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Googleshng - June 26 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Will there be a guest host tomorrow? Find out below, because I don't know yet.

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To Sovereign Goo King:

I cannot help but wonder if you really are a slime as many insist. Over the last minute or so, I developed a theroy that may reveal your true identity. I dare say that you are a normal human being that, after being transported to a magnificent world, gained the ability to talk with slimes, and became a great military general of them. The picture on your staff bio has finally tipped your hand!

Magna Maduin

That reminds me. I need to see El Hazard some time.

Mogness. They're similar.

Greetings (slimes sing) Googleshng
Google, since you have fans and minions and such. I need your wisdom to figure out how do I get fangirls? Is there someone I seek like doing so for "the power"? Have you seen they have the killer rabbit and dead parrot in stores? What goodies did you get for your birthday? I'm off to play Europa Universalis II again so I can steal all the empty lands and take over the world as Portugal.
Imperial Mog

I've told you before. If you want fangirls, all you have to do is become part-demon and brood a lot.

Anyway though, since so many people seem to care bizarrely enough, I recently obtained: A PS2, FF10, Shadow Hearts, Tsugunai, Ico, Megaman Battle Network 2, Robopon 2, Eternal Darkness, and The Sims. So, feel free to ask questions on any of those, realizing I'll perpetually be at the beginning of the lot for like a month.


Greetings Goog, can I call you Goog? How about Mr(s). Shng? [Hmm, that ones tricky as I do not know your gender...get back to me on that one would you? ;)] Or perhaps just G? Just get back to me on that.

Alrighty...letter time...questions for you to answer. Typical, right? Lets get to the point, shall we Goog?

1)A Xenogears/saga question. IS Xenosaga an actual prequel to Xenogears. So many people have told me it is not, I stood up for my idea and told them they were WRONG! Xenogears is episode 5, Saga is episode 1. Right? Then why is it people keep saying it has nothing to do with Xenogears?

Right, but in, oh, say, 10 years when they finally have Episode 4 in the can, they'll remake Episode 5, and it'll probably be a good deal different from Xenogears to fix inconsistancies that spring up along the way. Oh, and people say otherwise because they don't have all their facts straight.

2)Another Xeno question. Is it planned to remake Xenogears? If this is true, thats one game I will pick up. Even if it is the same game with better graphics, it would still be worth it.

I need to start reading ahead with these suckers. Anyway yeah, Xenosaga is planned as a 6 game series.

3)What are those 8 new games you got?

Just answered that last letter. Darn good birthday this was.

4)Don't you hate it when you cannot find an excellent game anywhere? I have been looking for Valkyrie Profile for a while and have yet to find it new or used. Also, I cant even seem to find Tactis Ogre: the Knights of Lodis. And that is fairly new...cant the companies keep us provided!? I mean, it took me forever to find Tactis Ogre for the PSX...I just stumbled upon at it a local Microplay.

See, this is why I started up the whole Games-for-guest-hosting chain. Slow going sure, but hey, gimme a few years and everyone'll have everything they're looking for.

5)As the all mighty answer person, do you ever spoil a game by answering a question for it? Spoil as in for yourself...answering a question about the story of a game you have not played, or are playing right now?

Not as often as you'd think. I've gotten pretty good at seeing things like "At the end of Shadow Hearts...", looking away, and throwing the letter into the Answer Later bin. Or having someone else answer it, but in that particular example, I have nobody to poke.

6)Is it a crime for your local EB to have Warcraft 3 already in and not be able to sell it to you now!? *grumble* stupid street date...

Sadly no. Think of it this way though, if your store got it last, and they didn't do that, everyone else would get a couple days head start... actually, I wouldn't really mind that personally. Yeah, just annoying.

7)Do roleplay online? Like any Free Form Role Play? or even dice based? Do any of the RPGamer staffers?

I assume there should have been a "you" in there. Anyway, suffice it to say that I made my own diceless RPG in my spare time.

8)Is it a bad sign when I let my little cousins play FFX and after a few hours they start doing the Yevon prayer symbol thing?

There's more annoying things to do constantly.

9)Arc the lad 3 isnt that bad...really it isnt. I enjoyed it. i never laughed so much while playing a game. no, not at the game itself, but at Cheryl and Lutz...along with what mischief they got into. Do you really think its THAT bad?

How bad is "that bad"? I basically consider Arc 3 to be decidedly mediocre.

10)Last one G. What game(s) are you looking forward too now that you possess the all mighty PS2? For me, I would say Wild Arms for I love that series. And I AM looking forward to FFXI, unlike a bunch of people. As long as Square doesnt screw it up...and that it doesnt go the way of Diablo...*grumble* stupid hackers...

Thats it Mr(s). Shng, hope I was able to give you an array of questions to answer. Until next time...

"I am the Black mage! I casts the spells that makes the peoples fall down!"

The Infamous Canuck

Hmm... I suppose maybe Xenosaga and Wild ARMs 3. I honestly just have this PS2 for completion's sake. Well, that and Shadow Hearts.


Hi Goog,

Which do you think is better; games based on one mythological period (Greek gods, uh other gods, Viking's gods (like valkryie profile) or games with mixed mythological figures (like some of the games in the final fantasy series, or none at all?

And would a game based on different mythologies (like valkryie profile) be more successful then games with basic plots and characters?

Thanks, I'm a fan but I don't have whirling blades, sorry.


I always say a weird unique setting beats generic fantasy, so yeah, more developers should spin the wheel of mythology and pick one if they're going with any.

Evil DVD Lords

I can't help but notice that in your "new Issues", you have Shadow Hearts listed. I hope that this is one of the new games you just got, and if so, do yourself a favor and watch the opening movie. It will make you laugh, cry, and then watch it over and over again.
I have a real question as well, my friend recently bought a special import of the FFXI soundtrack. It has two discs, a 24 page booklet (showing some amazing shots of what I hope to be in game graphics), some amazing Amano artwork on the container itself, and a DVD with the opening movie, the opening movie set to the title music, etc.. Unfortunately, it is an import and he does not wish to mod his PS2. He has a DVD player on his computer, and we thought that maybe there was some software we could get to play the DVD, a region decoder or some such. I don't really know if this is possible, but if it is, could you direct us to where we might find such information, please? I know that if we get really desperate we can probably find all the DVD's content on the 'net somewhere, but he did spend $45 and would like to get to watch the DVD.

Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu,

Yes, the intro to Shadow Hearts is quite spiffy. I want a chibi-reaper too.

Anyway, I can't help you much on the DVD bit. The people who came up with DVDs have this really viscious obsssion when it comes to the region coding. To the extent of suing 14 year old kids who find work-arounds. Annoying. That said, you can probably find such a workaround out there on the net if you dig enough.


*Whirls around a whirling blade of Dooom!...But not of Air Conditioning.* Also, My Bof 4 Disc is scratched JUST AT the last fight of the game. blarg. -_-
Evilly and Kefla-esqe,
BordamDaravon, (

If I printed every letter along these lines I got today, this column would be three times as long.

"Hey, Optimus Prime is in Gremlins!"

Yeah so is Hulk Hogan, Oh wait thats Gremlins 2..D'oh! Ah well, but then again Prime can mop the floor with him =)

That'd be... interesting.

The Last Laugh:

And the verdict is... No guest host tomorrow. Now where's my d8...

Googleshng "1!"

I should have rememebered to assign each number to a game first..

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