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Googleshng - May 22 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Hey Google! E3's starting mid-week this year? Eh? And pretty much the entire senior staff has already taken off, leaving just you to keep an eye on all the new staffers! EH? But don't worry, we gave them FTP access early. GAAAAAAAH!

I'm exagerating a bit obviously. I mean, we do have SOME organization here, but I'm still having to pick up vast amounts of slack this week, so feel free to start placing bets on when my head will explode. I think I'm going with 10 PM Friday.

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A good number of questions.

Hey Goog, couple of questions for ya...

1. How many people from the staff of RPGamer are attending E3 this year?

I believe we have nine people there this year.

2. How appealing is the Gamecube version of Phantasy Star Online to you? In your opinion, do the new areas, items, and offline multiplayer mode justify a purchase or did you get your fill from the Dreamcast version?

I really like the whole offline multiplayer bit, since talking in a realtime game with no keyboard is a royal pain, even with the spiffy face system and sentence builder. On the other hand, I got pretty darn burned out on PSO the first time around, so I'm not sure I'd WANT to go back for more.

3. Why are the ports of Skies of Arcadia going so slowly? Are they direct ports or are they adding in new extras and whatnot? Also, do you think the online elements of the game will be left intact or just plugged into the game somewhere? Let's hope this doesn't turn out like the Grandia 2 port, ugh...

The GameCube port isn't going slowly at all really, and all the problems with the PS2 one came from the fact that, quite frankly, PS2 hardware is NOT suited to that game at all. As for whether we'll be seeing any new features, I assume the DC version's downloadable extras will be thrown in, and they MIGHT decide to have some fun with the GBA link cable and Cupil, but that's just speculation.

4. Even though it's just begun, what are you most impressed with from E3 so far?


Honestly, so far I've been too busy making sure everything gets posted properly to look at much of anything. Hopefully I'll have a chance to look around tonight.

Darn rumors.

Hey, i heard that the gc is gettin final fantasy 10-21 and final fantasy unlimited or somthin. my friend said she found in on some gaming site and i've been lookin for a while and can't find anything so could u tell me if this is bs or if n e of it is true thx.


Well, I'm reasonably sure that Square doesn't plan 10 FFs in advance, so I can safely debunk that as a crazy baseless rumor. Now let's see if I've finally beaten my "I said it was just a rumor then it happens" curse.


Greetings (slimes sing) Googleshng
Now are you going to get that giant slime balloon this year? Now how do female anime characters have that ability where they can pull a big-ass mallet out of nowhere? Where is it stored and what are the physics behind it all?
Imperial Mog

Well, since I'm not even at E3 this year, it's pretty hard for me to grab it. Should have sent along RPGamer's official thief. Wait. RPGamer doesn't HAVE an official thief! Anyway, random bludgeoning devices are always stored in a pocket dimension. Possibly in Optimus Prime's trailer which is also kept in there.


One thing I REALLY HOPE Capcom takes out of BOF 5 is the damn fishing elements... they are absolutely pointless and damn near impossible, which makes me almost completely despise the BoF series because it almost always, even for no reason at all, shows up there. At least, if you must have it, make it a NON REQUIRED MINI-GAME! GOT THAT CAPCOM? NON-REQUIRED!!!!!!

Jon Gibson

I can't see that happening. Capcom's general strategy is to just make a game, and then keep enhancing every aspect of it. So some people get more and more put off, but the core audience keeps buying them forever. So, since more people like those fishing mini-games than hate them, in they will probably stay.

The Last Laugh:

Back to the E3 mines with me! Oh, and tomorrow Garcon will be guest hosting again, so send in plenty of questions. I'd give you some topics, but it's E3, so you'd just ignore them. 8)

Googleshng "WORK!"

You're after my robot bee!

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