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Googleshng - April 30 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

There's a certain phrase found in many RPGs right when you think you're about done, which invariably tacks on a few hours, sometimes more. Not so good to hear this when trying to rush through a game.

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Two quick questions

Duel hearts, Suikoden 3, Xenosaga, Legaia: Duel Saga, are all on the gamespot internal release calender. Have you heard any reasons as to why Skies of Arcadia was delayed for an entire year?

Well, to take a guess, I'd say they realized that the PS2 is absolutely not suited to SoA's graphical style, and so it'll take forever to make it not look like garbage. People are going to scream at me for saying that, but it's true. Oh, and the GameCube version's still right on schedule, so you can always get that. For that matter, you could get the DC version and a new DC for less than $100 total.

Secondly, How many hours did it take you to beat Arc 1 and what levels were your characters?
I beat the game in 7:35 HOURS and my Arc was on level 56 while the other levels were as follows: Tosh: 25, Kukuru: 21, Iga: 29, Poco: 14, Gogen: 19, Chongara: 40 (let's just say the fat guy really came through in a "pinch")
Arc II is so much fun I really like the 1930-40's esque gangster music in Indigos.


I had Arc around level 62, and everyone else on 33 I think. It pays to bring everyone up a bit more than that before the end though, trust me.

Slow day=anime letters printed.


I saw that on today's Q & A, that someone had asked about anime. So, my question is about....anime! (duh.) Anyways, back in the days when the Sci-Fi channel used to show anime movies on early Saturday mornings, I had taped a pretty cool anime called "The E.Y.E.S. of Mars." I went to watch said anime not too long ago, only to discover that my mother had taped over the VERY END! "The E.Y.E.S. of Mars" is an older anime, and I can't find it anywhere. I live in a small city and the only store that sells anime is Sam Goody. Do you know how I can get a copy of this anime somewhere, without resorting to buying it online? My bro is going to an anime convention in August, but I don't have the patience to wait that long. Do you think you can help me out? Thanks. And if you don't post this, could you please just privately reply back. Thank you very much! =)


Sure I can't mention web pages? That REALLY cuts the options down. Beyond that, the best options you have for finding a given anime movie are, in decending order: Find a local anime store. Hit the dealer room at a big convention. Find a big comic store. Walk into any of the various conventional stores that have recently started selling anime to be trendy, like Electronics Boutique.

Of course, when it comes to finding stuff as obscure as most of what Sci-Fi used to show on Saturday mornings (and why did they stop that anyway?), I doubt you'll have much luck aside from poking around the official pages of whoever translates them. Heck, even at that it's dicey...

It can't be stressed enough.

Hey googleshng
After asking a question and receiving your answer a couple months ago, I finally popped in Lunar2:EB today and kicked Zophar's butt. That whole "it's really not that hard if you just use White Dragon Protect every round" was really good advice...which makes me wonder why I didn't think of it...anyway thanks a lot! =)
Now if only I could beat Hoshigami...

White Dragon Protect is just such a handy spell. Almost as handy as Transfer in Arc 2.


So, there was this big enormous gap where people thought Arc was going to be released, but then Sony would leave them in the proverbial lurch, huh? And theyŐd be asking, "Where the hellŐs my Arc the Lad Collection?"

Does that mean it was the Lost Arc?

Greg Gietzen

4000 people just groaned audiably. Be proud. Oh, and also, be scared of the thousand or two who didn't.

More about religion

To refer to god as "she" on a website dedicated to role-playing shouldn't be questioned at all. This is about RPGs, games that have us maim, kill, defy, and generally play around with god all the time.

Yeah, didn't I mention that in my closing yesterday? Oh wait, not in the part I said out loud. While we're on the subject, how did having to kill god at the end of RPGs become a TREND? I mean, it's weird enough to come up ONCE.

Is it just some sort of long overdue revenge for that bit where the Catholic church got ticked off at TSR for making a book full of stats of various gods and such for clerics to worship and leaving out theirs, then yelling at them for giving God and Jesus stats when they stuck'em in? Personally, I've always been curious about Jesus' hit dice, haven't you?


Hi goog,

I am now playing hoshigami, but i'm getting quite tired of building levels. I'm at the water temple and I'm wondering if i'll have to level up for five hour before each step for the entire game. I know beating my own caracters is the fastest way to build levels, but it is also enough boring to make me fall asleep.

Also, does the story get any better after this point? From what I have seen, this game sure looks like FFT, but only the worst parts of it. Is it really the same team who worked on both games?

By the way, what are your thought on Xenosaga, concerning the lenght of the game? I am a real Xenogears fan, having beat the game at least 6 or 7 times (can't count'em), and I must admit I have doubts that a 20-30 hours game can really carry the same kind of deep and complex story Xenogears did.

  Sorry for the bad english!

Yeah, Hoshigami has some Issues. It also has some plot branching/multiple endings going on, so I'd assume the story picks up later on, but yeah, when it takes you 5 hours to hit each plot point, it's rather hard to pay attention to the story. As for whether it has any of the same people behind it as FFT, I'm STILL a little fuzzy on that point. Might share a chunk of the coders, but the creative drive is clearly different, and the difficulty curve is OBVIOUSLY set by someone else.

Oh, and Xenosaga... I'm expecting something a bit like Episode 1 of Star Wars. It sets everything up for the next few, but seems pretty lacking on its own.


"Deep Fried Goodness!" is from Grandia II, whenever Millenia casts "Zap!"

Dex, Dark Cleric

You are correct, as is one other person. So you each get a tilde: ~ ~

The Last Laugh:

This is an odd week so far. Letter loads have been a bit light, but there's plenty to print. Where has all my spam been going?

Googleshng "Wow. I got something done in the morning."

That's just so... unlike me!

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