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Googleshng - May 7 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

90% of my mail today falls into one of two categories. Quote guesses (all of which are eerily correct), and people asking if the "hidden treasure" I mentioned yesterday was the word "Poof!"

The former shall receieve tildes, the latter shall receive the answer "No."

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Poifect Woiks

Hey goog-kun,

Is there anywhere I can read (or buy) a copy of Perfect Works in english? I found a copy at some random place... but I can't read japanese. :-(

Also, a random note. URUSEI YATSURA IS AWESOME. That is all.

"Well... If I WERE japaniese... I would probably take it for granted and be interested in American culture...?????Zim ?DVD ???????. "

Well, unless someone with a very nice scanner and printer has gotten very bored, there is no English version of Xenogears Perfect Works out there to find. I believe there are however translations of all the text floating around on the internet somewhere.

Oh, and as an odd little side note, after I sent my cousin in Japan a tape of Zim, it's become the most popular thing in his town.

Deja Vu

Hi Goog,

On June 6th, "2 Good Singers" will be holding a concert at K-Bomb Lake. Are you going?

The concert will be more enjoyable than anything.

-Blood Pump

OK, this has come up once before, so here's a little refresher:
I don't know you.
I don't live in the same state as you.
I have never heard of that band.

So, the answer to your question is an emphatic "No." 8)


Hi, please help me. I have heard that the real reason the MicroSoft has not yet released Morrowind for the Xbox is because they are taking out every bit of code that lets the gamer download and play user created mods. Is this true? I remember hearing MS itself say that when they go online they what gamers to download more and new content, including add-on's to games. With online coming soon, and the success with the DOA 3 add-on, what will happen to the Xbox versionn of Morrowind?

Well, there's quite a bit of speculation in this letter I can't really comment on, but I can tell you that that most decidedly is not the reason the game was delayed, because Microsoft isn't the publisher.

The one person who figured it out.

Sir Google of Shng,

I must admit, after spending 10 minutes trying to find the hidden link, I just cheated and checked the page source. Sorry.

Anyway, care to share any background information on the video? And I know squat about Lupin III (is that even the right one?), but seeing those clips has got me interested. Any recommendations on where to start?

Conor Edmiston, evil dirty cheater

Actually, that video is 100% Inu-Yasha, which is a pretty darn far cry from Lupin. The anime hasn't been picked up by anyone for translation yet, but the manga's been being brought over for the last few years.

Anyway, now the rest of you have a more coherent idea what yon hidden treasure is.

Yon Fan Art Contest

Sorry but I have a question:Can I do my drawing on a sheet of paper and after that scanning and send to you or I have to do all of that on a computer program like paint shop and after send it to you...answer my question please...thanks.

Odd that you're asking ME this, but yeah, the medium doesn't matter for that contest to my understanding.


Is the secret that you wrote "Poof!" after your signature?


Nope. I'd be less cryptic, but as it turns out, it's a great way to keep bandwidth usage low.

The quote is from Skies of Arcadia when Gilder uses his first special attack, Gunslinger.

That it is. A shocking number of people got this, so here's a tilde for each of you: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Poof!" is a wonderous treasure?

Do you have to be an employee to get an '' E-Mail address?

-Your evil clone

No to the former, yes to the latter.

Nice website, guys. Keep up the good work. How much do I owe you exactly for coming about three times a day?

... eh? Well, unless someone stuck a coinslot on the side of the site when I wasn't looking, the answer is zilch.

They're too busy playing Resident Evil, Morrowind, Arc the Lad, and watching Spiderman to write!

Refering presumably to the lack of letters yesterday. Pretty good bets those...

The Last Laugh:

Still quite hot around here. Makes it hard to write conclusions.

Googleshng "4. itchy. tasy"

No, you SHOULDN'T go looking at the source code of yesterday's column.

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