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Googleshng - July 4 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

When I sat down to do this column, I had no knowledge of whether CC would be around tomorrow, and didn't have a guest host handy again, so I went to sleep. Now I DO know that CC is arond though, so let'sa go!

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She honestly sucks though.

Hey Goog,

How in the world do you get Anrietta to join your party in Arc the Lad III??? I know there must be a way, but try as I may, I just can't seem to get it right. Please help.

-- Ur

Well, during the flower gathering mission, give hers back to her, and then she'll offer to join you at the end of another one.


I was wondering exactly what is Pocky and what does it taste like? There are many ethnic stores where I live, particularly an Oriental one that seems to have everything(pickled duck eggs? bleh). I've tried many candies there, and by far, my favorite is shrimp crackers.

Pocky is best described as unsalted pretzel sticks with a candy coating. This does not sound particularly appetizing I realize, but see the thing is, they're laced with some kind of incredibly addictive chemical. Either that or people seriously underestimate the appeal of unsalted pretzel sticks...


No no no. You have given Minion Mary myriad misinformation.

'Unfathomed Reminescence' is (as far as I remember) the track that plays while you are in Alexandria. Disc 3, Track 6. I've seen it translated as something else though...can't remember what it was.

Anyway, the FF3j track can only be heard on the FF9 Soundtrack Plus CD. While I don't own this CD, all translated tracklists I've seen list a song called 'Dorga and Unne'. I'm guessing that's the one she was looking for.



See, this always happens when I double check my answers. I'd be better off just guessing on things I'm not sure about. 8)

How to be Killed by an Angry Mob

Actually, it's a quite enjoyable 72 or so here in Napa California...Global warming makes everywhere else get hotter, except here. Thanks CO2 gas!

Actually, the angry mob is probably too tired to kill you, so nevermind that title.

Again I must remind people of this.

that everyone would be asking you this, yet you didn't explain: What the hell is the Making of Lunar trick?


Put Making of disc in PSX. Turn on. Wait for movie to start. Open door. Remove disc. Pop in Xenogears. Close door. Watch movies. With Disc 2 you even get a music video!

Warbling Singing Rules.

Hey Goog.
I have a question for ya. Will I have had to play Koudelka to understand Shadow Hearts? Or is it like Lufia, where you can play the second one before the first one, and understand everything? Thanks if you answer this.

Lufia 2 works without the first one since it's a prequel. Shadow Hearts isn't a prequel, but Koudelka takes place entirely in one big mansion/asylum/prison/etc. in Whales, while Shadow Hearts is all around eurasia, so yeah, you can probably skip Koudelka.

The Last Laugh:

Google: There we go, the column is up, the weekend host is here, and all is right with the world. Now I need to go cool off, job hunt, see a movie, watch Farscape, win a game, and come back here for the Monday column.

Googleshng "So is the earth crashing into the sun?"

Or is it really falling away and I'm having a nightmare?

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