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Googleshng - May 30 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

A funny thing happened to me this evening. A large fireball enveloped the side of the house. Evidently when the propane tank was filled earlier today, something happened to the nozzle, which resulted in the grill's spontanious combustion. Nobody suffered any SERIOUS injuries from this, and the house didn't burn to the ground, but this was still a pretty nerve racking experience as you can imagine. Plus it had the pleasant side effect of freaking out a number of rather nasty looking spiders, causing them to seek refuge on and around my computer.

Anyway, point is I didn't have a chance to check my mail all day, or get in touch with today's guest host, so it'll be just me, and I'll have to make up for it later or something.

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Hey Goog,

I'd like to say that you showed great judgement in the relationship question... Still I can't help but wonder how someone would pick a RPG type guy as a relation's expert.

anyway, on to rpglike question... if I can find one ... ... ...

well, I have one but I think it might be lame... here goes nothing.

Which RPG do you think would be the best to make in a movie. I'm not talking doing like FF: TSW but rather take the plot from a published rpg and make it in a real movie.
Oh and another thing, have you heard of overclocked remix, they publis remixes of video game music, and if you download their final fantasy section, you are in music heaven.

But anyway, I don't know why I bothered to write, since I only got posted once in well over 2 years...

Seimei No Ookami

Well, the vast majority of RPGs are way too long to be made into movies. So really, the best candidates would be the shortest games. Parasite Eve already has a movie out (yeah yeah, it's based on the book not the game, I know), with another rumored to be in production last I checked. So that leaves Koudelka as the front-runner... and you know, that'd work out pretty darn nicely come to think of it. With the whole real world setting it wouldn't be a nightmare to handle the sets.

Datey datey date.

hey goog,
seen the release date for mmbn 2 lately? it has an odd and unfortunate habit of rising sporadically. i feel like a rabbit with a carrot hovering in front of me. do you know what the deal is?

-illegal allen

Last I checked, it's due out on the 4th, and I checked like, yesterday, so that should be fairly accurate.

Blockity blockity block.

Having ignored the console wars altogether and gotten a Dreamcast this Christmas, I've finally gotten around to getting Phantasy Star Online. (Been busy with Skies of Arcadia, which is the best game I've played in a loooong time and would be even better if they'd stop telling me to go search around random portions of the sky for stuff) Anyway, I'm playing as the female HUwhatever, and so far blocking attacks with my psudo-lightsaber seems fairly random. Any way to make this happen more often? I find myself getting creamed annoyingly often.

~Dahne, "That was the Wind Spirit? More like a tornado...Oh, I mean, 'slut'."

Odd, I don't recall every having to search around at random for anything in SoA, and a friend of mine recently played through most of the game while I was in the same room. Anyway though, if you want to block more often, the best thing to do is get a better shield. Past that I'm fairly sure level helps a bit, and while I can't verify it, I think it might help your blocking odds to hit the attack button just before you get hit.

The Last Laugh:

Well, off I go to put this freaky day behind me. Have a good weekend everybody. Oh, and by the way, since two cousins of mine are graduating, it's my birthday, this room needs to be fumigated, and a few other such things are going on, I'm going to be taking the next couple weeks off, so you all play nice with the random cadre of new staff members who keep my seat warm while I'm away, OK?

Googleshng "Remember, BOOM!"

The whole village was on FI-YER!

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