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Googleshng - July 11 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

My mind is all consumed in one overwhelming train of thought which may drive me stark raving mad within the next 24 hours. More on that later.

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Electronic Entertainment Expo Expo Dot Com

Some of my buddies and I were discussing the prospect of a senior trip to go see E3 next year, and I was wondering if you (or anyone else at RPGamer), had any advice to pass along for making this trip happen. Basically, I'm looking for when you guys would reccomend booking tickets, hotel rooms, etc. I don't want to know where you stay, or any information like that, since that would be rather stalkerish. Anyways any information would be of help (especially since I can't find any E3 websites).

There's a good number of hotels around the vicinity of E3, and the page for it is thanks to the magic of redundancy. Passes can be obtained through that page, or by bringing a bunch of paperwork to the door. The catch of course is that E3 is a press event. Read: Not open to the general public. Read: If you aren't press, you can't go.


Hey g,

I first have a question about this column in general. Why were letters about Orson Scott Card, your favorite TV shows, and robots posted, while my letter that was actually about games was not? This isn't a complaint or an anger ventilation. I would really like to know.

Well, I've got two theories there. Either I stopped reading it halfway through since it's really really long and editorialish at first glance, or it was buried under a big pile of spam and I overlooked it. Anyway, why don't I just print it now?

Hey g,

First off, I'd like to qualify my letter by stating that I am, indeed, a terrible Nintendo fanboy. Though the GBA is my favorite video game system of all time, I certainly love my Cubey and thoroughly expect Super Mario Sunshine to be my favorite game ever. This is not about system wars.

That said, I would like to say something about the Xbox. Frankly, I don't believe it is given its due. I've batted this around with my friends, and I realize the system has its weaknesses, not the least of which is its very cold reception by the Japanese market. I don't believe, however, that these weaknesses are enough to break out the funeral dirges just yet.

Morrowind is fantastic. It has issues, sure, but all PC games do. That is how I see my Xbox, in fact. A shiny, ridiculously heavy box upon which I can play PC games. Will I miss out on things like very cool level editors? Sure. But I didn't have to turn my PC into a box capable of single-handedly running a small country, either. I realize this letter is long, editorial, and unpopular. Though I like the Xbox (even the controller), I realize that it likely will be unable to survive. But I do believe the box, capable of severely harming small children if it falls on them (just check the manual), has some admirable potential.

Yeah, probably that first reason. General tip: Page long editorials tend to set off my Don't Print reflex. Meanwhile, we have an editorials section always begging for this sort of thing. Anyway though, you have a point in there being SOME merit in owning an Xbox just to play PC ports without a hideously expensive PC. Still though, that's ports of PC games, which really only appeal to a PC gamer market in those instances when people can't afford PC upgrades. In order to compete in the game console market, you need to have a library of notable exclusive games. Last I checked the Xbox has, uh... none. So there's a lot more cause to start singing funeral dirges for it now than when people started in on the DC, although I COULD see it turning into a weird sort of PC port player for a bit before dying completely.

Oh, and I do have one question. I've got a longing to put my Cubey controller to some non-Pikmin use, and soon. You mentioned three great RPGs coming out the last two quarters...could you let me know which ones you have in mind? Thanks a lot, g.


Thought I already listed those? Skies of Arcadia, PSO, and Zelda I can say with confidence are worth owning.

Klez Awareness Day

Goog -

S'up? Me? Aw, I'm cool. It's just that I keep getting funky mails from and They usually have gibberish subject line, no body texts and attachments ranging from Word documents to naughty thumbnailed pictures. I think it's caused by a virus or whatever.
I'm not too worried since I use OS X and I ran NAV obsessively.

I want to submit more wallpapers, but I'm scared! Foxworth is a dirty man!
Seriously, talk to him about it.

Secret Asian Man

Yes, like these 50 or so I deleted today, those are copies of a fun little virus-of-the-month called Klez. Basically, what it does is pull a random address out of your address book, and sends a copy of itself to everyone else, with headers forged to look like it's from that random person. That's why you keep seeing copies of it that are "from" relatively famous people, and "from" addresses that mail can't even BE sent from since they're just redirects (like, say, So basically, make a list of everyone who has ever sent/recieved e-mail to/from you, who would also have themes@ in their address book, and uses windows, and uh... I don't know, beat'em to a pulp or something.

Anyway, I really don't like this trend of virii getting progressively more annoying. I mean, it used to be that if you let a virus infect you, it would #$%@ your computer over, and odds are you deserved it. Then they came out with virii that mail themselves to everyone you know, which sucked, because then even people who weren't stupid enough to bite got stuck with all that garbage cluttering their inboxes. NOW they've gone one step further to make it look like it comes from someone else, so us non-idiots have to deal with a mountain of spam, AND a hill of "You sent me a virus you jerk!" mails. You know what the next step is, don't you? Spam that sends everyone you know 10 meg badly written FF7 fanfics while defragging your hard drive.


Greetings, sir Googleshng

(1a Got War3 yet? (I'm assuming not since you haven't disappeard and the icon wasn't on your desktop(Or whatever the heck you mac users call the screen with icons))

No, I don't have it yet. Yes, that is called the desktop. When windows was designed, they just lifted most of the Mac interface without renaming any of it, except the trash (and I still say "Recycling Bin" is just stupid), and the apple menu, for obvious reasons.

(1b if so, what do you think of it? (in my opinion...really nifty for single player, barley touched multi...but single does have a definite RPG-ish feel to it...sort of...better than the average RTS-with-RPG-elements due to it being a little more than "Units!!...with experince!...and items!" but, I sure wouldn't call it an RPG.

No orcs and no undead make Google something something.

(1c if not, when are you?

Tomorrow I hope. Hence today's intro.

(2 Are you hyped up about the editor at all? (I was somewhat...and then I played the two triggerd maps that came with I am)

Bah, I ran out of things to ask...until next time!


Editor seems neat. Lot of that going around lately.

PS: NWN's DM client will work, except not being able to see character sheets (WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!) or player inventorys. And it will also suck for a DM without the editor. And the editor could use some work too, but it'l still work.

Not seeing character sheets would be a downer, but my question about NWN's DM mode/editor is this:

Can I make a bag that turns anyone who touches it into a 7 year old female orc with pink hair? That sort of thing is always important in my campaigns.


Look Meat man, what're you doin' trick-or-treatin'? It's frickin' May!

I'm going to have to assume that's a quote from SOMETHING, but it's not ringing any bells.

hey umm i wuz wondering if u coukld tell me where to get a warcraft 3 demo ive been lookin 4 weeks anyways email me at ------@-----.--- not this addres

Step 1: Learn to spell. Step 2: Go back in time a few months. Step 3: Sign up for the beta test on Blizzard's page.

Somehow I always knew you were a Starcraft player......somehow......
*Insert random emotional showtune called 'somewhere....somehow' here*.


Then it was confirmed by your crowded desktop.

Yes, I'm a long-time *Craft addict.

I just wanted to say how Ive been a huge fan of and that its the best website ever. Keep up the good work as you have been over the past 20 years of excellent RPG coverage. You guys rule.
Mr. Nippies

Thanks for the compliment, although I doubt we've been at it for 20 years, since console RPGs didn't even exist back then.


Just a quick question, though not RPG related. I just clicked on your link to see what your mail server said to you and saw that you are a Mac user. What concerns me is that you're using OS 9 and not X. Just curious, why not?


PS - Really love your section at the site. Read it everyday, keep up the great work!

Well, A- This computer is very old and low on RAM so I can't, and B- I don't see much point in running an OS where I have to emulate my old one to run half my software. Oh, and just for the record, it's not even 9, I'm still on 8.

The Last Laugh:

Tonight, there was an entire episode of Nightline dedicated to Grand Theft Auto 3. First off, wasn't there any NEWS to cover? Second off, that's an AWFUL lot of free advertising to be hogged by just one game. Anyway, have a good weekend.

Googleshng "zzz"


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