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Googleshng - June 27 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

One of the characters in Eternal Darkness gradually becomes a zombie over the course of like 15 minutes. That sort of thing is just plain spiffy.

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All praise to the almighty Google! *bows*
1) Do you know the name of the song played when you bring certain artifacts to the Black Mage Village in FF9?

I thought there were two there, but evidently not. Anyway, it's called Unfathomed Reminiscence. In FF3 itself though, it was called Une's Reminiscence.

2) Does staring at the sun cause permenant damage or just...temporary?

Depends how long you stare for.

3)Your lowly servant has recieved a free trial of Everquest. Is it worth taking up computer space that could be filled with your poetic responses to others' questions?

... You know, I don't even save my old columns locally. Still though, MMORPGs are inherently evil, and expensive, so I wouldn't recommend trying one for just a month. I mean, if you want a taste of the genre, go with a free one instead, so if you do get hooked, you don't go broke.

4) Who, in your awesome opinion, is the true king of late night TV?
I must leave to spread awareness of RPGs and enlighten my siblings on the joys of Earthbound! To the MinionMobile! *dashes off*
Minion Mary

Well, I could take the time to do serious research into royal TV bloodlines, but I'm tired and lazy, so I'll just say Jon Stewart.

Light Kidneys

can you tell me how good shadow hearts is? Not so much about the story, I've read about it and it looks good, but the atmosphere and the battle system. I don't want a battle system like final fantasy, i feel like something new. And I've been playing a lot of fatal frame(very good) and silent hill2, so I've been getting into horror/survival a lot, and shadow hearts looks likes it's supposed to be dark and scary. Thanks

The way combat works in Shadow Hearts is pretty darn spiffy. Instead of just rolling dice to see if you miss, hit, or get a critical, there's a push-the-button-NOW sort of setup where you can get a critical every attack, but if you try and slip up, you miss entirely. Then there's the whole Sanity Points bit, where basically, each character has X rounds before they just snap and attack at random for the rest of the fight.

Atmosphere wise, it has the same sort of brooding, ghost story horror theme as Koudelka, but it doesn't come off as nicely due to an injection of some stylish action in place of realism.


Hey! I have this friend who was telling me that if you play through FF7 seven times, and aquire all the items, you will get a different ending where Aeris lives. He swears it will work because he read it in a magazine. Will it really work, or is he just really wasting his time on a stupid rumor that came from some stupid magazine? Thanx.

Today is June 27th, 2002. I don't see this record being broken for a VERY long time. Anyway though, like all Aeris Revival Rumors, this is completely untrue. Why don't any other dead characters get that sort of treatment anyway?


"Hey, Optimus Prime is in Gremlins!"

HA! I caught you watching Comedy Central when your supposed to be watching Cartoon Network or your Trigun DVD.
You shame all otaku.
You know what you must do. x()~

Hey, if my cable company carried the Cartoon Network, or I could afford a satellite dish, I would be.


90 Degree wheather is bad?
I practicly have to work in 90 Degree wheather just to earn some cash, bytch. :O

-Rei the Giant Koffing

Yes, and I was working in 90 degree weather without getting anything in return, so you don't have any grounds for bragging there.

I lost my Suikoden manual. : (

Does it make you feel better to know I never had one?

The Last Laugh:

There. I think that's every letter in my box, except the one about using a Gameshark to work around DVD lockouts, which I'm not printing to keep the DVD geshtapo off my back. Hey, waitaminute...

Googleshng "I just want to go home and be all normal!"

Let's fuse him with this juice!

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