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Googleshng - May 9 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Normally, there'd be a guest host today, but there's a bit of a clog in the games-for-guesthosting chain, so it'll just be me and a very odd letter batch.

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Here's a means of buddying up to me people don't try enough!

Dominar Googleshng,
Right now, am playing and enjoying Arc the Lad II. And I wanted to know if you can recommend any other psuedo-tactical RPGs out there.
And are you as irritated with the lack of new Farscapes as I am?
--Nameless Knave

I do like how Arc the Lad 2 has a bit more RPG to it than most TRPGs, but it really doesn't happen that often. I'd check out the Shining Force series if you don't mind digging for Genesis games. More recently, I hear Rhapsody falls along those lines. Oh, and I can live for the month between Farscape seasons. It's the 5 month gap before season finales. that do me in.

This'll be fun.

You want questions to consume your time?

Alright, no problem.

Neon Genesis Evangelion question: What the hell happened?


Ooh... so many ways I could answer this! I'll just have to pick one at random:

Everyone exploded in a big geyser of LCL/amniotic fluid/baby juice.

Music and such

Goo (drunken college idiots sing) ill-shung(?)

I just bought and watched all of Escaflowne. I tried participating in a 13 hour Cowboy Bebop marathon, but only made it halfway through. I plan on buying and watching all of Bebop soon enough, but as college graduation and my gainful employment is about to begin, where should I turn to next? I'm thinking of Evangelion, Trigun, and Slayers. Note - I'm looking for boxed sets: I pieced Esca together one by one only to have the boxed set be announced the next day.

A couple of random questions: Can you play Game Boy games on GBA? What's your take on Tactics Ogre: Knights of Lodis? Finally, what's the best song off of an anime series you've ever heard, based on conjunction w/the scene as much as being a purely good tune? I'll have to go with Rain, from Cowboy Bebop, as Spike enters the abandoned church to face his arch enemy.

Dark Ocelot

I'd go with Trigun. Eva's honestly pretty overrated and Slayers is, well, 78 episodes.

Yes, you can play original or GBC games on the GBA.

No real comment on TOG.

The fight music in episode 5 of Gunbuster.

Magical Mysteries

You know, yesterday I looked at your column and I had the same idea that the other guy had... but I couldn't find anything in the source... dunno if I didn't look hard enough, or just passed over it a dozen times, but for the life of me I can't find it. I have a guess that it's your AMV, but could be wrong... but InuYasha is a sweet anime, so I hope you give us another clue as to what it is (I went and searched the source AGAIN today.. but I must be blind.. I read everyline in it and couldn't find anything out of place... course.. I haven't used HTML in a long time so I could have missed it...)

Many letters like this in my box today. Like I believe I said yesterday, I did not recently, nor have I ever, stuck links in source code comments. Nor did I link to yon "hidden treasures" from anywhere on RPGamer.

More about anime

What's your favorite Anime series? I was looking for ideas on what to try to score at the Motor City Comicon and wondered if there were any non-licensed stuff that you might've seen that you could suggest. Or, if not fansub, stuff you've seen that you can recommend.

My favorite series thus far would have to be hands-down a tossup between Ruin Explorers (How come there weren't more of 'em!) and Jubei Chan, both of which if you haven't seen them, I'd highly recommend 'em.

Jon Gibson

My favorite anime series tends to be whatever I'm watching at the time. At the moment that's Hellsing, which Pioneer will be translating but haven't started yet.

Watching stuff

Hey Google:

1. Do you watch much TV these days? I find that the quality of shows is decreasing...or maybe I'm becoming more picky. Most sitcoms suck these days, and even the new Simpsons episodes are decreasing in quality.

2. You rarely go to see movies in theatres right? That's understandable as there is a lot of crap, but there is also some really good movies that comes along now and then. In my case, I missed seeing a lot of great movies (IMO) when they were in theatre over the last few years and have instead watched them on video. often to watch non-anime movies, in the theatres of otherwise?


Most TV shows are garbage. Most movies are garbage. Those that are actually good, I try to watch in both cases. I'm actually a little easier on the movies. Last summer I went to see a movie I knew going in would suck just because I wanted to sit in an air conditioned room for 2 hours.

I don't particularly like anime movies though. I think I've seen maybe... 2 which I actually consider really good.

The Last Laugh:

Today was a very long day for me. Enjoy the weekend/Chesh.

Googleshng "zzzzzzzzz"

You all realize this hidden text has been here for like 3.5 years, right?

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