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Googleshng - May 16 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Garcon's half of the column appeared in my inbox at 9:30 AM today, so it's a good thing I didn't keep waiting longer than I did. Anyway, let's get rolling.

Garcon: Hey all,

I have to keep this short because I'm in the middle of studying for a final I have in 3 hours..
so.. let's just get to the letters, shall we? :)

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Googleshng and Garcon,
A Few Questions, thanks for your time

1. Are there any games that come close to the greatness of Planescape: Torment, story wise? Sure, it was similar to the oh-so-great Chronicles of Amber, but it's one of the only games I've ever played that I care about the characters. I liked Xenogears, but it played so painfully slow so much.

1. I've never played Planescape, but I can try to make a few recommendations story-wise for ya. For the Playstation I loved the epic stories of FFT, Xenogears, and Suikoden 2. If you're looking for another computer RPG, I'd say try Anachronox.. I watched my brother play a good amount of it, and it was definately story/character driven.

Well, if you liked Torment, chances are you'd like the rest of Bioware's stuff. They are more or less THE PC RPG developer in most people's opinion.

2. Is Might and Magic VI hard, or is it just me?

2. Sorry.. 0 for 2 on the games I've played so far :)

It didn't seem hard from what I saw of it, but I never really liked that series, so I didn't see all that much.

3. Don't games like Marvel vs. Capcom 2 or Super Smash Brothers seem like games dreamed up by a little kid? I love playing both of them, I wish more games wouldn't try to be serious.

3. If you have a Cube try out Sega Soccer Slam. It's crazy fun and definately doesn't take itself seriously ;)

Nah, the games pitched by little kids aren't much at all like those pitched by manic developers. I've seen my fair share of both. The latter group coughs up all sorts of interesting little games though, like Chuchu Rocket.

4. Does Tri-Ace have any projects their currently working on? I got Valkeyrie Profile for Christmas and it left me wanting more 2-d greatness.

A comment on a previous letter Dream Theater is a very talented progressive rock group. Fatal Tragedy is a good song, some of it sounds a lot like Castlevania Music. (The song is split up into multiple parts)


4. I think tri-ace develops the Star Ocean series, and a new SO is coming to the PS2 in Japan soon, and from everything I've read it looks like it'll make its way stateside.

VP is nifty, but not quite what tri-Ace normally churns out. Normally they toss around games like Star Ocean and Tales of Whatever. They have plenty of those games in the works, but nothing along the lines of VP to my knowledge.

Our prices are no longer so insane.

Greetings Goog.
I'm really glad that the PS2's price has been lowered especially since I finally decided to break down and start saving up money for one. So I shouldhave one by next month. WOOHOO!I havequestion for both you and Garcon.
Did either of you ever play Paper Mario? If so, then who was your favorite partner? Mine isGoombario.


I played Paper Mario a little.. I wasn't too into it. As for the PS2 and XBox game prices, I'm thrilled - I was about to buy my brother a PS2 for his college graduation present, and now I'm shelling out $100 less! :)

Yes, the PS2 now costs the standard price of a brand new console. Of course, it's the oldest console on the market with the least RAM and such but hey, now I don't have a strong moral conviction not to pay the price tag if I get enough money. As for PM, I always dug Watt personally as far as general usefulness. Easy attack too.

Letter from another universe....

I notice a lot of people bashing Squaresoft. I just want to step up and say that I've really enjoyed just about every Square game I've played. While I'm sure not everyone will LIKE every game (FF8 comes to mind, yet my roommate last year hails it as his favorite game of all time), can you really contest that Square doesn't make quality games?

Question time. I started playing a bit of Golden Sun to try it before I buy... The beginning scene was almost painfully long, and I didn't find talking to the townsfolk all that helpful. Does this continue through the game? I hope not, cause other than that, it seems pretty good.


Square is definately his or miss. They put out masterpieces like FF1/4/6/10, Vagrant Story, Secret of Mana, and the list goes on. However, they're also responsible for the Saga Frontiers, Ehrgeiz, Legend of Mana (most disappointing game ever), FF8, and.. this list goes on, too. I think the bashing stems from frustration that so many gamers only buy Squaresoft RPGs while ignoring excellent titles from other companies.

Uh, I don't know who's column you've been reading, but I haven't seen anyone bashing Square. I made a comment earlier this week about how many reviewers will praise Square even when they release a bad game, but that's not picking on Square at all, just spineless reviewers. I mean, if you've never played a bad game from Square, there's a few games I'd assume you missed. Plus even if I was bashing Square, I'm just one person last I checked...

Now then, Golden Sun's intro is a bit long, much like pretty much every RPG, but past that it flows quite nicely.

Again with the craziness! from the halloween episode of the Simpsons where Mr. Burns locks them in a house with no TV or beer. I resent that you ragged on FF9... it was a good game. Admittedly, it suffers from the syndrome where the end boss pops up from nowhere to fight you... but, otherwise, it was awesome. "Tell you what, Smithers, if we come back, and they're dead, I owe you a Coke."

FF9 was fun :)

This is a good example of why you shouldn't put the first sentence of a letter in the subject line. Anyway though, I haven't even mentioned FF9 in months, so I don't see how I could have picked on it. I get entirely too much of the mail sent to the evil version of myself frm a parallel universe...

Oh, and that ending quote from... Monday or whenever was half from the Simpsons, half the original Shining quote.

Another letter with important info in the subject line.

Yep. Tell that guy who asked.

Hey, guy who asked.. check it out.

The subject on THIS letter was "Gir is still voiced by Rosearik Rikki Simmons", as Mary there was asking yesterday... and hey, just to prevent a long deja vu, Mary is traditionally a girl's name, so you two both used the wrong pronoun.

The Last Laugh:

Garcon: Well, that was fun :)

If I can make a shameless, non RPG related plug.. I play a completely free online game called Continuum (used to be called Subspace).. it's like online asteroids but a ton more complex. Check it out at

I'll cya all next week - I'm off to fail a final :(

Google: and I'm off to pass into a heat enduced coma. Then once the sun goes down and I wake up, I'll go see that new Star Wars movie... play Resident Evil some... and do various other things you don't care about. So, just ignore me and send letters to Chesh.

Googleshng "Metropolis is funky."

People should animate 50+ year old manga more often.

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