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Googleshng - June 25 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Ahh. Nice cool days are great when they follow hideously hot ones. It'd probably be a perfect day if I could connect to my mail server last night and get this column up on time.

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Cheaters never... something.

Since Final Fantasy 11 is going to be available to PC gamers, won't it get hacked to hell and back, ruining it for Console players? Or do people using different systems, (Ps2, PC) ever meet eachother in online games? And remember what happened to Phantasy Star Online with the gameshark? I think if all systems can play in the same game, the PC gamers are going to do some crazy stuff to ruin it for others just like they did with Diablo 2.


It is an inevitability that where there are games, there will be people to cheat, and if those games are online, it'll happen faster, and ruin things for everyone else. When the right precautions are taken though, there's occassionally a good couple months of safety though.

On the subject of Quest

In response to the person who said of the Quest buyout by Square, "people have forgotten the silver lining--It will NEVER be difficult to find another Ogre Battle game again with Square publishing them." I won't consider it a silver lining if the game is no longer worth buying. I'd much rather put some effort into finding a good game than buy a crappy game just because the shelves are full of them.


I've been seeing a lot of things like this lately, and I keep having the same thought. Your timing is way off. You should all have sent in the letters like this back when Square bought the rights to the Ogre Battle franchaise. Now they've bought the people who make the games, so you should be cheering up a bit. Guess most people missed the first bit.

I'd like to point out that Pikmin is NOT an RPG.

Hey Google,

I've recently started playing Pikmin again, and can't seem to stop. Seems like I beat the game once a day, and my best is 17 game-days. What's your best?

Also at the end of the game there are purple, green, and light blue onions. Do you know anyway to get these different Pikmin? I searched the net, but didn't find anything.

The Great Cornholio
Now Expecting FFXII before FFXI

Uh, wait for Pikmin 2 to come out?

We're not brainless anymore!

If you think 90 degrees is bad come down to the southwest with me when it's 90 degrees at 3 a.m. Then we can hang around outside the next day with the 100+ degree temps.

Oh yeah, what do you think the chances are of a GCN Ogre Battle game now?


I'd say those odds probably had a recent jump from Near Certainty to just Darn Likely. Oh, and let me just stem the tide of all these Square/Quest letters with this: Generally speaking, when Company A aquires Company B, they do it to gain the profits from Company B's consumers, not to make policy changes that'll alienate them. So if Coke were to buy out Pepsi, chances are they'd keep making Coke AND Pepsi, so no matter which people like, they get the money. I only know of one company who habitually buys out other companies just to keep their products off the market, and Square isn't it.

A DW7 Question

Hey Goog,

long time reader of rpgamer. I have been playing Dragon Warrior VII and love it to death. It's Probably the most fun I had in a long time playing an rpg since Xenogear.

Anywhoo, I am running into a *gasp* boss problem. This is the first time I EVER had problem beating a boss. His name is Hellcloud, and I can't figure out how to beat this guy. I mean I'm pounding on him and all, but those babyclouds just keep coming back to beat my buttocks. Yesterday I spent, get this 9 hours trying to beat the boss and I still did not manage to do it. Could any of you guys provide me any tips on how to beat this guy? I'll probably figure it out (eventually) but I wouldn't mind some help.

King of Jobco
and Ruler of the Roscolian Empire and all of its magnificent people

There are three strategies that may help you out. #1: Cast stopspell on the baby clouds. #2: Cast defensive spells. #3: Have everyone learn Stampede. It's the most damaging ability in the game and costs 0 MP. Oh yeah, and if you have a Sage, the Summon spell is also disgustingly useful. Aside from the steady damage, it throws another target out there for things to waste their attacks on.

Oh and... King of an Empire? Shouldn't that be, you know, Emperor?

Someone is missing something here.

About the handheld system that plays cd roms... You can actually buy the ps1 (the new model of the original sony playstation) with a mini screen and a battery pack that is rechargeable. I saw it at toys r us. Not sure if this counts as handheld, but it is portable.

... unless you're a hindu god, that is NOT a handheld system. Most of us only have two hands, which are busy holding the controller, leaving the console itself on some steady surface. Key word there is steady by the way. Just because they slimmed the system down a little bit doesn't mean it likes to be shaken when in use.


Actually, I think you have a very large fan base already.

Ha ha. Perhaps I should have been more specific. More fans of the variety that have whirling blades.

(bows and grovels)
All become minions of the mightly Slime! Our sovreign has decreed for us to march upon the hapless people of the Earth, so let us trek, with Mithril armor and all manner of nifty-powerful-exploding-and-flashy-magic-thingy-spells and big-strong-jagged-curvy-sharp-and-pointy-weapons to spread RPG's to the world!
I'm a Google fan. ^^

Ah, but do you have whirling blades?

Great googly moogly......How come RPG's become so rare unlike other games which are always around?

Uh... because you live in a statistical freak of a town where everyone loves RPGs and doesn't care about the rest?

The Last Laugh:

I have eight new games. Gah. Never before in my life have I had eight new games. Well, unless you count when someone gave me all their Saturn and Game Boy games. These are eight games I actually want to play though. So uh, I think I'm going to go start playing some of them now.

Googleshng "Hey, Optimus Prime is in Gremlins!"

I realize that noticing this drastically increases my Creepy Nerd Quotient.

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