBN games rip their plot straight out of Tron to pay much attention to them sharing terminology with Lain.


In order to play the monster arena at the end of the game, you gotta go back to the Silver Noah and save there. Then it should let you use that save for the arena.

Good to know.

Where can I find some tifa and aries pics?

I was really tempted to make a Greek mythology joke, but that typo isn't quite bad enough. So I'll just give a serious question. Scroll up to that big link on the left that says Games. Then from that page, click Series. Then find FF7 and click that. Tada. A whole mess of official art, fan art, and screens.

Am I the only person who really enjoyed Brave Fencer Musashi??

Count Capricola

I doubt you're the ONLY one...

The game in question is Legend of Oasis. I believe it had a saturn sequel called Beyond Oasis. There you have it...

No, Beyond Oasis came first, was for Genesis, and wasn't the game the person was looking for. It's also pretty spiffy as I recall.

The Last Laugh:

Some interesting statistics on today's letter supply:
People who agreed that FF10 wasn't worth buying a system over: 9
People who argued that FF10 WAS worth buying a system over: 0
People who argued that Shadow Hearts worth buying a system over: 3
People who commented on the fact that yesterday's column title was named after a joke from Lewis Black: 6
Actual questions: 6
People saying they actually really like the short stories I've been posting instead of rants lately: 3
People pointing out that various Star Wars games are being ported to consoles: 3

People mentioned a couple other PS2 games they felt justified the purchase too, but not one of them was an RPG currently available, and that's what was being asked about yesterday.

Anyway, by those numbers, Shadow Hearts can be said to be more worthy of purchase than FF10, according to people who aren't me. Amazing. Oh, and before you all jump down my throat, plenty of people said FF10 was fun, it's just that nobody said it was $250 fun. Anyway, enough strange statistics. I'm off to see if I can command this army of spiders with my mind, and/or upgrade my computer enough to play WC3.


Or keep spinning webs in my glasses. Your call I guess.

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