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Googleshng - May 14 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I have spent my every waking moment since some time Sunday night sitting in this chair, with this text editor open, typing and typing and typing and typing... some time this evening though I should be able to stop and relax a bit. Why all this typing you ask? Well, because I'm working on an important project and I'm a bit of a masochist. Anyway though, on with the show!

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Kingdom Hearts Debate

Heya, Google-sama!

I probably shouldn't be talking right now, considering I've never played the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts. Still, I must say that your comment, "if you're looking for actual gameplay OR a complex story, avoid it like the plague", might have been a little rash. First of all, judging a game before really playing it doesn't sound like something you'd do (assuming you haven't played through the Japanese version). Also, from what I've heard, Kingdom Hearts is a great game, and the Disney license doesn't take away from the fact that it's one of Squaresoft's successes. Personally, I'm probably gonna get it soon after it comes out, even though I grew out of Disney a few years ago. I'll just make sure to keep the volume down when someone else is home. :)

BL Alien

Kingdom Hearts is aimed at a very young audience. When people aim games at a very young audience, they make them extremely easy, and give them very basic storylines. KH is no exception based on everything I've heard.

Cecil is pining for the fjords.

I saw question in todays column that asked why the party in FF7 (or any party from any RPG) didn't revive Aeris with a phoenix down (or any character in any RPG with any revival item). Take a look at the status screen some time when a character is 'dead' (at 0 HP) It says K.O. - Knocked Out - not DEAD. They get Knocked Out. There is a big difference between the two of them... experience says so.
Just thought I'd mention that, as it really bothers me. Have a nice day.

-Sensei Ryoniyk-

I got a lot of letters like this today, and I feel like I'm in the Monty Python parrot sketch. There's a very sizable number of RPGs out there which come right out and say dead, and with few exceptions, the rest are just using polite euphamisms. The point still stands though that it's always quite screwed up when a character can have 5000 fireballs hurled at them, have 40 broadswords swing through them, and be impaled on a huge lance, and be absolutely fine, but a dagger to the stomach kills them.

Oh, and if they aren't really dead, why is the spell called Life? 8)

Various things

How about Dream Theater? Their first album was released in 1989, do you like them? I'm so lucky, I'm going to see them live in august, yay!

Don't know many bands from before the 90s, just that I don't know any from then on.

Hey! how come the last battle in Arc 2 is ridiculously tedious? why oh why did they make it that way? i don't want to finish it but I have to so I can begin Arc 3. Stupid boss battle.

The good news is, you don't have to fight that last boss to transfer over your saved data. The bad news is, transfering over your saved data to 3 doesn't really do anything for you. The worst news is, Arc 3 kinda sucks.

Last thing, what of Tactics Ogre: TKoL, do you think that game is going to kick as much @$$ as the reviews of it say it does? I ask only becuase reviews told me Final Fantasy 8, 9 and 10 were good, and I hated every second of them (which begs the question, "Why did I finish them?")

Well then Mr. Googleshng, have a good day

Everyone I know who bought it loves it. More importantly though, reviewers praise all things Squaresoft as a general rule, regardless of the actual quality of the games. The ogre games have to earn their good reviews though.

The Last Laugh:

Another shorty today. We all really need a nice topic around here... oh hey, the PS2 finally dropped to a halfway sane price.

Googleshng "All work and no play make Google something something."

Go crazy? DON'T MIND IF I DO! The squirrel and I are friends!

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