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Googleshng - May 15 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Ever have this happen to you? You wake up, go to the sink, turn on the water, and out it comes, brown. The lack of a terrible smell would suggest it's something like rust and not raw sewage, but I'm sure as smurf not taking a shower just yet.

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greetings, slimy one.

I'm bored so I'm going to help you out with any Tactics Ogre GBA questions that arise, since you haven't even played it (?).

To sum it up, its FFT gone portable a bit scaled back (imo, its better that way), with multiplayer, seemingly lots of extras, and thus far not overly hard (I doubt it really will, and in case your characters get under-leveled theres a practice mode so you can get them up to spec.) Also, people who like geting stuff should love the emblems (basicly, your chars get them as they acomplish certain tasks, and they open up new classes/ make characters better at various abilitys/ just to gloat at yer friends. And to top it off, theres quest mode wich you can unlock new maps in the real game and then visit them in quest mode.

Why I wrote this to Q&A I do not know.

*scurries off to beat it already so he can do a real review...*


I like the whole emblem concept. My big problem with the original TO was how there's no real investment in your characters. I mean, why build this guy up to a black mage when I can just invite the black mage I'm fighting?

Is Arc worth it?

Half a year ago, I almost couldn't contain my excitement of having the opportunity to play the 3 Arc the Lad games. Even with the 75$ price tag, I was convinced that it was a worthy purchase since it included 3 games... but now I'm not too sure. From what I heard and read, Arc the Lad I is a very light and very short game, Arc the Lad II supposedly kicks ass, and Arc the Lad III is somewhat of a disaster. So now I'm like paying 75$ for Arc II and some goodies that serve no purpose. Still, do you whole-heartedly recommand the game,despite the 75$ cost? Thanks.


OK. A pretty decent game is worth about $50, yes? Plus, most people will by a pretty decent but fairly short game for $25, Parasite Eve for example. So when you get Arc 1, a fairly short game but pretty decent game, Arc 2, a great game, andsome other stuff thrown in the box, $75 is a pretty good deal. Besides, Arc III doesn't really have anything going for it, but it's not like it's painful to play... once you get used to the bad shift in graphical style at least.

5 questions for 5... uh... thingies.

Yes, I have returned to please my Master. I left to take a useless driver's ed class...but I shall never leave again! I AM NOT WORTHY! To please you, I have created more questions to amuse and bemuse.
1) What do you think of the Playstation 2's price drop? Will it bring them up to par with Gamecube?

Well, it costs the same as a GameCube now if that's what you meant...

2) Who would win in a fight, Han Solo or Luke Skywalker? While Luke has the power of the Force, he's also pretty whiney up until the the third movie, whereas Han is cool the entire time (except for a brief period when he is fozen...)

Hmm... Han if it's before Luke goes all godly. I mean, he's Indiana Jones!

3) Is it just my foolish perception, or has Gir's voice been different in the past two episodes of Invader ZIM?

I haven't gotten a good enough look at the end credits to tell, but I'd assume they kept the same voice actor and they've just been doing a little less voice distortion.

4) Why did they make the Green Lantern an African American for the new Superfriends? Why not bring back Apache Chief...or just get rid of Aquaman...?

Well, evidently they realized that blatant stereotypes made for bad token characters.

5) Why are there no new driver's ed movies? Why must they all be from the 80s?!
Forgive me, Master, for having left you alone for such a long time. I will forever be ready to smite thine enemies with my katana. MWAHAAHAHA!
Minion Mary

I think it's the music. That and the really really dorky looking people. You just can't find those anymore.

The Last Laugh:

Tomorrow we'll have a new guest host, Garcon, so send in plenty of questions, particularly focusing on oh. Pretty much anything is fair game it seems.

Also, if you want a shot at guest hosting, just offer him up a copy of Okage, Blood Omen 2, Persona 1, Mega Man X5, or Mega Man X6.

Googleshng "It's got chicken legs!"

Away I go to... something.

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