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Googleshng - June 20 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Srange but true fact. Any of you remember Robopon? The obscure absolutely wretched Pokéclone? The sequel isn't a Pokéclone at all. Can't say whether it's absolutely wretched, but it's nice to know there's a portable RPG out there without any elements of having to catch and raise wild monsters, you know?

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To buy, or not to buy?

Hey Googlemiester, is it worth it to buy Gameboy Advance for the first 2 in the Breath of Fire series? I've played the First BOF for the Super Nintendo, but I haven't played BOF2 or any titles for the GBA for that matter. So should I blow the $100, or is it worth it.


Is it worth it to buy a GBA for the sake of BoF2? Well, not really no. It IS however worth it to buy a GBA for the many many many great games out for it/coming out for it, a good many of which are RPGs.


Hello O Slimy One,

My question is about table top rpgs... I'm a avid video game rpger and i've always wanted to learn more about the table top ancestor/counter-part. I'm a total 'know-nothing' when comes to it though. It seems totally confusing, so i was wondering if you (or anyone who reads this if you post it *nudge*) could recommend a book or website for beginners who have NO idea what or how to get started.

I've been to my local book store but all i could find was a dungeons and dragons manuel, while that's all good it was kind of hoping for a 'Table top rpgs for dummies' kind of thing =P

Any help would be great.

~Steve of the MMORPG lovers club ~.~

PS I want to learn fast so i can teach my friend so i can kick his ass at the Wheel Of Time RPG *insert evil cackle here*

Honestly, the core rules to D&D pretty much ARE the closest to "paper RPGs for dummies" you can find. Especially since WotC bought out TSR and dumbed everything down a bit. Of course, they also loaded everything up with rules over-explanations that can be confusing in their verbosity. Still, it's a good place to start.

A better place to start though is to find a game someone else you know happens to be running and join in.

Oh, and the concept of "kicking one's ass" is pretty much completely alien to paper RPGs for the record.

Random Commentary

Hey goog,
Speaking of Neverwinter Knights and Mac, my pen and paper group is going to start up its own dedicated server fror NeverWinter dnd goodness. Of course I will have to wait till they port NWN while they have fun NOW. It sucks. Thank goodness the mac version will be cross platform compatible. If it wasn't I think I'd scream.

Ah, but look at it this way. There's 6 months for people to get into the swing of GM mode before you buy the game, so you can skip over most of the initial confusion!


Hello Google,

I disagree. Nerd A only attains $1.50 from the arrangement while B gets a spiffy Picard figure. I'd say B's laughing all the way to the bank.


.. I misread "$1.50" as "$50". Big difference there. But I still say a talking Picard that doesn't say "Make it so" is like a talking Cthulu that doesn't destroy your mind. I mean, what's the point?

Do we know for sure whether or not Xenosaga is coming to the US? If so, does anyone know when?

Michael Powell

We're getting it, but the date's still hazy. I think the current target is something like February, but I'm too tired from proofing news stories to be sure. Thus tomorrow's host is cursed to be more specific, but that's karma for him.

The Last Laugh:

Looking back at the last 3 weeks, I really misscheudled that little vacation. Or more accurately, it's annoying how all the things that were due to happen in that first week were all delayed until this week. Oh well. Next week'll be all normal. Now play nice with RPGamer news head Andrew Long and whoever else subs for Chesh.

Googleshng "She's on fire!"

True far too often that...

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