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Googleshng - May 13 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Over the weekend I finished off Arc the Lad 3. Kinda sad how it honestly has less sense of closure than 2 did. I still don't recall seeing any clear evidence that importing Arc 2 data affected anything though. Rar.

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An age old question


On FF7 how come the party doesn't just use a phoenix down an Aeris to revive her? I mean when everyone else dies they can be revived from a phoenix down. On Chrono Cross, who is your favorite character? Mine is Glenn.


I think it should be obvious. Everyone was getting sick of looking at her so they unceremoniously dumped her corpse in the nearest lake and ran off. Games will often kill characters off as part of the story when you've seen them take much worse in fights. I still love when it happens in Phantasy Star 2 though. You can cast the revive spell on the character in question during the following boss fight for an extra edge. Still dead after though. What makes it even weirder is that the way you get dead characters back in town is to just go down and pick up a clone, so you'd think it wouldn't matter HOW they died.

As for CC, that's a tough choice. There's just too many freaks to properly narrow it down.


I know this really doesnt have anything to do with anything but I was just readin your column and I noticed how many questions were about anime and your opinion rather than games, so I 1 of games and 2 of opinion.

#1. Is it me or does this Kingdom Hearts games look really bad? I mean the main characters name is Sora. SORA IS A GIRLS NAME. And he looks like girl too. And u summon disney characters, like Mushu, which is bad because I hate most disney movies. But i really love Square so i'll probably get it anyway.

Really simple concept that seems to elude most people. If you don't think you'll enjoy a game, don't buy that game. For the record though, since Kingdom Hearts is aimed at Disney fans (read: little kids) you'd be buying a cutesy ultra-simple game with a really straightforward plot and a happy ending. So if you're looking for actual gameplay OR a complex story, avoid it like the plague. The only reason there is to grab the game is for the sheer novelty of things like summoning Dumbo. Since you hate Disney stuff, you should REALLY steer clear.

#2. Wouldn't an Outlaw Star rpg look really cool.? You could have the Shell Caster and Melfina could be a healer.

I've never seen Outlaw Star, but pretty much every anime series out there has an RPG or two based on it believe it or not.

#3Do you think the new Korn single is cool? The video scares the cr*p outta me but the i think the song is good.

Thanks to a combination of weird tastes and poverty, any band formed after 1992 is completely unknown to me, so... pass.

Music Videocrity.

Wait a sec. So, is the "yon hidden treasure" the "Hungry Like a Wolf" music video (with the Lupin cast), or is it some completely different Inu-Yasha thing? And if it's different, can you give us another hint where you hid it?

David Schwager, plaintively begging

OK, here's the deal. I get ahold of the proper materials and make an anime music video. I make it. I check to see if my web host would kill me if I posted it and get a resounding yes. So I poke around, someone offers to take the nasty bandwidth hit, although I try to cut back on that by making people have to hunt for the link so they just trickle in instead of all going to grab it at once. Some point between then and when people start trickling in, the hosting server goes down, and when things are getting reuploaded, my video (Inu-Yasha to the original version of Hungry Like the Wolf) is replaced with someone else's (Lupin to the new version). So people grab that, and ask me questions that make me scratch my head. I'll keep people posted if that link ever gets fixed I suppose.

The Last Laugh:

Short Column today, thanks to people still not getting into the groove of mailing me for Mondays.

Googleshng "I dub thee reRE!"

I don't know WHY I come up with creepy cutesy anime style nicknames when playing this series, but I always do.

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