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Googleshng - May 17 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Whenever I take some time off, it really helps my self-esteem. Why you ask? Because when I do, everything around here falls apart. So either I do things that keep things running smoothly, or I'm the focal point of freaky voodoo magic energies. Either way though, you get my point.

Anyway though, over the last two weeks, I've had a birthday during which I got a PS2 and various games for it, so I now own every system more than two people give a smurf about and thensome again. For those who care, I have FF10, Tsugunai, and Shadow Hearts on the RPG front there. So if you have any questions on any of those, for example, "What the deuce is Tsugunai?" feel free to ask.

On top of that, two of my cousins just graduated from highschool, so I had to go out into the harsh light of day to attend a party, at which I got a full body sunburn, just from sitting in the shade for a couple hours. I seem to recall I used to have more than enough melanin to handle that sort of thing.

Oh yeah, and all you people had to put up with random guest hosts who didn't interlace multiparters. Anyway, all that is behind us now, until this weekend, because Chesh is taking time off too.

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Nothing but Quickies Today!

how do i manipulate enemies on final fantasy V to attack the blue magic user to make him learn the skill

Well, you have two options. Option #1 is to get a trainer up to level 2 and start using control. Option #2 is to simply turn everyone into a blue mage long enough to learn Learn. Personally, I prefer option #2. It doesn't really take much longer, particularly since I'm almost positive you get Blue Mage much earlier in the game, and it makes it much easier to learn enemy skills from bosses, since you can't control them. Besides, Blue Mages look much cooler than Trainers.

hey goog,
why doesn't warcraft 3 count as an rpg? sure it's mostly tactical, but not only does it have it's rpg elements, it also has its mmorpg elements. coolness, no?

-illegal allen

WarCraft 3 does not count as an RPG because it is a perfect example of a realtime strategy game, which is a totally seperate and unrelated genre. It HAD some RPG-like elements back when they first started planning it, but even there it was a weak case, and all of those were yanked. It'd be nice if it could be considered an RPG because then I could glom onto the staff copy and never let it go, but it isn't. Oh, and could someone explain to me what "mmorpg elements" are exactly?

I am looking for sites where I can buy older SNES games (eg. Lufia, Lufia II, etc.) I can find lots of sites in the US, but I haven't found any in Canada. HELP!!! please.

Well, there's eBay, there's Funcoland, there's the used games section of sites like EB's if you're lucky...

What's going on with the Points of View section? Nothing's working and they haven't updated for over a month.

Well, I've been on vacation, so everyone who I'm in charge of making sure they update hasn't been or something. That and/or a submission lag carrying over from E3.

Hey, Goog,
What were those strange lights circling over Wright-Patterson Air Force Base last night?

Presumably one of the following: Swamp gas. Weather balloons. Mitochondria. BEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!

The Last Laugh:

When there's nobody around to enforce certain standards, my mail gets really scary. Profanity and insanity everywhere.

Googleshng "I was a chubby lady hidin' in the bushes!"

The squirrel and I are FRIENDS!

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