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Googleshng - May 29 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

What do wombats have to do with today's column? Absolutely nothing!

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Most of my inbox looked like this.

Greetings Google,
I just thought I would write in about something in the column from May 28. The person who wrote in about the Game Informer image of Secret of Mana mis-labled as Final Fantasy II saw something that came up in an issue of Nintendo Power (though the exact one escapes me) as well. When Secret of Mana was first revealed, NP released images of it and gave the title of the game as Final Fantasy Adventure II. To be sure, FFAdventure and SoM do have a lot of gameplay similarities, and Square might even have initially titled the game FFA2, though that is obviously not how it ended up. After all, FFIII US was originally supposed to be a port of FFV, if I'm not mistaken (images in NP again, which were of FF V before they ever ran the pics of a translated FFVI). Changes in development mid-stream, apparantly.

FFA and SoM have a lot of gameplay similarities because SoM IS FFA2. Still, the Adventure is pretty darn important to the name, since FF2 was taken 2 years prior. I think we've spent more than enough time on this though. I mean, who cares about mistakes made in 10 year old magazines?


in diablo 2 i am at the part where i have to fine the hellforge and smash mephistos stones. well ive been every where !! and i cant find it =*(
plz help thx


Well, I can tell you for a fact you haven't been everywhere, because I'm reasonably certain there's an angel who keeps you out of Diablo's stronghold until you smash that stone. Anyway though, the hellforge is somewhere in the rivers of fire section, guarded by something pretty big and nasty. It's honestly hard to miss. That's really the best help anyone can give you on finding it though, seeing as everything is pseudo-randomly generated and all.

This is SO far outside my field of expertise.

Hey Google, I was hoping you could answer a question for me. It's very important. What do you believe is the largest age difference there should be for younger people in relationships? I'm talking about people that are in highschool, almost, or just graduated. How far apart can their ages be before it starts becoming... questionable? I've heard a vary in opinion from other people but I'd like you to settle this once and for all. Thanks.

I'm probably the worst person there is in the world to ask this question you realize. I've never had a boy/girlfriend, never intend to, and in fact, I'm even philosophically opposed to the whole notion. That being said though, you'd probably want to put a cap on somewhere around a 200 year gap. Immortals tend to be way too self-serving and prone to wild adventures to settle down. Of course, you're probably talking more in terms of social acceptance, in which case it boils down to your local society, and just how much staring you're willing to put up with. If you don't mind staring at all, there's some specific age gap which is against the law, so avoid that and you're good. If any of that helped you... uh, I'd be surprised. If not, ask someone with more of a social life... or better yet, anyone you know.

Anyway, this is the sort of thing that gets printed when 50 people send me the same letter. 8)

The Last Laugh:

See? I told you. No wombats.

Googleshng "YAY! Brains!"

And I'M the only one who... I dunno.

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