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Googleshng - May 1 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Last night I got to the end of Arc the Lad 2, with plenty of time left before it was time to start my column, so I decided to win that sitting. Aside from a rather long dungeon, and a couple preliminary bosses, everything seemed to be right on track... but THEN I got to the last boss. 9999 HP, and I can do about 70 damage per round to it. Do the math on that. Took me until about 6 or 7 AM, and looking around, it turns out that you don't even need to go through this wonderful little excercise to convert data over to Arc 3.

Arc 2's still a great game mind you, but bear in mind that I might be a LITTLE out of it today. 8)

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An easy warmup.

It has been a while since ive asked a question to the great Goog but ill make it short and sweet. Ive heard rumors about a Diablo 3....are they true?


Blizzard does not sit on announcements. Blizzard games can be seen coming 2 or 3 years in advance. So, like I said a couple days ago, that's just a rumor.

and other wonderful shirts

No question here, but an ANSWER!
I don't know exactly what his hit dice are, but I can say this much:
Jesus Saves! [and takes half damage]

~ Gyrick

"Hit dice" is AD&D's lovely stat which functions primarily as the number of d8s you roll to get something's HP, and the equivolent of a level for non-PCs.

Helping people out.

Hey Goog,

I just read that letter you posted on RPGamer from Linnie, who asked about E.Y.E.S. of Mars. It just so happens I too recorded it off Sci-Fi way back when, and my copy is still relatively intact. If you could send me Linnie's email address, I'd be more than willing to work something out. Thanks!

- Coeur Yggdrasil
"I predict you'll all die a horribly gruesome death and have to restart."

Don't have that e-mail handy at the moment, but I'm sure I will within the day.


Arc 2 spoilers by someone's definition maybe

Oi! You beat Arc 2 already?! How long did it take you about? And are you required to use any of the characters in the final stages of the game?


Arc 2 took me about 50 hours, might be able to shave some more time off that if you really tried, might take you a lot longer if you go for all the various optional dungeons and Hunter's Guild jobs.

Anyway, characters:

There are a few points in the game when you have to split into 2 parties. If you have one party you always use, you shouldn't have a problem if you split'em up for these and fill in the gaps with cannon fodder, as long as you're actively using Arc and Elc. It's also a good idea to keep Tosh on a nicely high level for one bit towards the end. Other than that though, you can let everyone rot. There IS a point near the end where people have to do one on one stuff, but the monsters there are based on your levels.

Gainax: Making Heads Hurt Since... uh... 1879!

Greetings Goo King,

So, if Adam was made in God's image, and EVA was made in Adam's image after God's death, and EVA-01 made of Lilith's body in Adam's image was made a God by aquiring an S2 engine, and Adam was revived from his embryo form... Would that mean Adam is then created in EVA-01's image? But didn't they refer to Adam as the origional God, thereby making EVA-01 Adam in God's image (as EVA-00 didn't share Adam's image)? Would this signify that God's creation destroy's Him/Her/Both/Neither and takes their place? My head hurts...

Magna Maduin

P.S: "...said God wouldn't have a gender..." Are you trying to tell us something Goog?

See, this is why I prefer Gunbuster. It's less convoluted, and has better fight scenes.


why is there bacon in my soap?


I can think of one RPG where you have to kill your god at the end. It's called Final Fantasy Legend (or SaGa, depending on where you live). He was actually really easy for an all-powerful person.

BL Alien

That's the one where the instant kill weapon works, right? And lo! The party hath slain the Lord with... a SAW!

Today, May 1st, is my boyfriend's birhtday!
He is 17 and I love him very much ^_^


You know, generally the way it works is I print a quicky on YOUR birthday, but today I have space to fill down here.

The Last Laugh:

Wow. I'm already done with this column? I think this is the closest I'll ever get to writing one in my sleep, so if it didn't suck I'll have to reward my subconcious with something.

Anyway, tomorrow John Z. will be here one last time, so send in plenty of questions

Googleshng "These things aren't dying!"

9999 HP on the boss, 9999 HP! Take a whack, heal my PCs, 9921 HP on the boss!

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