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Googleshng - May 21 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

What an odd weekend I had. Brown water, a wedding, a birthday, a power outage, a movie, and a full three unrelated incidents involving zombies. Anyway though, the weekend is over, and it's column time.

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Virii and cost cuts and bears! Oh my!

Dear Google:

I've gotten a couple of e-mails that have attached files that had "rpgamer" in the filename. In all cases, there were 2 attached files to e-mails and at least one of the files was infected. In one case, the e-mail was sent from I was just wondering if you've been getting a lot of virus e-mails lately and if you know whether or not some of the RPGamer staff have been actually hit by one of these new viruses. (I know that was definately unintentional on RPGamer's part; it might not even have been from rpgamer at all because some viruses might be able to make it appear as though it came from a different address)

A yes, good ol' klez. I get about... 50 e-mails with that attached every day lately, many of them "from" I say "from" of course because that virus goes through your address book, picks someone at random, and pretends it's being sent from them. That's why you keep seeing it from addresses like, which not only can't send squat, but isn't even so much as looked at by anyone running windows.

When I saw "rpgamer" in a e-mail I thought it had something to do with the Tactics Ogre contest. Have the winners of that been determined yet? Will the correct answers be posted soon? I'm anxious to see how many I got right.

I'm not the one to ask on that, and the person who is already headed out to E3, so, I can't go asking.

Lastly, at what point will you definately buy a PS2? Will it take a certain game to make you buy it? (if you haven't by the time that game is released)


Normally it's particular games that sell me systems, but in the case of the PS2, it'd make my job a bit easier if I had one, so it's honestly a purely financial issue now.

The hand is quicker than the eye.

Living in Plattsburgh, N.Y., Next to the largest staging ground for assualts on the Soviets during the Cold war, as it is extremly .... I'm babbling, anyway, I've spoken to many Pilots, Ground Support Personel... Blah blah blah, and almost everyone of them states that Trainee Pilots who played large amounts of video games do have a substantionally larger amount of Hand-Eye Coordination.

Yes, but of course that's less true these days than it used to be, thanks to the death of twitch based gaming... and it never really applied to playing RPGs.

3 Odd Questions

Greetings Googleshng,

1: What do you prefer senseless cursing, such as Barrets "*$&#ing $#@hole", or hilarious insults, such as Tellah's calling Edward a spoony bard? I think hilarious insults are far better than today's senseless cursing in video games. I for one hear someone curse basically everyday, but how many times do you hear someone call someone spoony or a padowan.

I say it depends on the situation. If something is set in the real world, or close enough, I want real swears. If it's in a bizarre setting, I want the slang to match.

2: What rpg characters used a whip as their weapon? All i can think of is Rydia, Quistis, and to a lesser extent for a rpg character the guy from Castlevania. I can't think of his name.

A lot. A couple random characters from the Phantasy Star series come to mind, the Arc games have their share, Bart from Xenogears... that enough for you yet? Oh, and there's plenty of whip-wielding CVites, but I assume you mean Nathan from Circle of the Moon.

3: Devo or Frank Sinatra?

-Avarice "Whip it"

Devo. Definitely Devo.


please please please please help me on the last boss on arc 2.
He is insanly difficult, and long, AND there is no save point before it, and you cant go back to town. PLEASE PLEASE help me. How do I beat him??? PLEASE help



Insanely long, yes. Insanely difficult, no. Just keep one person in front, hack away for all eternity, and have a healer and Sania off on the sidelines to bring your hacker up to full every round while staying out of range. Oh, and there is so a save point right before there.

High fantasy, low price

Hey Goog,

What is your favorite fantasy anime? Oh, and how about all these price cuts going around? I was dancing around like a little school girl when I heard about them. Ahhh, reminds me of the good old days between the SNES and Genesis.


I'd have to say Slayers... and I just saw the GC price cut. Only $150? Wow.


Hey googman, what the hecks going on with cell shading? Three upcoming rpgs will utilize this stupid technique. Wild Arms 3, The new Breath of Fire game and Dark Chronicle. Do you like it? I hope it's just another stupid fad that will kill itself off, FAST! I'm scared to see the screens for Final Fantasy XII. Lets hope Square doesn't make the same mistake everybody else is.

There's quite a few games missing from your list, but that just helps your point. Anyway, cel shading is a relatively new graphical concept, so pretty much everyone is experimenting with it. Most of these experiments are serious failures though, so it'll die down to just those who can pull it off here and there... and of course the random spattering of games by people who have no clue what they're doing too. Some people just always jump the wrong bandwagons...


I'm starting to think you live in an apartment next to me. First the brown water and now the power outages.. same days too. Freaky man. I'll knock on the wall tomorrow, you tell me if you hear it.


Your theory has 2 major flaws. 1- I don't live in an apartment. 2- I don't have walls TO knock on.

Hey, same thing happened to me with the brown stuff coming out of the faucet today. what am i supposed to do?

Gripe at the water people, let it run occassionally, and gripe some more. 8)

Those screens don't look like BoF5, more like a cel-shaded, BoF4 graphic style, RE/DMC game...


Yeah, except for how they aren't cel-shaded and how Resident Evil and Devil May Cry aren't even the same genre as eachother...

The Last Laugh:

I am DEAD TIRED. Don't know why either. Just seem to be mysteriously short on bloodflow or something... oh well, it's nothing the consumption of a few human sou- er... soufflés! Yeah, human soufflés. That's the ticket.

Googleshng "zzzzzz"

I suppose I could consome some cow souls or something instead...

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