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Googleshng - May 28 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

For those who have never had spare ribs: They're just like pork chops, but without all that annoying meat to get in the way of the bones and fat.

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Let's all laugh at a 10 year old magazine!

I was flipping through some old Game Informer magazines from the early nineties. The June/August 1993 Issue contains shots of games shown at the Summer CES show (Consumer Electronics Show). Under the Super Nintendo section was an image of Final Fantasy II, giving the availability to be Winter 1993. However, a look at the screenshot shows a game very very different from any FF game I have ever seen. I've included the image with it's little caption below it. Was there ever a beta for this game, or is this screenshot a misprint and actually from some other game? Just interested to know, thanks. -Adam

I would have posted the attached image, but it's rather big, and quite clearly a screenshot from the ever-popular Secret of Mana labelled "Final Fantasy 2" just as clearly, so you can all use your imaginations. Anyway though, that's a particularly inexcusable mistake because it's not like they were covering FF2 and SoM at the same time. SoM was released the year that was written, and the name Final Fantasy 2 had already been used up in the U.S. 2 years prior.


I beat up three monsters and took there lunch money. How's your day going?
Is it me or is Grandia 2 too easy? I've only had the game for about six days and I've almost beaten it. It has a good story and wonderful character development but it is way too easy. I hope Grandia Extreme is more challenging.

The Grandia games are the only series I can think of that truly deserve to be called "painfully easy". I've been told (although I still can't believe it) that Grandia 2 is even easier than the original too, so following this trend, one could expect attacks from the monsters in the next one to actually heal you. 8)

I remember when ALL the questions I got were like this.

Hiya. This is player Kae. I got the Crystal version of Pokemon for last Christmas and I've been playing it regularly for quite some time now. But there's one thing that's puzzled me. I've traded pokemon in from the Red, Blue, and Yellow versions. I've raised several Pokemon to level 100. I've done just about all there is to do. But then I got Pokemon Stadium 2 for Easter. I was playing merrily one day in the month of May. Looking at my lists and etc for my beloved partners when I saw something wierd. I was checking the colored Pokemon (Red Gyarados and Silver Houndoom) when I saw the options: Group infected Pokemon and Group recovered Pokemon. I decided to check that out. I found out about a so-called Virus that had infected several of my Pokemon. I traded my Mewtwo from my Red version and it turns out that she had recovered from that virus. I saw that my level 100 Houndoom had also recovered from "Pokerus." And now my Umbreon has it, and it won't go away. I was just wondering what Pokerus is, what effects does it have on Pokemon, and, if there's any way to cure it, how? Thanks.

Ah yes, the whole virus bit is one of the rarest things you can find in the game. What it does is actually good. It takes twice as long to gain levels, but you get better stat boosts when you level up. Throw a Pokémon that has it into a box, and it spreads to the rest of the box. Keep a Pokémon that has it in your party for a day, and it recovers. Plus no given Pokémon can get it more than once.


I came accross your page from a friend, and I was wondering what exactly is this web site?

Times like this, I wish I had a seperate e-mail address for every web page I work on. On the off chance this is actually refering to RPGamer, this is a news site dedicated exclusively to covering RPGs, which also posts many types of files submitted by fans.

The Last Laugh:

Odd time to be mentioning it, but I STILL don't have the letters for last Friday's column. There's a REALLY tempermental mailer demon out there it seems.

Googleshng "Riboflavin!"

That certainly was an exciting adventure with that Ham Demon!

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