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Googleshng - June 24 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

90 degree heat is Not Good.

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Arc's still a topic

Hey Goog. I have Arc II questions for ya, cuz yer the only one I know that's gone through the games yet. First, how long did Arc II take you to beat (out of curiosity)?

The game itself? 60 hours or so. The last boss? A disturbingly large percentage of that last figure.

Second, I want to get as many jobs/side areas done as I can cuz I heard that the 3rd kinda sucked, although it was the only one to span two disks.  So my question is: What is behind that door that can only be opended after getting 250 merits (y'know, the one in the hunter's guild in the first town), and is it worth doing the jobs to get it?

A spear with an attack power of... 33 I believe, and a few other things.

Third, how far down does the Forbidden Ruins go? In Arc I I traveled to the 10th floor and realized, "Hey! I still have to fight my way back up! Screw this!". Is it really worth travelling though the ruins to get the treasures?

Well, there's some really nice stuff, which as you may know carries over to Arc 2, and at the end is a boss which becomes a summon, and then later becomes the best character in Arc 2. Oh, and there's 50 floors total.

Lastly, when I got Diekbeck, he was my best character. Now that I have Arc/Tosh at level 50+ though, I don't really use him much cuz his stats are vastly outnumbered by the rest of the party's. Is it really worth going through all of the Sealed Ruins to get his power chips? I know that they give him better stats/moves, but in order to get them, you need to fight though dungeons, thus leveling up your characters, making it that much harder to make Diek as good as the others.

Whew, that was kinda long. Anyway, thanks for your time and advice in advance.

I didn't bother with Diek, but hey, extra character building always pays off.

Unpopular Opinions

Hey slime!

Do you think that people are more drawn to some guy/girl with a sword, gun (or a swordgun like in FF VII)that hacks and slashes his/her way through the game or someone with intelligence and magic ability that tends to have more of a dialogue and uses magic over forceful fighting?

I only know of like 5 people who bought Koudelka, and even less who nabbed Saiyuki, so evidently swords sell. On the other hand, both of those were in serious need of some publicity.

One thing I would like to see in future games is the ability to play a selection of a few characters as the main character and revolve the story around them with some minor changes in detail to the character being controlled (like more personal depth ormore of what the character is morally/ethically inclined to do). This would enhance replay value, but that's not what companies always want, is it?

Well I guess that's 2 questions....or 2 questions and an opinionated statement. Whatever.

I hope you have good fortune and inner peace. (if you don't already)


That's what SaGa Frontier tried, and it did even worse. To be fair though, very little effort went into that sucker, so we could really use a decent example to gauge this one.


Hey Googleshng,
With all the worry about Square purchasing Quest, and the future of the Ogre Battle series, people have forgotten the silver lining--It will NEVER be difficult to find another Ogre Battle game again with Square publishing them.

That's a good point. Even low profile Square games tend to at least get a pretty good production run.

I'm printing at random today!

All hail googleshng! Okay, enough kissing up, I bet this letter won't get posted up, but it's worth a try.

I seem to remember a couple of months ago, someone wrote a letter to Q&A asking if it was possible to make a handheld system that plays CD-ROMs. Whoever answered the question said no, because the constant movement of the system would scratch the CD, thus ruining the game. Well, I'd just like to say I don't think it's impossible. You could make the cd enclosed in a cartridge like box, and make it sturdy enough to keep the cd from tilting. And the handheld would have a cd reading eye, which would read the cd through a hole in the cartridge.
I thought I'd just give my humble opinion, just to PROVE YOU WRONG!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

Da man

Actually, a while ago someone asked WHY nobody has ever come out with a CD based handheld, and I made a comment the next day to the effect of "CDs have to be held steady, and it'd be a pain to engineer a cheap system with the necessary shocks. For the record though, some time before I wrote that, I'd already heard of someone building their own portable PSX in their spare time. Oh, and I believe a CD encased in a cart no longer counts as a CD by the way.

The Last Laugh:

Need... more... fans!

Googleshng "and a cold drink too!"


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