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Googleshng - July 15 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I almost called today's column "What's this earwig doing in my soda?" Following it up with "the backstroke" here. Just because this happened to me this weekend. Other things that happened to me this weekend that sucked included having one of the four TV shows I actually watch being cancelled, two preempted for a movie, and the last was on, but they killed off one of my favorite characters. Plus CC's connection died, leaving two fill-in columns here which really don't kick the letters up. Oh, and of course there's the fact that as of this moment I own WarCraft 3, but don't own a computer that can run it.

Now, I think I have plenty of cause to be in a really lousy mood, but oddly enough, I'm not in one. I feel gleeful in fact. Befilled with mirth and merriment. I haven't the slightest idea why that is, especially since there's some much worse things I could add to that list, but there you go. Bad luck, good mood, morally ambiguous column!

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Some helpful info

Greetings google,

First, the name of genesis game the guy in the first letter to FireMyst's column yesterday is crusader of centy and its for the genesis, its also a preety good action RPG. (Just don't expect a decent plot...for some reason they had many classic fairy-tale related things going on and then suddenly near the end monsters gripeing about not being considerd human or something)

Quite a few people pointed that out. Which is good, because the best guess I would have made would be Kid Chameleon. Others added that it's a cheetah that makes you faster, and someone said they were thinking about selling a copy on eBay.

Second, I don't see any way for the DM or the editor to turn someone into a 7yr old female orc (at least, I think thats what you said...I can't access the archives for some reason, it says they aren't there) For some reason, it seems bioware went hardcore not-let-the-DM/module maker-modify-the-players-much. But, it might be posssible and I'm just not seeing it.

Drat. Can I at least have five happy little elementally themed dwarves fuse together and form a titan? If not, I may have to just ignore yon happy fun GM mode.

And because this is Q&A: What do you think of WC3 so far? (presumeing you managed to get it)


Well, I think the box art is nice... and the instructions have a small novel's worth of backstory, which helps pass the time... and GAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!! MUST PLAY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWW! Er, ahem. Next question...

Financial tips and pointers.

Do you know if Star Wars Galaxies, Star Wars Galactic Battegrounds, Jedi Knight 2, Dungeon Siege will make it's way to the Xbox, PS2, or Gamecube? If not, can you help pay to get me a computer upgrade? Thanks.

First off, no, there are no current plans to port any of those to a console at this time. Second off, asking me for money is a bit like walking up to someone in a 3rd world country with a bulging stomach and flies on their eyes, and asking for a sandwich. In other words, if I had enough money for you to upgrade your computer, I'd be spending it to upgrade mine. You should really be getting a job if you need money, or failing that, mooch off friends and family.

Scary stuff in here

Hi Googleshng,
I'm assuming you've played Chrono Cross (I hope you have!) so I have a couple :spoilers: in here.
Anyway, I just have a few questions about this game
1. I just got past the scene in Chrono Cross where Lucca's house was burning down. Afterwards, when you save kid, there is an emotional moment. I almost felt like crying, but I didn't. But...just what is so emotional about this scene? I mean, you rarely have a scene that moving in a game, and in hindsight, I don't see what was so special about this one. Just asking for your opinion!

The best guess I can make is that you have a soft spot for screaming 5 year olds and/or their crude crayon drawings. Unless you're refering to something else that completely slipped my mind.

On another note, when you run this column for as long as I have, there are two kinds of questions you learn to avoid like the plague. The rest of this letter contains BOTH OF THEM, and yet I'm printing it anyway. Tomorrow, you'll probably see why I normally avoid them.

2. What are your thoughts about the whole Magus/Guile connection?

Well, he looks like Magus, acts like Magus, floats like Magus, and turns out to be Magus in what is effectively the rough draft of the game, so the only reason not to think he's Magus would be that he really doesn't factor into the plot much at all. However, it should be noted that said plot is the sketchiest one ever thrown into a game, and it glazes over a huge number of things it should focus on. If anyone would like to debate this point more, the editorials section is really hungry for submissions lately.

3. Also, I think a big reason why Chrono Cross was a let-down after Chrono Trigger had alot to do with the mood, in addition to the lack of character development and the horrid story pacing. It seems that it's a much darker game...not necessarily the environments, but just the overall mood. What do you think?

I wouldn't say CC is particularly darker than CT. I mean, CT had the whole distopian future and distopian past and other distopian past and not one but TWO tragic fangirl magnet characters. Plus there's a scene where failure to press a sequence of buttons fast enough causes someone's legs to be mangled in a piece of heavy machinery. I think it's just that CC was set in the same world as CT, so fans were looking forward to revisiting various locations and seeing the return of various characters, but didn't get either one. Kinda like how Alien 3 killed off Newt and Bishop before the openning credits ended. There's just certain things you can do as a writer that are guarenteed to tick the audience off.

4. Slightly different subject...I don't have a PS2 yet, but I'm thinking about getting one soon, but at the moment, are there any RPGs worth playing aside from FFX? It wouldn't appear so, but some names would be nice.

Thank you for your time and dedication to the letter column!
-The Suicide Machine

You know, honestly, I can't think of even one game on the PS2 that's really worth buying one over. Shadow Hearts is a pretty spiffy game, but it's nothing spectacular, and in all honesty, the only the FF10 offers that can't be found in any other FF is a story that actually serves to LESSEN one's drive to advance the plot as it unfolds. As in, "We must defeat the evil boss! ... well, actually, we don't really. See, there's a few dozen other small parties of adventurers with the same job, and any one of them could probably do it no problem..." None of the other RPGs on it even bear mentioning. In fact, as far as I can tell, PS2 sales are still primarily based on nothing but momentum and unholy quantities of free advertising the media keeps giving GTA3. And heck, that has a PC port now.


Hey Google,

I know you've played through Arc 2 and i just wanted to ask something seeing as i can't find the info anywhere on the net. So i'm playing through Arc 2 and at various times i stop to play Arena for fun and level ups. I get to the end of Arc 2 in the final area and i save. Beat the game blah blah blah and then i try to play Arena and it says theres no file. Does this mean that Arc Arena is completely useless after you get to the final tower? Or is it just me?

There's a few places in Arc 2 where you can't play with Arc Arena. In the last dungeon there is evidently one of them, and most of the rest are parts where you don't have Pokégirl with you. Anyway, you can just chalk Arc 2 up on the big list of games that don't let you do weird side stuff after entering the final dungeon.


Gimana cara ngelesaiin tugas di Raypoint Muse setelah ngalahin Spriggan Muse Knight?

I do believe this is the first time I've ever received a letter in Indonesian. I have no way of translating to or from that particular language though, so the best I can do is point out that we have a walkthrough for Wild ARMs 2 in our Games section.

The Last Laugh:

Well, there's the column everyone. Later today I'm going to try and get my computer upgraded enough to play WarCraft 3. After that, I'll either be blissfully playing it, slitting my wrists because I can't, or being lynched by an angry mob of rabid FF10 fans over that third letter up there. Hmm... 2 out of 3 of those leave me dead. Not the best of odds, so uh... wish me luck?

Oh, and I threw another not-really-a-rant up over the weekend for those who care by the way.

Googleshng "GAH! What's that hideous twisted visage staring at me from the neighbor's window?!?"

Oh. A three year old kid. Yeah, those DO wake up around now, don't they...

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