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Googleshng - July 3 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Looking at the boxes to MMBN 1 and 2 side by side I realize they AREN'T exactly the same except for the 2 and the background color. That's somehow reassuring.

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Chrono Cross Krestion

Hi Goog,

Do you know if I am the only person who thinks chrono cross is really an average game, and a shame to the fantastic (but not flawless) Chrono Trigger ?

Really, here's what I disliked :
- too many characters, and a LOT of crabbits
- a confusing plot (really, I almost didn't understand anything. I had to read countless plot guides to actually understand what Dino Polis, Chronopolis and the Time Crash were, and I still have unanswered questions)
- overall ugly graphics (characters and background)
- a terrible menu interface

The game had its moments, and the Element and Battle system were very nice. But really, it was too flawed to deserve the praise it received, IMO. Am I the only one who doesn't like that game ? I think what I hate most is the fact that the developers chose not to refer too much to CT, whilst still building upon the CT storyline... I found their approach to CT disdainful actually. What did you think ?

Thanks for having a funny name.


First off, let me thank you for bringing up a flood of memories from when I just READ this column everyday. For the umpteenth time, there is no R in cabbit. Also, RPGamera does not mean a girl who plays RPGs, it means a giant flying turtle who plays RPGs, your name is Steve, and.. er, ahem.

Anyway, I think most people today consider Chrono Cross pretty mediocre. Yet everyone loved it when it first came out. Personally, I blame it on the intro. Moving on though, I only really gree with one of your points there. That being the HORRIFIC interface there. If it weren't for that, I'd probably actually USE most of those characters, and most people agree that CC is the best looking game on the PSX, so that one's just you.

The plot though I wouldn't really say is CONFUSING, I'd say it's unfinished. There's at least one point where just about everyone seems to get stuck, since there's no indication of where to go next, there's a few major plot points that just get totally glossed over, and a few things are just plain incohesive.

Oh and yes, it does suck how they set it in the same world as CT and then kicked all the characters to the curb like that.

As for my name being funny, uh, you're welcome there.

Random Questions

Heya, Google-sama!
1. Ok, I'm gonna guess that yesterday's quote is from Eternal Darkness. Most likely that fat guy from 1760. I never heard him say that, but it sounded like his situation.

Yes it was. From when you go back as someone else and look at the autopsy for a Xel'lothoth Bonethief.

2. Do you have any idea where I can find pics of various Xenogears characters, specifically, Id and Grahf? I can use either their character portrait, a full model, or fan-art that's not completely crap. I know this sounds like a stupid question, but you'd be amazed how hard it is to find some of this stuff, and all the major Xenogears fan-sites are full of broken links.

Well, I know our Xenogears section has a truckload of official and fan art, including a good wad of Id, but there's a conspicuous lack of Grahf. I think your best bet actually would be to play that one movie from early in the game and get a still when it shows him. You can either use the Making of Lunar trick for that or just start over, and then hook up to a VCR or a computer to nab the screen. Or you could keep digging around fan sites.

3. Are there any major retail chains that carry Pocky? The only place I can find any Pocky is on eBay, but it'd be nice if I could go to the nearest Jewel or whatever and pick some up.
Thanks in advance!

BL Alien
F0R GR34T JUST1C3!!!

IF there are any, they haven't made it out to my neck of the woods. Some larger grocery stores occassionally have a section of junk food from various foreign lands, so you can poke around there.

Okage: Shadow Kingdom Hearts: Are RPG names too similar lately?

And now what we've all been waiting for: sephiruss' impression of a rabid fanboy.
"How could u leave out (insert game with rabid following here)?!?! U R a (long string of insults)?"

Ok, back to serious, grammatically correct me. Well G-man, you have your PS2 and that super-stylish game Shadow Hearts. How much have you enjoyed that game? Personally, I found its dark graphical style a nice change from the bright and colorful FFX (my only other PS2 RPG).


So far, Shadow Hearts is quite enjoyable. I haven't plugged in as much time as I'd like though, since it's competing with a LOT of other games for my attention right now.




This quickie goes far towards setting a new disturbing content/number of characters record. It could still be beaten by "Hi ♥" though.

The Last Laugh:

Short stack of letters today. I'll assume everyone out there is too busy boiling to type... kinda like me. See you all tomorrow. Well, except that part where I actually SEE you, but you know.

Googleshng "If God is everywhere, is he in the toilet?"

Not enough people quote Life in Hell. Probably since they don't know it exists.

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