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Googleshng - July 8 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

When I come back from the weekend to do a column, I'm often surprised to realize how much I actually did over the last three days. Anyway, one of those things this week was going to the movies, where I saw a preview for Terminator 3. Now, maybe it's just me, but the timing there seems rather off. The point of making a sequel is to cash in on the popularity of previous movies. In this case, what popularity? I haven't so much as heard one reference to those movies in at least 10 years, and I think it's pretty telling that upon realizing it was a preview for Terminator 3 instead of the Matrix sequels, the entire audience gave a collective groan of displeasure. And none of that has anything to do with this column, so I'll shut up now.

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I wanna cast MAGIC MISSLE!

'Sup Googleshng...this be my first letter ever.
I dunno if you know this, but I'm hoping someone, ANYONE, could help me.
After the credits of Summoner, there's the FMV sequence with the characters playing D&D. I found later that it became a huge thing among gamers. Everyone has heard it, and some have the file on the computer. But it's only audio. So my question is, was the scene originally from Summoner, and created by the game developers, or did they take a previously created audio file and put an FMV sequence to it? For some reason, this thing is bothering me. I must know the truth!
Thanks!- Centaura Eblan

That was actually quite popular before Summoner came out. Anyway though, yes, the audio comes from The Dead Alewives, and to this day makes it hard to play D&D without anyone mentioning Mountain Dew.

Random Multiparter

I'll ask questions

1) Do you enjoy Orson Scott Card? What writers do you enjoy if in fact you read (which im sure you must)

Orson Scott Card is quite good. Other good authors include Roger Zelazny, Larry Niven, and many others whose names evade me at the moment.

2) What is your favorite movie and what could you recommend to myself?

Don't want to pick just one, but some darn good movies you probably haven't seen include: Dark City, Labrynth, The Princess Bride, and Time Bandits.

3) Concerning RPG's, in Breath of Fire 3 can you give me a strategy for making Peco a powerhouse in battle? I never use him but I hear he can actually be quite effective...

Well, I would imagine if you had him gain a whole mess of levels, he'd be good. I'm also told that with the right master, he gets auto-regen, lots of HP, and a high counter attack rate, but otherwise he'll just plain suck. Anyway, that's the sort of thing people write FAQs about, so you'd probably have more luck digging around our BoF3 section.

4) um what comics do you enjoy? I just got into the revamped X-Force (X-Statix now). Would you guys ever consider putting a comic section to your site with reviews and whatnot? That would be enjoyable.

Seeing as how RPGamer covers RPGs, and there's a world of difference between RPGs and comics, I can say with quite a bit of confidence that that'll never happen. Anyway though, for me comics fall into that pile of things I have very little experience with, but regard with respect due to their inherent nerdiness. Also in that pile is the Harry Potter series and uh... stuff. Anyway though, assuming you're refering to the type of comics that people like calling "graphic novels" as opposed to the comic strip variety, all I've ever really read and really enjoyed is Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and its various spinoffs. Unless I'm allowed to count manga, in which case the list expands quite a bit.

5) I really don't know,,,, i'll think of something later.

And in conclusion, that dog Frank in MIB2 totally stole the spotlight...


According to the logo, the correct abreviation is actually MIIB, indicating that the sequel is ACTUALLY called "Men in in Black" not "Men in Black 2". By similar logic, the film you call Independance Day is really Independance Day 4.


Hey there google, you probably don't know me but I'm a pretty avid RPG player. Ever since I was 3 years old and my cousin gave me a copy of Final Fantasy for the NES I was hooked to the genre. Although I couldn't read back then that didn't stop me from playing the game, just had to call my mom in every time i saw a word in red and make her read it for me. Anyways, I believe the quote is from Final Fantasy 3(6) when you start Sabin's scenario and you talk to Gau's father in the hut. As far as my question goes, um... I just started playing Arc the Lad and I was wondering if the other 2 games are as linear as the first one. I'm not too far into the game but I figured you could atleast wander around and talk to the towns folk or something. Later

"Blame yourself, or God."

The only quote I'm ever concerned with is the one on top of the main page there, and that isn't it. Anyway though, yes, Arc 2 and 3 pick up more traditional RPG elements like random townsfolk, and there's a good number of sidequests that don't need to be done in a fixed order.


Hey goog,

Here is an opinion question, which console do you think will come out on top in the long run, xbox ps2 or cube? I personally thing cube is great, except for its lack of solid rpgs. Counting the days till Zelda!

I still like the analogy I made in that first roundtable a couple weeks ago, so I'll randomly plug that. Anyway though, as far as a lack of RPGs on the Gamecube, you realize there's at least half a dozen due out this fall and winter right? Oh, and at least three of those I can tell you for sure will be great.

The Last Laugh:

Slim pickings today. So, if you're still in the mood to read stuff, I suppose I should point out that I updated my page of rantings with something which isn't a rant by any stretch of the imagination.

Googleshng "Who doesn't enjoy a good Twilight Zone marathon?"

Well, me at this point. I've seen every episode 5 times and it pre-empted Farscape!

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