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Googleshng - June 18 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

In lieu of today's intro is this sentence.

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Camelot! Camelot! Camelot! It's only a model.

"I was a chubby lady hidin' in the bushes!"--Gir. I mean, Stacy.

Hey Goog, any news on if Camelot is planning on returning to Shining Force roots? I'm itchin' to play some Shining goodness on the road, a la Game Boy Advance. I mean, esp. now that Sega's gone third-party, I really really need some strat/rpg goodness that only the Shining series delivers. Until then, it's Golden Sun...

~Smart "I made it myself!" Laine

I don't believe there's any new Shining Force games planned, but the GBA has plenty of TRPGs coming out from other people, so feel free to check those out.

Return of the interlaced multiparter!

Ok....the game boy advance seems to be getting better RPG treatment than any other console currently, so here's some q's

1.) Have you played Tactics Ogre: The Knights of Lodis? If so what'd you think? Is RPGamer gonna put a staff review up for it?

I haven't played it, but I'm told it's much like the original TO, with some nifty improvements here and there... and there should already be a review up by now. I'll have to poke some people.

2.) Any official word on Shining Soul, Lufia Gaiden or Zelda: A Link to the Past coming to the U.S.? (I emailed Working Designs and they told me Lunar Legend is a no go... this makes me very sad) Oh yes, and Final Fantasy Tactics is on the nintendo GBA website...does that make it safe to say it's coming overseas?

Official word, no. Zelda and Lufia are pretty safe bets though.

3.) Are you pumped for Phantasy Star Collection?

I'd be more excited if people would be a little less fuzzy on which games it actually contains, but yeah.

4.) Do you know when Fire Emblem: The Sealed Sword or Golden Sun 2 are supposed to come out?

You know we have a continuously updated database of release dates, right?

5.) Do you think the GBA version of Baldur's Gate: Dark Allience will be any good?

That's about it. Thanks.

Derek Thompson

Ports of sucky games tend to suck as much if not more. From what I hear, BG:DA is such a game.

WoWie ZoWie

Yesterday someone asked you why Warcraft 3 wasn't an RPG. I'm 90% sure that he meant Worlds of Warcraft, which is Blizzard's attempt to unseat EverQuest from the modern MMORPG throne. Standard MMORPG, with male players given the option of controling pretty female characters and flirting crazily with the unimaginative males playing male characters.

And I *think* WarCraft III is being made simultaneously, as an RTS of course, but I'm not sure. I was under the impression that Worlds of Warcraft and Warcraft III were the same thing, but praps not?


I'm pretty darn sure he wasn't talking about WoW, because WoW IS counted as an RPG, and we cover it. Oh, and I seem to recall WC3 was already in testing when WoW was started by the way.

Oh and a question... how big of a whip does it take to get all the other sections of RPGamer to update more than once a month? And who stole it? Do any of the staff members enjoy it that whip?

It's a cat'o'ninetails actually, and nobody stole it. I just took it on vacation with me.

And a serious question. Is downloading sheetmusic for a video game illegal? For example, I stumbled across a site that has pretty much all of the official Final Fantasy sheetmusic. It is obviously (painfully sometimes) that it is scanned into a computer from a book of the music. It is a large site with a proffesional air, but it still strikes me as immoral to download the (amazing) piano arrangements.


Well, it'd depend on the site and how they got'em really. I know RPGamer has some perfectly legal music available to download, can't say about the site you're refering to though, not knowing what it is.

Neverwinter out in Summer.

Hey Goog, its good to have you back, maybe now things will get done around here...

Anyways, while you were at E3, did you by any chance manage to check out Neverwinter Nights? I'm quite interested in anything you could tell me about the game. Thank you.

Happy Birthday!

"You can move through the goo, but it won't stick to you."

Well, I wasn't at E3, so no I haven't checked it out. It came out today though, so I'm sure many readers will send in mini-reviews.

"MMORPG elements"

Welcome back, Googheshng!

Here are some MMORPG elements for ya. If a game possesses any or all or these traits, it just might be a massively-multiplayer online RPG:

-Not Fun
-Fits description of "AOL chatroom with orcs"
-Plot revolves around random treasure hunt
-May cause paralysis or death
-The gift that keeps on taking: Monthly Fees!
-Severe sexual side effects


Yeah, that sounds about right. Don't think any of those apply to WC3 though.


Greetings (slimes sing) Googleshng
What did you all exactly do on your time off? Me at the same time went down to Florida for some R&R. Though it's a pain driving 18 hours straight to get there. Have you ever wished you could travel like in RPG's where you're giants in the countryside making it much faster to get around? Could you give me that PS2 you got since I need one.
Imperial Mog


Anyway, I planned to spend this time off playing MMBN2, followed by games bought with birthday money. It didn't come out in time though, so instead I just redesigned my page of rantings. Oh, and I'd rather just have an airship so I don't get in random fights.

The Last Laugh:

I have time to kill before NWN comes out thanks to slow porting, so while I wait, does anyone feel like letting me know how good the GM mode really is?

Googleshng "Wewease! The Secwet! WEAPON!"

And no, I wasn't quoting that Don Bleuth movie. Just some crazy guy I know.

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