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Googleshng - June 19 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

It's the finest in the land! You can keep it in your pocket you can hold it in your hand! AMEN! Wait. That doesn't make any sense.

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Cheer up Goog, who needs NWN when WC3 is seeing a release on both PC and the same time! I could hear Mac gamers cheer for joy around the world when Blizzard announced that.


Yes. Blizzard's Mac people deserve a big cookie for getting to the point where they're doing simultanious releases. However, WC3 requires a better video card than I've ever heard of in a Mac which isn't so kosher. I'd still like NWN though, as it should be a step up from IRC D&D.

Yuna and Picard

You've returned! *bows down to worship* Happy birthday, and to obnoxiously quote Winne the Poo, many happy returns.
1) Now that you have gotten a Playstation 2, can you say whether it is worth purchasing Final Fantasy 10 now? I just got one myself, and I can't decide on what game to get first. I need your holy opinion!

There are many things that make up my opinion of FF10, some good, some bad. Of course, the last time I pointed out the bad ones, it sent people into a murderous rage. So you'll have to wait until it's socially acceptable for those bits. The good: It looks better than the last FF. The various characters on your party are useful in different situations, and they all seem to actually get some character development.

2) While I was in NY, I came upon a nerd who was selling off all of her Star Trek merchendise. Who is sadder, the nerd who sells the memorabilia, or the nerd who buys a talking Captain Picard at a dollar fifty and feels ripped off because he doesn't say "make it so"?
That is all for now, I suppose. I must go back to my hovel and study for my bio final. Thank you for gazing upon my humble e-mail.
Minion Mary

Well, Nerd B gets ripped off, and Nerd A gets $50, so I'd assume B is more sad after.

Low budget fun.

Greetings my Googley friend,

There sure is nothing like the satisfaction of beating a game. But after it's all over, I can't help but feel this awful anxiety of having a hole in my life where that game used to fill. Well, I need to fill! How would you suggest going about that with a budget of about $10?

Well, you have two options. You could rent a few quick games, like, say, Lost Kingdoms, or you could get into paper RPGs.


Hey Goog,
Congratulations on getting a ps2. Quick question about Tsugunai, is there no place that one can go to rest and replenish your Hp and Mp in this game? I've looked all throughout the town and manual, to no avail.


Nope. Oddly enough, Tsugunai has no inn to stay in. Add that to the list. Ghosts can't sleep. So just get healing items and learn to block.

Tough fight

Hey goog, I recently playing Arc the Lad and I'm near the end, but when I get to the part where you have to fight your own party I always lose, or win; whatever happens the "game over" screen comes up after the fight and that's usually not good. Any hints? (like what level I should be, skills, etc...) Oh, and on your bio page the link to your homepage is dead. So where is it?! thanks, Silversol

That fight at the end of Arc is nasty unless you max out the level of at least Arc. Oh, and take out Gogen first.

Empty box

Hey Goog,
I got X-Box a little while ago and thought it was a huge mistake after i took a look at the RPG market. But then this little game called Morrowind came out and it is by far the best RPG I have ever played in terms of playability I played Daggerfall and Morrowind just whoops its a$$! Have u played it? If not get it for PC or X-Box! But for the question I was wondering are any other good RPGS coming out for the X-Box I heard of Shenmue 2 and I'm really excited about that after playing the first one on My DC but nething else???

~Concerened X-Box Owner

Well, I can't think of any RPGs that seems remotely worthwhile on the Xbox except maybe the two you listed, and those are both available on other platforms too. Anyway though, the moral is, you should never buy a system without first making sure there's a decent selection of games to be had on it.


Ok, the quote at the bottom is from An American Tail. I just had to mention that.
Btw... when exactly was your birthday? If it was June 9th, I'm fleeing in terror, cause that's MY birthday, dammit!
*wanders off into the wild blue yonder*

Start running then. I had it first. 8P

Could you please inform Guifa that he will need to appear in court on June 31st to answer to the charge of not liking Star Wars.
Thank you, our lawyers will be in touch.

Will do.

Everyone say, "Happy Birthday Xenochick" Woohoo... I'm 17 as of 8:05 a.m. June 20th.

Hmm. Haven't printed a birthday quickie in quite some time.

"If anyone's going to eat her it's me!"

Shadow Hearts, in the first village Yuri and Alice go to. A cute scene because of Alice's reaction after Yuri says that.


Only two people got this one. ~ and ~

The Last Laugh:

Tomorrow should be a guest host day, but due to general communication failure and me taking a vacation, I'm not entirely sure what's up this week. I'll make it up to whoever next week with extra guest hosting days or something.

Googleshng "Meep!"

Don't you mean "Meep meep?"

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